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Chapter 7 – Butler and nanny

MCM 5-07

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05-07 Butler and nanny

as soon as the next morning came, the party left the Mof village. Even though it was early in the morning, everyone was deeply impressed that the children came to see us all.

“Brother, I’ll give you this!”

“Sister, do your best!”

“Reiko-chan, see you again!”

Everyone says good-bye, some of them give there treasures, some of them giving beautiful stones.

“Again, everyone stay healthy,”

“I will come again.”

Jin and the others reluctantly left Mof Village.

“After all, I couldn’t make a damper … ….”

Jin was a bit depressed.

“Jin, I think we can do it when we join elder brother”

“Whys that?”

“Because my elder Brother would keep pestering you on how you made it”

“Yeah, that’s true.”

“As expected?”

Today’s Elsa, like more so then yesterday, had a slightly friendly tone.

“My family consists of my parents and two older brothers, Brother’s father is my uncle”

She talked about her family composition.

“Oh, so your family name is the same.”

“Yes, but my mother is actually different from my brothers.”


from the available facts Jin understands that it’s a touchy topic, and he thinks that I shouldn’t talk about such things to a stranger.

“I know, but I want you to listen, Jin.”

But Elsa said that and continued.

“My mother is no longer here. When my father used to go to a foreign country for work, he seemed to have met my mother at his place of employment.”

“… ….”

Jin could only listen silently.

“But my step-mother loves me like I was her actual daughter, as well, both my brothers have love me, so I had never known that my mother was different”

Elsa knew about it because she accidentally heard the conversation between my father and my –step-mother.

From what she could understand of the conversation, Elsa’s father thanked her step-mother for loving Elsa like her own daughter who was not born with her.

“When I heard that, my vison went black”

Elsa stopped, but continued with.

“That was when elder brother taught me”

Reinhart’s mother is not the legal wife. When I heard that, I was surprised, like Elsa.

Always the cheerful Reinhart, had a different mother just like Elsa.

“But I told myself that elder brother has nothing to do with this”

Elsa said that Reinhardt asked her if she was going to change her attitude towards her parents knowing that.

I don’t want to change, Elsa said,

“Well, if everything is okay, there is nothing wrong with that, you should call them the same as before, you are you, you have not changed anything so far, so your parents have not changed anything as well.”

That’s what he said. It seems to be said that Reinhardt seems to be a comforting her.

“Elder brother was the 4 guy in his family, four men only brothers”

Reinhardt says his closest brother is more than ten years older.

“So, Rai-nii is close in age and played with me a lot.”

“Oh, so you call him Rai-nii?”


It was a story that Elsa was most reluctant to speak. Reinhardt was her most reliable relative.

“By the way,”

Jin who speaks a little anxiously for a moment.

“What kind of person is a nanny?”

Elsa answered with,

“Mine always thinks about me the most, sometimes she overdoes stuff related to me, like glaring at the surroundings, but my father doesn’t say anything about that, so I think she is fine.”

It seems that the nanny is called Mine.

I asked why, because the attitude of the other day was a little interesting, , If Elsa’s father doesn’t say anything about such a thing, then it was just Jin who didn’t understand nurse’s standpoint as well as the aristocrat they served as it seem to be the correct action.

“Well, what about milk-mother?”

“Well, what is that?”

That was an unexpected reply was what Jin thought.

Jin’s recognition of a nanny is that of a woman serving to give milk instead of a mother who is producing bad milk. In fact, there are such nannies and There is another nanny that is the person in charge of the upbringing. It seems that she was the latter.

“Oh, my bad, I thought she was breast feeding on behalf of Elsa’s mother”

When he says,

“Yeah, I heard that I had drank some of Mine’s milk.”


Normally, breast milk should not come out from a woman without children, does this world manage this with magic?

When Jin says so, Elsa scratches his little head,

” I’ve never heard such a thing. Well anyway we have derailed off of the topic.

Somehow, it seems that there was going to be a strange misunderstanding again so Jin decided to stop that story.

The horse-drawn carriage slowly climbs up a steep slope. Looking out through the window there is the open sky and it seems that it will soon be at a pass.

“Take a break once were in the pass and rest the horses for a moment and then go down a little further”

According to that word, the party suspended at the Hanvalvale [hanbarufu] pass. Small and wide flat ground is built in the pass, and 5 and 6 cars parks are likely to be parks for the horse-drawn carriages.

From here onwards, since they are now in the province of Nord where the capital is located, they have stationed 3 guards in the pass. There are easy lodgings here, and it seems to be guarded in turns.

I saw the butler show something like a badge and got a traffic permit.

The escort is twisting his upper body and stretching his body.

The driver had the horses eat sugar-like lumps.

“Ah, after all the mountain is cold”

Jin who got out of the carriage, stretches. My breath is white. The wind is also cold. Is the temperature around 5 degrees? The mountains rose around them and some of them were colored white with snow.

The altitude of the Hanvalvale Pass is about 2,500 m, and snow that froze in places is visible here.

I felt Mof Village was cool, but I did not think it was cold. It’s a bit painful if we wear an extra coat here.

Elsa seemed to be strong against the cold, descending in the dress, turning around the hem of the skirt and playing happily. Jin was looking at such a rare appearance of Elsa,

“Mr. Jin, are you a little okay?”

Elder old man introduced as Elsa’s butler spoke to Jin for the first time.

“Oh, yes.”

Jin headed towards the shade of the rock a little away, urged by the butler. Reiko followed a little away.

When I go to the shade behind the horse-drawn carriage, the butler deeply lowered my head.

“First of all, thank you for making friends with the master’s daughter, thank you.”


It is Jin who is flabbergasted by the butler’s actions, because he was thanked before he understood what he did

“It was the first time in a long time that I saw a bright and fun looking face of the lady.”

There is only one thing that I can think of with a bright and fun face.

“Well, is this about the story in Mof village?”

“Yes. Milady has only played with her older brothers and a few men, so when she was a child she turned into a bit of a…. lively person.”

He was about to say tomboy, but stopped.

“I myself like small children, and at the occasional garden party I would play with them, but when they cried, I didn’t know what to do and was embarrassed. ”

She was about to say that she’s tomboyish, but stopped.

“Is it okay to talk to me about this?”

Jin became fixated and he heard back. It would not be a good idea to hear it at a young age as a young lady.

“Well, please listen to it … Because it was being repeated such things only, it gradually became it from the age of your age.”

There will be such a thing if it is not old when you can play with boys. And there must have been a reactionary reaction that I knew about my mother.

“The most familiar thing was Mr. Reinhardt, my host, but I can’t always be with you always.”

Reinhardt was quite excellent, as a magical engineer, and bought diplomatic personality, he was frequently sent to foreign countries as a diplomat.

“This time, it happened that there was a ship competition in Port Rock, Reinhardt invited me, I came all the way”

Then the butler took a word, put a sigh of relief,

“What you stopped even if you knew it would be exposed to the public in such bathing suit!”

His fist is being clasped whether he could not put it off too much.

“Your milady’s skin will be exposed to the curious eyes of the impeccable!”

“Ah, haha”

Jin who is a designer who is a designer has no choice but to laugh. The butler raised his face, took a deep breath,

“… … The story diverted, it came all the way, but as Reinhardt went out in public service it seemed to be a lonesome face, I was worried about seeing it.”

But, with a beginning,

“That was, I was smiling happily yesterday and please tell us about various things to Gin and listen to us at night.”

“Oh, my?”

“Yes, I said that you should play with the same line of sight to get along with a child, or have you fished himself the first kite you made for himself”

“Well, for sure”

“Today, I also have a fun looking face in the morning, thanks to Jin-sama, and I thanked the people who celebrated them, such place,”

And thank you once more and thanked you that you could understand that the lady wanted to join us on another carriage,

“Well, during traveling, no matter what you do for your lady please continue to be friends.”

Jin hurriedly,

“Do not lower your head so much, even if you are not told, you are friends with Elsa, because you know that I am here to teach you a lot”

“Thank you”

And the two returned to the carriage. Every conversation should have been heard, but Riko did not say anything.

There, next, Elsa’s nanny, Mine came.

“Mr. Jin, are you a little okay?”

Nanny who goes to the shade with the same word as the butler.

“Thank you for your opponent’s partner, first of all.”

This also lowered his head to Jin with a similar line.

But after that it is different.

“The girlfriend was originally active, and since it was older, she could not have gotten out much, and she was just staying in the mansion.”


“It seems to be outdoors because it was out after a long absence. Although it is rare that we go out, we admit till she gets on a carriage with you, to listen to some selfishness and give it away But why do not you go out to the lady … … you know?

“Yes, was it threaded?”

“I hope to understand, I hope for a moderate attitude”

Immediately after Nanny, Mine declared so.

“Stupid person!”

The butler’s voice caught my ears.

“Mr. Adberg … ….”

The butler seems to be called Adberg. Jin thought about being misunderstood, etc., AdBurgh of that is a great sword curtain,

“Mine, what did you say!? Jin is an important customer invited by Mr. Reinhardt. Reinhardt trusted the lady and was appointed a receptionist. What is it? Do you know how many times your attitude is to drop not only the girls but also the quality of the main house? ”

But Mine is listening to it with a rotten face.

“Mr. Jin, I would like to apologize for Mine and I do not feel sorry for myself.”

So saying that, Adberg made the best wishes to bend the waist 90 degrees. However, Mine sees what he is like,

“Well, even Adberg seems to have thought Jin-sama was stinky at first.”

And etc.

“I am thinking of my girlfriend in my opinion, as a result it would be fine if it could let me quit. I wonder if the quality of the young lady will go down, do not you think it’s a cramped aristocrat, I just want to quit. Once you do, I will take care of the lady. ”


As expected it would have thought that I could not miss the words of today, Adberg ‘s hands go up. But then.

“Jin, I will leave soon, Adberg, Mine, what are you guys doing?”

The man is already preparing to take out a horse-drawn carriage, and Elsa came to search for the Jin who do not return.

“Yeah, I was looking around a lot”

“Okay! Ride on, then,”

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