Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 6 – Kite kite lifting

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05 – 06 Kite kite lifting

There was a boy smaller than Reiko who is looking at where they were a little away from the frenzied children. When Jin gets beckoned, he restlessly walks over to him.


“Can you lift this up”

Jin handed that child the blue kite which had the character “dragon” on it.

“What the!?”

“Oh, but it may not be dangerous by yourself, so … … Reiko!”


“Please help this child fly the kite.”

“Okay … … let’s do, what is your name? I am Reiko”

Because Reiko got along well with Hannah in Kaina village, she got along easily with this child.

“Older sister Reiko, I’m called Kaito!”

It was only Jin who thought for a moment that he was named kite in English, and that he was a kite.

“At any rate it is hard to handle thread balls … … there we go!”

One kite was left behind, but Jin just held onto it, Jin fixed his syte onto some dead wood that had fallen down.

“Okay, this seems to be usable … … deformation, molding, finally curing”

In the case of wood, it is difficult to plastic deformation like clay, so magic was used to mold it. Jin removed all but the necessary parts of the material.

By making parts and combining it, an old-fashioned yarn thread windings is completed. Since there is more dead wood, 5 more items are made with the same design.

I handed one of them to Reiko,

“spread out all of the thread and wind them onto this”

I give some directions to Reiko on how to use it. And brought one to Elsa.

“Wow, so far!”

Elsa is also steadily loosening the thread.

“Oh elder brother, what is written on the kite?”

“That, that is a character meaning “dragon “”

Jin taught so.

“Huh, it’s a dragon! It doesn’t really sound like its strong”

“Okay then? The character reads” Ryuu ”

“Riu”! “Liu”! ”

“Riu desu!”

“Liu! Liu!”

As the children remembered how to read the dragon’s letters, everyone joined saying Ryuu in a row. Jin started to talk to Elsa,

“You are flying quite far”

“…… my arm isn’t even tired, the kite you made is amazing.”

“Thank you, I when all of the thread is out tie the end with this guy.”

“This is?”

“Thread Winding for Kites”

The thread ball used in this village binds a small piece of wood to the edge, and afterwards its suitably winded up. There is a high possibility of it being tangled.

“Is this also made by Jin?”

“Ah, yeah I made it now.”

Jin handed the thread winding to Elsa who was surprised and Jin got ready to try to fly the last kite himself.

“Oh, brother will fly one too?”

“Ryuu’s older brother!”

“Hey hey, I’m going in for a while”

“Oh, that’s Jin-chan?”

While doing such a scene Jin also prepared,

“Alright, go!”

A kite flying up and jumping at a stretch. It has a black character “dragon” on it.


This is somewhere between the Elsa kite and the kite’s kite.

“Ho, this is amazing, truly a magic craftsman”

The village head came there.

“Does the village mayor also do kite flying?”

When Jin asked, the village mayor,

“Yes, I did a lot when I was a child”

Because he answered, Jin handed a thread ball.

“Well then, please try flying this guy”

“Then, if you insist… …. Uumu, what is with this stability!?”

The village chief who had flown kites many times before was surprised at the stability of the flexible kite.

“Even though ordinary kites can adjusted and by adding a tail can fly like that!”

Jin knows how to quickly make it, and the surprises keep on increasing.

“Please use this thread winding when the thread is at its end”

Because it is stable, it’s okay to look away while flying.

“Wow, this is a thread winder … Indeed, this is a nice thing!”

A village chief was even more impressed. Jin entrusts the black dragon-shaped kite to the village chief, and went to check on Reiko and Kaito.

“How about you, Kaito?”

“Oh, thank you! Thank you, this kite is awesome!”

Said a frenzied Kaito whose face is looking up high in the sky, the thread ball in his hand is almost gone.

“Okay, I’m glad … … Reiko, I will ask again when the thread runs out”


And to Elsa. All the yarns have already come out, they are wrapped around the thread winding ro hold the kite, and they are doing what it takes to hold the handles.

“Elsa is in good condition”

“ah, its Jin … … Yeah, as you can see”

The red dragon-shaped kite pulls the thread at an angle of about 30 degrees and can only be seen small. It seems he flew far enough.

“Sister, this is amazing!”

There are many girls around Elsa.

“… … a bit, why don’t you have it?”


A girl who is willing to give hands to Elsa’s question. In that little hand Elsa grabbed the thread winding.


The girl rejoices from the tension of the kite and the feeling of it in her hands for the first time. Elsa stared at it with a keen eye.

“Okay, thanks”

“Well then, then you are next”


Another girl then took place of the other, Elsa surrounded by happy children seemed happy as well.

* * *

“Well, I’m back, you are truly a magical work maker invited to a nobleman”

When the village returned from the kite flying, the village mayor said so.

“That kite is easy to make and it’s stable, so even if you have a little kid they can use the kite.”

Although it uses leather, its expensive as it is, it’s troubling if it’s dropped often.

“So, may I have your permission to make that kite in our village, and that thread winding, how about with 100,000 torrents including that one?”

About 1 million yen. Originally there is no patent system, it is a kite that anyone can imitate looking at. I do not need any special skills.

Although I didn’t know how much profit will come forward in the future, Jin acknowledged that because he doesn’t care much about money.

“Oh thank you, it will be a new specialty in this village”

Jin who entrusted the received money with Reiko was walking around the village again.

“I remember Kaina village when I do something like this”

It was Jin who cannot forget the life in Kaina Village.

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