Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 29 – Moving

09-29 Moving

After finishing building the icehouse, Jin returned to Martha’s house.

At lunchtime, he was told that Mine had something she wanted to talk to him about.

“So, what is it?”

Jin, Mine, Elsa, Martha, and Hannah were sitting around the table in Martha’s dining room.

“Yes, to tell you the truth, me and Elsa thought we’d like to live in this village?”


As you might expect, this sudden thing surprised Jin.

“I had a talk with Martha-san and the outcome was that we could live in this house.”

Martha then continued explaining for Mine.

“We talked about many things. Mine-san said she can read and write, can’t she? Once she gets used to the village she could someday teach the children how to read and write, I think.”

Jin understood.

“Ah, that would be good, wouldn’t it. It’s never a bad thing to know how to read and write.”

“I’m also good at patching up clothes, and also I think I could somehow make a living by sewing western-style clothes.”

There was also many things she thought she could help at, said Mine and brought the explanation to an end. Then right after,

“I’d feel sorry if we forever stayed in your care, you see?”

“Ya~y! Auntie, you’re going to stay here?”

Hannah who had been silent until now spoke up.

“Yes, that’s correct. Is it alright?”

“Yeah! I’m glad! Onee-chan too?”

“Yes, that’s correct. Right Elsa?”

“Mm, of course.”

Perhaps they had discussed it beforehand as Elsa’s reply was also immediate.

Jin smiled and watched the two.

“I see, if you’ve both decided then there’s nothing for me to say. Instead I’ll support you.”

“Thank you very much, Jin-sama.”

“Thanks, Jin-nii.”

“In that case things are going to get busy. First of all, we’ve got to bring your luggage. After that tidy up the room, I suppose?”

Jin said, then Martha spoke while smiling.

“Jin, I’ll take care of the room so you just bring the luggage here.”

“Got it.”

Then Jin and Mine decided to return to Kunlun Island to pick up the luggage. Of course Reiko followed them. Elsa ended up waiting with Hannah.

Using Koma and another golem horse they went to the shelter, warped to Kunlun Island through Hourai Island, then Mine quickly began packing.

Although that didn’t mean they had a lot of items to begin with. Perhaps roughly enough to fill three suitcases.

“Sorry for the wait, Jin-sama.”

Seeing her carry large luggage in both her hands and on her back Jin said,

“Reiko, please carry one of them.”

He also carried one, having to half-forcibly take it from Mine.

“Sorry, and thank you.”

Mine apologized but Jin smiled and kept carrying the luggage. It was rather difficult but his pride didn’t let it show.

Returning to Kaina Village was comfortable as the golem horses were waiting at the shelter.

They returned to Martha’s house where the room had already been cleaned. It seemed to be the room which Martha’s son and his wife had used.

Incidentally, the room Jin was using was the guest room. As Hannah had lost both her parents she lived in the same room with Martha.

With Reiko also helping, putting the luggage in order was soon over.

“If you need anything then please tell me.”

Jin said and Mine nodded happily and,

“Yes, when that time comes we’ll be relying on you.”

She said. Elsa also looked vaguely relieved.

Because the number of family members suddenly increased there probably wasn’t enough wheat, barley, and such stocked up, Jin thought and this time returned to Hourai Island by himself. Of course, Reiko was with him.

“Hmm, I suppose I’ll have golems dedicated to following them too in case anything happens.”

Slowly Jin began his normal operations.

He made a golem with the same specifications as the golem maids. But he decided to add a bit more customisations to it.

As for the details of it, they were things to increase combat strength when the situation calls for it. Specifically, he built in a Paralyzer in the left hand and a Magi Jammer in the right one.

Besides them, it could also use [Shock] which Jin had thought was [Stun] all this time and [Induction].

He also equipped it with a [Stealth] function and a [Magic Barrier]. Of course, it had an internal ManaCom.

Its clothes were the standard clothes of Hourai Island’s maid golems. That is, they were made out of a Ground Spider’s woven silk.

He gave a go to making its eyes out of the same Magi Obsidian as Reiko’s eyes were.

“Reiko has them also like that, but Magi Obsidian has the light and dark attributes. The part biased towards dark is the best for absorbing light, or ‘seeing’, huh~”

While having a soliloquy like that with no one in particular, Jin finished the customisations.

“Activate, naming, …’Sara’.”

“Yes, Master. I’m ‘Sara’.”

It didn’t seem like a bad name for female-type golem, but the secret only Jin knew was that he named her after the word for a plate, sara.

“Alright, it may be hasty but Sara, please fetch one sack of barley and wheat each from the storehouse.”


Thanks to the transferred information Sara knew where to go for the storehouse on Hourai Island.

Recently Laojun had ordered a portion of the Quinta to make an effort for stockpiling food, so wheat and such were stocked rather plentifully.

And then there was something he remembered while building Sara. It was that he hadn’t added protection against the [Subordination Rewriting Magic] to Hannah’s favorite horse Mint.

At the same time he prepared the necessary materials for that too.

“Master, you’re back?”

Ann then came along.

“Has Laojun reported to you?”

When so asked Jin shook his head.

“Nope, not at all.”

“Is that so. It’s not urgent but there are a few things to report. Would you like to hear them?”

“Hmm, let’s see. If they’re not urgent then I’ll listen after I’ve gone to Kaina Village and come back again.”

Jin said, then Ann nodded and,

“Understood. Then I’ll be going to review the data and such.”

She said and left the room. Jin looked at her as she left and said,

“Mh-hm, please do.”

Just then as Ann’s replacement Sara came back. She was carrying sacks of wheat and barley on her shoulders.

“Alright, shall we go then?”

In her house, Martha had a wry smile as Jin expressly brought them wheat.

“You’re too kind, Jin. But I’ll accept them as you went through the trouble.”

Martha didn’t particularly want to, but she judged that by accepting the sacks Elsa and Mine didn’t need to feel ill at ease.

“So, I thought I’d also give a go at building you a personal maid golem.”

Jin said and introduced Sara.

“My name is Sara, pleased to meet you.”

“Oh my goodness, what a thing. Aren’t you getting carried away, Jin?”

“Mu-much obliged.”

Martha’s smile got even wryer. Even Mine didn’t seem to have expected that one day she –who was originally a maid herself– would have her own maid, albeit a golem. Hannah also stared in wonder.

Well, a lot happened but they eventually decided on the priority of their command authority. The manufacturer Jin was another thing, but the result of their talk was the order of Martha, Mine, Elsa, and Hannah.

“But a maid just for us, it’s really something only Jin would do, isn’t it?”

Martha was still talking.

“Well, she’ll be useful with physical labor and such too.”

Because of the customisations she was stronger than the five-colored maid golems by a half. Usually it kept itself at the strength of two people, but it could be as strong as about ten people if needed.

It seemed unimaginable from the outward appearance.

“Well, I suppose I can have her take care of the house-sitting too.”

Martha smiled and said. She must’ve thought that it’d be convenient if guests came when she was working in the fields or otherwise absent.

You could say that her not relying on it even if it proved to be useful was one of Kaina Village’s virtues.

“I suppose you can just think of it as a housewarming present from me.”

Jin said and also smiled.

He then went on to remodel and do maintenance on Hannah’s Mint. Elsa was looking at his work very interestedly. Hannah was looking at Sara together with Mine.

“Is that the countermeasure against [Subordination Rewriting Magic]?”

Elsa asked.

“Yes, that’s right. Well, it probably won’t be seen here but just in case, right?.”

“Mmh, it’s a terrible thing. The countermeasures are a must.”

Elsa who had witnessed the harm it caused firsthand strongly agreed.

“Alright, it’s done now. Next, I’ll leave a golem horse for you to use here Elsa, so please give it a name.”

Jin said and pointed at a golem horse made out of cupronickel.

“Eh? For me?”

Jin nodded. Elsa’s face slightly blushed and,

“In that case, ‘Snow'”

She named it.

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