Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 28 – The Ghosts of the Past

09-28 The Ghosts of the Past

Content warning: death


Reinhardt was having a talk with Celuroa Kingdom’s Magi Craftsman Donald and the Automata Elena.

Now it was about the structure of golems.

“That’s true, modern golems are simplistic. Their build is crude. Golems of old had more work put into them.”

Elena said.

“I agree. Golems and Automata are modeled after humans. So why not copy the structure of a human’s body?”

Reinhardt whose tongue had unwittingly become loose said, and he could’ve sworn he saw a light glittering in Elena’s eyes.

“Reinhardt-sama. I heard from Donald-sama. That among other things, you’ve become able to build golems with skeletons.”

“Yes, but I was using Soft Magi Resin until lately, you see. Then I realized that’s no good.”

Elena kept staring intently at Reinhardt.

“Was that one of your ideas, Reinhardt-sama? Or did have some sort of a model?”

Once she asked the question, Elena’s eyes slightly narrowed.

“Well, Ji- …Adrianna Balbora Ceci made golems like that, I hear.”

He nearly blurted out Jin’s name, but Reinhardt hurriedly said something negating it. But once Elena heard him her expression changed.

“Adrianna, you say!? …You mean even after one thousand years that woman stands in my way!”


Her deep crimson eyes shone like they were on fire. Not only did Reinhardt feel the weak haze lift, the haze that had been clouding his mind until now, but sensing himself in danger he was about to stand up. But Elena was much faster.

In an instant she sent the table flying and closed in upon Reinhardt. Her hand reached towards his throat to strangle him, and at that very moment.

“I won’t let you!”

The SP protecting Reinhardt, Sage and Cosmos made their appearance and stopped Elena.

“Wha–! These movements, this wavelength, they’re Adrianna’s!”

Elena shouted and changed targets from Reinhardt to the two SP golems.

Reinhardt activated Schwarz Ritter ‘Noir’ who was left in the corner of the room.

On the other side, Donald and his golem number 457 were Reinhardt’s opponents.

Facing the two golems Sage and Cosmos, Elena was having a hard fight. Actually, she was slightly superior.

“He-he, so you’re nothing more than this after all. You used to be stronger, Adrianna!”

Elena said to no one in particular, and while throwing out lines like that toyed with Sage and Cosmos.

“What the!”

At that time, having heard the clamor in the room the three military escorts on standby in the hallway rushed in. Seeing them, Donald said,

“Number 457.”

He gave an order without voicing it. That very moment.


[Flame Bullet]s were fired out of number 457’s hand. There actually were 60 shots.

The 20 [Flame Bullets] shot at each of the three military escorts hit them and pierced their heads, chests, shoulders, abdomens, and both arms and legs, reaping their lives in an instant.

“You bastard! [Flame Ball]!”

Seeing that, Reinhardt shot a [Flame Ball] at Donald. [Flame Ball] was a ball of flames with a diameter of one meter. It wasn’t a spell you would normally use indoors.

And yet, the fireball of the approaching [Flame Ball] was simply completely erased when it hit number 457’s palm.


“Ha ha ha, how unfortunate, Reinhardt-kun. I wanted to win you over and become one of my colleagues, but as Elena’s become like that it’s impossible. Now there’s only one path for me to take. I’ll have you die for the sake of our future.”

Donald said and then gave orders to number 457.

“Kill Reinhardt!”

“As if I’d be done in that easily! Noir, attack!”

Now the two battles of Schwarz Ritter Noir versus golem number 457 and the SP Sage and Cosmos versus Elena had begun.

Sage and Cosmos were having a hard fight. Even though they were bestowed with the martial arts of a veteran spy, they weren’t a match for Elena.

“How audacious, you pieces of trash!”

Nevertheless, as it was two versus one they were narrowly able to stay even. In addition, the movements of Elena’s left arm were somewhat worse compared to her right one, and because of that they could somehow use that gap to strike.

However, Elena was superior in both speed and strength. The reason Sage and Cosmos were able keep on fighting without receiving fatal blows was simply that being the same type they could cooperate in opposing Elena.

On the other side, the fight between Noir and number 457 kept going as they knocked down walls.

Noir was superior in strength and speed. He was facing number 457 who had a good grasp of fighting techniques and magic.

Just now, the Wind Cutter number 457 had fired had destroyed even more walls.

“Wha-what’s going on!?”

A person in the inn heard the noise and came to the scene but,


Once they saw the unfolding fight of the golems in the cramped room they quickly turned around and escaped.


Then Matheus came running with ten of his subordinates with him. Three of them were magi.

“Ah, Matheus!”

“What in the world is going on here?”

“I don’t know either. They suddenly attacked me.”

Donald had said he had wanted to win Reinhardt over to become his colleague, but right now having no evidence he hesitated to speak of it.

“Donald Carou Alpha! Rampaging after a diplomat of Shouro Empire, are you insane!?”

Just in case Matheus called out to him, but Donald didn’t appear to liten to him at all.

“I never would’ve thought of it but, is it [Seduce]…?”

The one who replied to Reinhardt’s muttering was Elena.

“You even know about [Seduce], I see! More and more reasons why you can’t be left alive!”

She said and in an instant faced towards Sage and Cosmos then flung them away. The two fell down on top of each other.

Taking that small chance Elena approached Reinhardt and fired a [Wind Slash].

She expected the invisible wind blades to tear Reinhardt to pieces, but contrary to her expectations the wind blades burst open and disappeared before hitting Reinhardt.


They were obstructed by the [Barrier] Reinhardt had activated as soon as the fighting began.

“Whoa, I’m grateful for Jin.”

Reinhardt felt relieved from the bottom of his heart.

Seeing the [Wind Slash] be defended against, Elena stopped moving briefly and Sage seized her.

Twisting her left arm, she threw Elena seoi-nage-style. In the direction where she was thrown at there was a window. Elena smashed through the window and flew outside.

This was the second floor. However, Elena fixed her posture mid-air and landed safely. She then yelled loudly.

“Donald! We’re done here! We know their real strength so let’s withdraw!”

Donald heard her. But right now he was surrounded by Matheus’s subordinates.

Golem number 457 being taken on by Schwarz Ritter Noir, Sage, and Cosmos and was being held down.

“Donald Carou Alpha! As you’ve been caught red-handed assaulting Shouro Empire’s diplomat you shall be restrained!”

Matheus proclaimed and ordered his subordinates to go tie up Donald.

“Mw–Mmwahahaha… You think you can catch me like this?”

Despite having been bound Donald’s fearless attitude wasn’t disturbed.

“Did you think I’d have come here without any backup behind me?”

While he was still finishing his speech the wall to a nearby corridor collapsed and ten golems came rushing in.



Matheus and his ten subordinates weren’t fast enough and were blown away. Next Noir, Sage, and Cosmos were. They were completely taken by surprise.

“Mwahaha, this is my true power! As if Schwarz Ritter and some mysterious golems would be a match for me.”

Donald sat on Number 457’s shoulders and sneered at all those present.

“You bastard are a Unifiler, aren’t you?”

Reinhardt spoke, but rather than a question it was closer to an affirmation.

“Mwa, ha, ha, that’s correct. I am the second seat of the Unifilers. ‘The Sage Who Knows The Past’ Donald Carou.”

Donald was behaving haughtily as if he had already won.

“Knows the past, you say?”

“Yes, that’s right. Before the Great Magic War, magic and magic technologies were much more advanced than now. Getting back to that era is our noble goal.”

“Shut up! Just for that you’re arrogantly causing war and tormenting innocent people!”

“Ha ha, people who can’t use magic are an inferior race after all. Although our numbers were reduced by the Great Magic War, we magi are born to be leaders.”

Madness showed through his voice.

“You fanatic!”

“You can call me whatever. After all, it’s nothing more than the whining of a loser. That’s why it’s a shame. Reinhardt-kun, you had the qualifications to be one of our comrades.”

“I’d refuse even if you asked. I know of something even more incredible.”

Donald’s interest appeared to be piqued by what Reinhardt said.

“Hmh, and what is that?”

Reinhardt took a deep breath and replied.

“It’s the future.”


Donald was taken aback by the unexpected answer.

“You who are haunted by the ghosts of the past don’t know. Magic is indeed useful. But it’s not absolute. Outside of magic, there are forces in this world that should be understood and used.”

“Forces that should be understood and used, you say?”

“One day, a time comes when you too will understand, I hope. Although at that time it’ll be too late, understanding is enough.”

Reinhardt looked Donald directly in the eyes and told him.

“Hmph, what nonsense. The time for words is over. Golems, crush them.”

Donald gave the order. Matheus also ordered his subordinates.


Ten golems attacked them. Meeting the enemy was Reinhardt, Matheus, the ten soldiers, Schwarz Ritter Noir, Sage, and Cosmos.

The fight didn’t last long.

The SP were carefully made by Jin. Although made by Donald, the numberless golems were not a match for them. And they were already known to be as strong as Elena.

Noir also participated. Even Matheus’s subordinates fought hard, and in less than five minutes the ten golems were silenced.

But Donald and golem number 457 had disappeared.

“What in the world was that?”

Finally the situation was so that Matheus and Reinhardt were able to calm down and have a talk.

“They were Unifilers. So, they came to kill me.”

“That’s why I advised you to not stay in an inn like this, but in the supply base, didn’t I?”

Matheus gave his honest opinion.

“No, that place is a little… come on, you know he’s there, right?”

As if objecting, Reinhardt rambled about something he seemed hesitant to talk about.

“…Well, I know how you feel. I also dislike major Fritz. But isn’t your life more important than that?”


Reinhardt thought that he could do nothing but follow his friend’s advice.

On top of that, realizing that the ManaCom he got from Jin had been broken, he felt down.

Without understanding the reason why Reinhardt looked to be so low in spirits, Matheus looked like he know how it was and gave a pat on Reinhardt’s shoulder.

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