Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 289 Secret Copying

Chapter 289 Secret Copying

Heintz Lash introduced himself as the second son of the baron Lash.

His hair was brownish-yellow and his eyes were aqua. He was pretty sturdy.

“He is very promising even among the young knights.”

The princess complimented him. Hearing that, Lash seemed a bit embarrassed.

“S-so, princess, what would you like me to do?”

“Hmm, listen to Jin over here.”

Heintz turned to face Jin.

“Heintz-dono, I would like it if you give some of your time in measuring the strength of these newly made golems.”

Jin explained. But even after receiving the explanation, Heintz looked like he didn’t quite understand what Jin meant.

“By the way, as a knight, you fight with a spear or a sword, right?”

“Hmm? Yes.”

And without a moment’s delay, Jin used magic.

“‘Transfer Info-Mild lv4.'”

It was his first time trying the mild option.

There aren’t many people who would be happy if their memories and knowledge were copied so he used ‘Transfer Info’ silently so they don’t notice. He wouldn’t be able to properly explain himself either, after all.

He copied it to the last piece of magi crystal he brought from the Hourai island.

“‘Decompile’…. Hmm, seems to be fine.”

Jin confirmed that his magic had successfully worked.

“Jin-dono, so what do I need to do, exactly?”

Heintz asked once again. Looks like he didn’t notice what had happened at all. It was a big success then.

Jin told Heintz,

“Please wait a little. I will be activating this golem now so could you maybe do a simple sham battle with it?”

Heintz had also heard that Jin was working on a request directly from the king so he gladly accepted.

“I see, so that’s how it is. I understand. I am looking forward to fighting it.”

Jin copied the necessary information from the magi crystal on his hand to the golem’s control core.

“Alright, ‘activate'”

He poured in some mana and activated the mana driver. The mana tank was filled up beforehand.

In accordance with Jin’s words, one of the golem rose up.



“It moved!”

The three who were watching, princess, Gloria and Heintz, all expressed excitement in their voice. Elsa and Hanna were pretty accustomed to the sight so they didn’t really react much.

“How does your body feel?”

“Yes, Creator-sama, there are no abnormalities.”


Jin quickly made two sham swords from the remaining 2 ingots of iron and handed one each to Heintz and the golem.

“Then, please go ahead. It’s completely fine to go lightly. I would feel really bad if you were to get injured because of this.”

“I understand.”

All of them moved to the backyard.

Seeing such a rare sight, free attendants, soldiers and knights gathered to watch what was going to happen from afar.

Heintz took off the sword he had on his waist.

“I shall hold that for you.”

Gloria approached him, gave a slight bow and received the sword.

After swinging the sham sword a few times to get the feel, Heintz glanced at Jin.

Perceiving that glance as a sign to start, Jin announced the start.

“Well then, please start.”

“Let’s go!”

Heintz gave a nod and slashed the golem diagonally from the shoulder.

The golem lightly parried the slash, took one step forward and slashed sideways. Heintz dodged that with quick and nimble movements. Seeing that, the golem took a further two steps in.

But Heintz moved towards the side and not towards the back, and slashed over the golem’s shoulder.

“Ohh, I don’t know what’s going on but it’s amazing!”

Said the princess, who was watching from a distance.

Heintz was like the top in terms of skill among the young knights.

Jin was also delighted, seeing that he would get some good data from this. After all, all of Heintz martial arts were now being copied to the magi crystal in Jin’s pocket now.

“Do your best, you two!”

The princess cheered on them both. But the moment she did, the swords in their hands broke. Not really surprising either, as they were very simply made for a mock battle.

“That’s enough.”

Jin announced the end and bowed deeply to Heintz to show his gratitude.

“Heintz-dono, thank you very much.”

“No, thank you. This golem would be our country’s from now on, right? Then it would be really reliable. I should be the one saying thank you.”

“Jin, you’re amazing! As I thought, my eyes were right!”

The princess was really hyped.

The gallery of the people looking from afar were also impressed. But since they couldn’t really shout out loudly in the open, they just clapped.

“Then, please excuse me.”

Heintz gave a slight bow and went back.

Jin and the others returned to the workshop once again. And then Jin stopped the golem which he just activated just now and checked its parts.

“Hmm, no problems anywhere. Then I guess I will finish up on the remaining 19.”

Saying that to himself, he went on filling in information in the control core using transfer info.

He was done with all the work in about 10 minutes.

“Jin, are you done?”

Trying to hide her excited face but being unable to do so, princess Leischen asked Jin.

“Yes, I am done. I will activate them now.”

Saying that, he went on activating one after another.

“Ohh, ohhh?”

It was a magnificent view, 20 shining, silver, gray golems standing in a line.

“Alright, all units, check your movements.”

Following Jin’s orders, all 20 of the golems shook their hands, bent their legs and twisted their bodies to check their movements. And then answered all at once,

“No abnormalities.”

Hearing that, Jin gave a broad grin for a moment but soon returned to his usual expression.

“Alright. Now then, I will give you all temporary names. From the right, Nick 1, 2, 3 all the way to the most left one, Nick 20.”


He also added that he gave the name ‘Nick’ from nickel.

Even the golems made in the same method start to develop different personality from the way they are treated. The first step to which is the name.

It was a good place to leave off so they decided to have lunch.

With the princess leading the way, they returned to the villa. The preparations there were already complete.

The automatas kept lining up dishes one after the other. Seeing the automatas move so energetically felt good.

It was lunchtime, so in order to not make it too heavy, the menu was bread, soup, salad and juice.

But even then, the bread was pure white, the soup had many different kinds of vegetable and perfectly boiled venison in it and the salad also consisted of vegetables freshly picked this morning. And finally, the juice was of pelshika.

Pelshika was quite valuable in the Kurain kingdom so one could comprehend that the princess worked quite hard to get them for Jin and the others.

“Uwaa, so sweet and delicious!”

The pelshika juice made from squeezing pelshikas was thick and, even without adding sugar, it was really sweet. That sweetness was natural so the aftertaste was also refreshing.

Even Elsa looked like she liked the juice.

“Was it really okay for me to join in on the meal…?”

Gloria said, feeling thankful.

“What are you talking about? If we inquire on the origin of all this, didn’t it all start from you asking Jin to make some swords? In other words, it is your achievement.”

Gloria was even more thankful after being told so by the princess.

*   *   *

He would make swords in the afternoon. The swords he would be making this time won’t be short swords but rather the general, long swords.

It is called long compared to the short but it isn’t extraordinarily long or anything.

A strong man can even swing it with one hand and it is made mainly for thrusting rather than slashing.

“Now then, the model… the prime minister said he would prepare one but… ah, there it is.”

Jin gave orders to Reiko to bring the necessary materials.

Reiko was better at measuring without contact as her vision was special. From swords’ weights to girls’ underwear, Reiko could grasp it all.

“Father, I think this much would be enough.”

Reiko brought out 2.2 kgs of 5 half nickel steel.


Saying that, Jin was about to take it but suddenly recalled something important.

The golems’ finishing will probably be checked so setting them to be this strong would be good. They might refuse if the golems are too weak.

What did Jin smile there for?

One would understand before long. And also about the magi crystal in his pocket with all of Heintz’s martial art in it.

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