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Chapter 288 Golem Complete

10-22 Golem Complete (Chapter 288)

“They were all underlings of the Unifiers.”

Gloria had started briefing them about the details she acquired by interrogating the thugs Jin (or rather Reiko) had suppressed.

They were unrelated to the people who caused the golem uproar the previous day.

“It seems they had only received orders to attack Alban during the afternoon that day.”

She continued explaining, saying that they had received quite the half-baked orders, that they could just do as they please if they went berserk.

“No matter how I think about it, I come to the conclusion that their aim was to create chaos.”

She brought the briefing to a finish.

“The guy who tried to kidnap Hanna… well, I would say he was the more logical one out of the rest. He probably thought he wouldn’t go unscathed after attacking Alban. He confessed everything during the interrogation.”

She also added that they didn’t really know all the details themselves. Although, Jin probably knew more than anyone in the room about what was actually going on behind the scenes.

“I don’t know how much you know, Jin-dono, but from the information we received, it seems that the battle which broke out in Tetrada was brought to an end by a mysterious force. The Frantz kingdom’s army withdrew. You could call it one sort of a cease-fire.”

Jin also knew well about that. It was he who did it, after all.

“To summarize, I think it is okay to say that the small countries have become stable. Although the post-war conference with the Frantz kingdom has not been held yet.”

Although Jin was somewhat curious, he really just wanted to leave the political problems to the countries. However, there was one point he could not yield.

“Did the Frantz kingdom not do the recruitment?”

Jin had known that the order of recruitment had reached village Kaina.

“Hmm, the nobles who control territory have probably received instructions to send out soldiers in response to the population.”

It was princess Lieschen who answered. She seems to possess a good deal of knowledge, considering her age, which just goes to show her brilliance.

“Won’t it get withdrawn?”

That was what Jin was most curious about.

Gloria answered that question,

“It will probably get withdrawn within a day or two. I say that ’cause the knights will be returning from Tetrada around that time.”

She went on to say that it might not get withdrawn depending on the chivalry of knights’ loss and condition.

And finished saying that it was because they didn’t clearly know if this had brought the war with the Frantz kingdom to an end.

“I see.”

Hearing that explanation, Jin thought that he needed to take some more measures.

*   *   *

That night as well, Jin and the others were in the same bedroom as before. It was dimly lit with a magic lamp.

Hanna started yawning so they started to prepare for bed. Or rather, they just changed to night-clothes.

It was something which was provided with the room. He could tell it was silk from the feel.

While wondering about trifling things such as where they got the silk from, Jin changed his clothes. At that moment,

“Hanna-chan, you wanna sleep together today?”

Elsa asked Hanna.

When he heard that, he suddenly understood. That even though it was only for a short while, being captured during the afternoon was probably a shock to her.

At the same time, he reflected on the feeling that he wasn’t able to be considerate enough. And feeling grateful towards Elsa, Jin closed his eyes for the night.

*   *   *

The following day, after having breakfast, Jin was going to the royal palace’s workshop for the commission but,

“Lies-sama, can I take Elsa to the royal palace as an assistant?”

Jin asked, knowing that he would probably not be allowed. But to his surprise, the princess easily gave her permission.

“Hey~ hey~ princess, can I go too?”

Hanna also asked the princess.

To which she also gave her permission easily.


“Hmmm, it would be boring if both Hanna and Elsa were to go. I shall stick along as well.”

And as she said that,

“Princess! Then I shall accompany you too!”

said Gloria, who happened to be present there. Who knows if it was to guard the princess or just out of simple curiosity.

And so, they headed to the workshop altogether.

Jin thought that there would be trouble but as the gate guard was the vice leader of the imperial knight guards and the princess was there as well, they were all able to get into the workshop.

“Oohh! So this is the golem you’ve been making, Jin!”

“Wahh, so cool!”

Upon seeing the frames of 20 golems, the princess got excited. Hanna was also having fun. Elsa had seen it a few times so she didn’t show any reaction.

And Gloria went,

“Hmmm, so this is the framework of a golem. It will be helpful as a reference.”

But there was no one there who would inform her that taking that as a reference was not going to do her any good.

“First, we will add the muscles.”

Saying that, Jin started processing the leather of the dragonic eel.

“Elsa, look closely. In separation engineering magic, it is most important to be aware of the amount.”

As he explained, Jin went on separating the leather into needed proportions.…..Continue on Page 2

“We could also separate it by cutting but there’s a chance of cutting the fibre and the construction of the leather that way so we will go with engineering magic here.”

“Hm, Jin-nii.”

Even while explaining, Jin didn’t stop working. He kept on dividing the dragonic eel one after the other with separation magic.

The arm muscles, leg muscles, waist, shoulders and the neck muscles. Each of these parts have a very subtle difference but as Jin had the ‘template’ of it in the back of his head, he could make progress with his work without hesitation.

It only took 15 mins till the muscles were ready. His speed was astounding.

“Alright, now we will add these. Reiko, help me. Elsa, you’re still not ready for this so watch properly.”


“Yes, Jin-nii.”

Reiko had helped Jin on countless occasions and as such, her skills were easily better than most magi craftsman except Jin.

Even the complicated and bothersome work of adding magical muscle to 20 golems were only a matter of 20 mins for Jin and Reiko.

“Mmm, it is somewhat a little creepy…”

“You think so? I think it is fun.”

Princess Leischen was taken aback a little but Hanna was fine as she saw dressings of mountain deers in the village.

“We will now make the essential magi device. I would like you to help with this as well, Elsa.”

Saying that, Jin took the magi crystal and mythril.

He asked Elsa to make the mythril-made casing. Of course, they also added anti-servitude-renewal magic.

He created a sample and told her to make it like that. During that time, Jin went on creating the mana tank, mana driver and the control core.

Looking at the magi crystal Jin had in his hand, the princess said,

“Hmm, such a pretty all element magi crystal.”

As expected, she did have the general knowledge on magi crystals.


A dim light emitted from the magi crystal and just when the magi language emerged into the surroundings it went back into the crystal and disappeared.

“That’s one done.”

“Ooohhh?! So that is engineering magic…”

Witnessing the magic which falls into the showy region out of all the engineering magic Jin had used, the princess was quite pleased. She eagerly watched Jin carve in all the magi formula into the magi crystal.

To create the total 120 magi crystals, it only took him about half an hour. Even then, Jin was still restraining. If he was serious, he could be 3 times as fast.

“Elsa, how is it coming along on your end?”

He asked Elsa, who was making the mithril casing with ‘forming’.

“I will be done with another 3.”

Taking Jin’s training, although their processing method was very specific, Elsa had already gotten above the standards. Even though she herself didn’t realize it yet. After all, she hadn’t really watched her cousin making them and her only comparison target was Jin.

Jin also helped so they were quickly done with 20 casings.

“Alright, now we install this…”

“Into the chest portion, was it?”

Seems like Elsa was starting to learn the procedure.

Jin intentionally worked slowly to let Elsa understand and put in the magi device into the chest portion.

“Um, mana tank, mana driver and control core, right?”

“Right. Good job remembering the mana tank.”

Jin didn’t really make many golems with the mana tank so he was impressed that Elsa was able to recall.

“At count Kuzuma’s place.”

Right, the golem, Lotte, which they had created at Blueland’s count Kuzuma’s place was also made with mana tank. Elsa might have started to want to become a magi craftsman since then.

A thin line of mythril to the control core–meaning, connecting the magic nerves with engineering magic to the head, limbs and trunk.

He loaded the surrounding of the control core with ‘glutton sponge’ to cushion it.

And went on installing the eyeballs and speaking device into the head. This time, he fixated the mouth. In other words, it would not be able to change expressions.

It took about two and a half hours.

The princess and Gloria were watching with overflowing enthusiasm as Jin worked. Hanna looked restless, though.

“Alright, now we add the armor.”

Seeing about 50 kgs of 5 half nickel steel which were extended on a board turned into armor and equipped into the golems was quite fascinating.

Even Hanna was watching this without saying anything.

Reiko was in charge of separating the 5 half nickel steel into 60 kg clumps and extending them.

It took about 3 minutes on one. And about an hour later, 20 golems were completed.

“Ohhh, you’re already done!”

To the excited princess, Jin said,

“Now I would like to take the golem’s movement test. Would anyone like to participate? If possible, a male guard, please.”

To which, the princess tilted her head and thought.

“A man would be okay, you say? Then I could call someone from the imperial knight guards.”

The princess asked Gloria, Gloria ordered a guard to bring someone from the imperial guards and within a few minutes, a young knight had arrived before them.

“Thanks for coming, Lash. I would like you to be opponent for the test.”

“Opponent, you say?”

There, the princess introduced him to Jin and the others.

“He is the magi craftsman, Jin. He is making general-use golems for my father.”

“I am Jin.”

“I am Heintz Lash.”

Jin and Heintz shaked hands.

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