Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 13 – Golem Panic

06-13 Golem Panic

“Oh my, what an interesting structure!”

Reinhardt praised Jin’s incomplete golem’s skeletal and muscular composition.

He seemed to be thinking about many things while staring at the laid down unfinished golem.

Jin didn’t particularly mind and started the construction of a Magi Device for the central part of the golem.

He grabbed a Magi Crystal and began to write the Control System.

“[Write In], Magi Sequence… Creating Magi Formula.”

Along with Reinhardt, Beana was also staring at the process intently.

“Alright, Control Core completed. Next is the Mana Driver and the Mana Tank, I suppose.”

From what Jin had seen, the golems in this world drew their Magic Energy from Mana Tanks, without exception.

On the other hand, golems Jin had made all utilized Ether Converters that absorbed the Ether in the air and converted it into Mana. Using a Mana Driver that could then be turned into various kinds of energy.

Since this time he was building it for a commission, it had to be able to be maintained without Jin, so he decided to use a Mana Tank.

Even so, Jin had no intention of using a regular Mana Tank.

“Reiko, please look for a red and a green Magi Crystal.”

“Yes, Father.”

Meanwhile, Jin prepared the exterior. Since it would contain the skeleton and the muscles, it meant armor.

Since the movable parts like joints were obviously fragile, he added overlapping thin bronze plates to cover all the openings.

It was work he’d usually perform in an instant, but since it was custom made for the Earl who also wanted Beana to learn from Jin, he took his time on purpose.

“Father, are these acceptable?”

Reiko returned holding Magi Crystals. She had a red fire-attribute Magi Crystal and a green wind-attribute Magi Crystal.

“Hmm, what are you going to do with those?”

Reinhardt spontaneously asked, and Jin told him to just wait and see and took them.



Reinhardt was amazed by the feat of fusing fire and wind attribute Magi Crystals together.

It was said that normally, fusing Magi Crystals of different attributes was impossible.

“Alright, it’s done. …Reinhardt, want to see?”

He handed over the just fused Magi Crystal to Reinhardt, who first checked it by sight, then by confirming the Magic Energy flow. And then.

“Erm, what. Is this!?”

Inside the Magi Crystal, the Magic Energy’s activity had transformed strangely.

“Well, to put it simply, the wind fans the flames so it burns more brightly, so to speak.”

Jin quickly explained, but it wasn’t something just anyone could do at a moment’s notice.

“Hmm, so when fusing, do you do it after momentarily making the Magic Energy inert?”

In spite of that, since Reinhardt was an excellent Magi Craftsman he understood more than half of the procedure Jin did.

“That’s correct. In addition, it’s necessary to advance the fusing parallel to the flow of Magic Energy.”

“I see, that was helpful. You have my thanks!”

Reinhardt was delighted, but for the Magi Craft Meister Jin it was simply common knowledge. Actually, during the predecessor’s era it was a common technique.

Everything was because of the Great Magic War. As the population decreased sharply, so did the people upholding the culture, and as such the world regressed.

Returning to the topic of the Magi Crystal with improved activity, the handling gets difficult but on the other hand Magic Energy use efficiency is good. Although, the caveat is that it’s not a match for the all-attribute Magi Crystal that’s used by Reiko.

“Alright, time to connect this thing and the Mana Driver with the Control Core.”

The central portion was getting done quickly.

“Okay, I’ll get right on on upgrading Schwarz Ritter too!”

It seemed like Reinhardt wanted to try for himself the procedure he saw Jin do.

“Ah, Beana, sorry but could you lend me a hand?”


With Beana as a helper, Reinhardt too tried to fuse a red and a green Magi Crystal.

Meanwhile, Elsa was watching Jin work almost wordlessly.

“Now then. Next is the head. Reiko, please get me, let’s see, two red Magi Stones should do.”


Jin then began the work on the head.

He took a glance towards Beana and performed [Forming] in a single breath. Elsa’s eyes went wide when she saw it.

“Alright, I’ll install it and then fuse it. Reiko, please hand over the Magi stones.”

He inserted the Magi Stones and processed them to work as eyes. He also wrote Magi Formulas in the mouth and throat to work as vocal organs.

Of course, he also engraved Magi Formulas that could hear sound around the ear areas too.

“Let’s see, I suppose I’ll shield this one too.”

He covered the Magi Device’s surroundings with Mithril. There were a few protrusions towards each limb and the head as terminals for transmitting Magic Energy commands.

With that the insides were completed. Only the adjustment of the exterior and the finishing touches were left.

“Alright, Reiko, could you do the detailed size adjustments?”

“Yes, Father.”

Reiko also took a glance towards Beana and started on the work. Head, neck, chest, abdomen, waist. Finally the arms and legs.

“How is this, Father?”

“Yes, well done. However…”

When Jin looked at the chest area he thought it was a little lacking, and used [Forming] on just that area.

Elsa’s gaze turned sharp when she saw it, but Jin didn’t notice.

“Alright, this should be enough.”

Jin started applying the last finishing touches and superficial changes.

This time he kept the bronze’s natural color. In other words, it was reddish.

“[Hardening]. [Surface Treatment]. Now it’s finally complete.”

Having finished the restriction play of building the maximally high-performance golem with limited materials, Jin was satisfied.

“There’s still one problem though…”

Jin muttered.

“Problem, Jin-kun?”

Elsa who had been quiet until now asked.

“Yes, Elsa… Well, I was wondering what to do about the basic knowledge of this golem.”

“What do you mean?”

“This golem is fundamentally a maid golem. So I was thinking if it’s possible I could have one of the lady assistants transfer the knowledge.”

“In that case, should I give an order to the head maid?”

Turning to face the talker, there stood Earl Kuzuma who had come to check on the progress.

“Oh my. Well, well. It’s rather beautiful. Beana, come see this for a bit.”


At the Earl’s call, Beana who had been assisting Reinhardt came. She then saw the golem lying down there.

“Whawhawhawhwhwhawha, what’s thiiiiisss!!”

She turned bright red and screamed.

It was no wonder, as the golem looked exactly like Beana. Her body’s figure was considerably accurately reproduced, that is, it was considerably sexy.

“Jin’s a perveeeeeeeeeert!”

Beana was so embarassed she moved to hit Jin, but Reiko gently intercepted her.

“Let me goooooo!”

“I will not. If I were to, you would surely hit Father.”


Earl Kuzuma couldn’t let the bright red Beana just raise hell and explained,

“Sorry Beana, but to tell you the truth, I was the one who asked Jin to make a golem using you as the model.”

“E-E-E-Earl did!?”

Beana was on the verge of panicking. Just then,



Elsa’s chop landed directly on top of Beana’s head.

*   *   *


Beana was crouching holding her head. Looks like she avoided panicking.

Jin was grateful for Elsa’s resourcefulness in his heart.

“Calm down a little. For Jin-kun, something like recreating a woman’s body is simple. He also made a golem exactly like Marcia-san in Port Rock.”


“In addition, at Kunlun Island it was easy for him to measure our three sizes.”

Gratitude cancelled.

“Ah, umm, that was, how’d you say, not particularly out of malice so please forgive me.”

For Jin, now there was no other way than to apologize. The Earl also put in a good word for him,

“Hmm. Beana, you should stick your chest out in pride for having been the model for a golem this beautiful.”

But that word the Earl used was the final nail in the coffin for Beana.

“But! Why! Only the! Golem’s chest! Is biggeeeeeeeeerrr!!”

Beana shouted from the bottom of her heart.

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