Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 12 – Jin’s Golem Manufacturing

06-12 Jin’s Golem Manufacturing

Jin talked with Beana until the materials for the golem had been brought.

“Beana, instead of using only wind, how about using the workings of the refrigerator?”

Like that, he hinted at ideas.

“I see! The wind blowing over the ice gets cold! It’ll be pleasant even during summer!”

For some reason Reinhardt joined in the conversation.

And so along with Reinhardt, the air cooler was conceived.

“In short, it’ll be fine as long as you expose the wind to something cool?”

“In that case, wouldn’t a shape like this work fine?”

“That’s right, in that case here should be…”

And just like that, while waiting for the delivery of the materials the three finished a prototype air cooler.

“Oh…It’s done.”

“…It’s done indeed.”

“…Is this okay?”

Not just Jin, but Reinhardt also assisted with the air cooler. It was understandable for Beana to be worried.

“Isn’t it fine? I only took part to the extents of a hobbyist.”

Reinhardt said, and Jin too clearly stated that the air cooler was Beana’s work and she shouldn’t worry about it.

“Th..Thank you very much, Reinhardt-sama. Thank you, Jin!”

Reinhardt said to Beana who looked apologetic while thanking him,

“It’s fine. At any rate, Beana has the makings of a good Magi Craftsman.”

He said. Beana wondered aloud if that’s so, while looking slightly happy and blushing.

“Now then, let’s build a golem!”

Jin fired himself up in front of the materials that had arrived. Reinhardt carried Schwarz Ritter in and took out a Magi Crystal for the Control Core.

“Now then, let’s start the repairs!”

Mimicking Jin, Reinhardt got fired up. Even the Earl put in a good word for them, so Beana frantically tried to learn from them.

She wondered if the design wasn’t yet finished, as Jin hadn’t started the work yet. On the other hand, Reinhardt had started the manufacture of the Control Core.

“Writing Control System. …Writing movement control formula.”

To not to miss the procedure, Beana stuck to Reinhardt.

“….Magi Sequence okay. …Master/Slave seal.”

And like that, the Control Core was completed.

“Alright, with this Schwarz Ritter can go back to normal. But, back to normal is too boring.”

He couldn’t get the golems he saw on Kunlun Island out of his mind. Reinhardt wanted to make Schwarz Ritter even more highly efficient.

“In addition, I don’t want to lose in the same way as last time.”

He wouldn’t let the Control Core be overwritten by a strong magical force from the outside a second time. Ever since then, Reinhardt had been continuously thinking about countermeasures.

“I wonder what would be the material that best prevents Magic Power from permeating it.”

And then, when he took a look towards Jin he wondered just when Elsa had come, as she was sitting next to Jin.

“Oh, Elsa, you came. That’s unusual, whenever I’m secluded in my workshop you never come to visit.”

When Reinhard said that, Elsa hmphed and looked away.

“My goodness, that’s rude.”

While saying so, he returned his gaze to the materials in front of him, looking for a particular one. For now, there was Armor Turtle’s shell, Grand Lizard’s leather, and Helm Eagle’s feathers.

It seemed like he was trying to decide which one was most Magic Energy resistant of these.

“It’s hard to do it alone… Hey, Elsa, can you help me for a bit?”

Reinhardt called out to Elsa, but she was feigning ignorance while looking at the scrawling Jin was making which he called the golem design.

Reinhardt let out a strained laugh, and turned to nearby Beana,

“Beana, sorry but could you help me with a little experiment?”,

He said, asking her for assistance.

“Y-Yes, if you’re okay with me.”

Reinhardt then made roughly the same sized samples of all three of the prospective materials.

“Alright, please turn the palm of your hand upwards.”

He placed them on Beana’s hand, and on top of that placed a Plate.

“Just like that, write the… Well, write the magic for [Wind] onto the Plate.”

“Got it.”

While Beana was writing the magic, Reinhardt observed the flow of the Magic Energy, looking for the material that could damp the Magic Energy the most.

It was accidental, but asking Beana to assist was the right choice. If this was Jin, no matter what the material was, he would be able to write it.

And if it was Elsa, since she can’t use Craft Magic she would obviously have to use regularly invoked magic for the experiment, and since the invocation time would be so short observing the Magic Energy would be difficult.

“Hmm, so Armor Turtle’s shell lets Magic Energy through it the least. I should be able to use this.”

Reinhardt mumbled to himself, thanked Beana, and opened up Schwarz Ritter’s chest.

Schwarz Ritter’s insides weren’t simply hollow, but every important point was was stuffed with various things.

For example, the fists were filled with steel to increase the effects of the blows, and Adamantite was stuffed into his toetips to increase the destructive power of his kicks.

Spongelike stuff filled most of his body.

“E- Excuse me, Reinhardt-sama, what is this?”

Beana didn’t stay silent at the sight of an unknown material, and asked Reinhardt.

“Hm? This? This is called a Gulaschwamm, and it’s a devil beast that lives on the bottom of the sea, but its dried remains are soft and flexible like this. It’s a material that’s just perfect for protecting the central part of a golem, the Magi Device that contains the Control Core.”

But it very easily lets Magic Energy through it, he finished the explanation.

Reinhardt then took the Magi Device out from inside the Gulaschwamm, and set in the Control Core he had constructed just now.

“Alright, [Link]…Good. Now to connect this to the movement system again.”

He returned the adjusted Magi Device back into the golem, and covered its surroundings with the shell of an Armor Turtle. Since Schwarz Ritter was a heavyweight to begin with, there wasn’t much of a difference.

“And now the fine tuning.”

99% of the work was done, and Reinhardt started on the maintenance of the external wounds Schwarz Ritter had suffered.

*   *   *

“Alright, I’ve decided.”

To outside it only looked like some sort of a scribble, but Jin had been considering the plans he drew on a wooden plank he was holding. Then as if he had made his decision, with a clap, he put his hands together and stood up to get the materials.

Simultaneously, Reiko who had been silently by Jin’s side until now stood up too.

“Father, what would you like me to bring?”

“Hmm, first I’d like some iron and zinc.”


Elsa who had been only watching until then raised her voice when she heard an unfamiliar word. Jin heard it and,

“Oh, zinc is a metal that looks like lead but isn’t lead.”,

He gave a simple explanation. Brass was already made in this world.

Jin didn’t know what would happen if he mixed zinc with iron, but he did know that a zinc coating prevents corrosion.

“To start with, let’s mix carbon to the iron to make steel.”

He was able to use the carbon dioxide from the air as a carbon supply. Well, Jin was the only one who knew of the existence of carbon dioxide. The carbon content went up to about 0.8%. He then started to build the skeleton with it.

Even though it was called a skeleton, it was a much simplified version of a human’s. For example, there was no ribcage or pelvis.

“This should do. Alright, [Heat Treatment]. [Hardening]. [Plating]. ”

The same result as with quenching and tempering was achieved through Craft Magic, furthermore the strength was increased with [Hardening], and zinc plating added to the corrosion resistance.

The joints and other portions with surface-to-surface contact were plated with adamantite to prevent abrasion.

The aim was to build joints that were nearing human composition. By building an endoskeleton and making the armor shaped around it, it was possible to have it behave similarly to a human.

Making the exoskeleton look like a normal golem was quite difficult.

“It’s a little eerie.”

Elsa gave her honest impressions of the skeleton.

The simplest golem that was hollow inside that made all its movements utilizing Magic Energy had a surprisingly bad Magic Energy efficiency.

All the golems Jin had made had endoskeletons which incorporated Magical Muscles for movement.

They were similar to using pure Magic Energy for the movements in a so-called telekinetic fashion, but when utilizing the Magical Muscles the Magic Energy was used to expand and contract the muscles instead, the efficiency was higher.

“For the Magic Muscles… I guess Sand Worm’s leather will do.”

“I know of those.”

Sand Worms were devil beasts similar to hairless caterpillars that lived in the desert, usually underground feeding on Magic Energy, but if their territory was invaded they would emerge aboveground and attack.

The reason Elsa knew was the leather was a specialty of Shouro Empire.

Devil beast material could without exception be used for things regarding Magical Energy reactions, and for example as a material for armor, for a scabbard or a hilt of a magical sword, for a magus’s robes, all sorts of purposes.

Jin tore it into thin strips and bundled them up to make Magical Muscles.

Precisely when Jin was done with that, Reinhardt finished the repairs and remodeling of Schwarz Ritter, and came over to see Jin’s state of affairs.

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