Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 12 – Ring

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05-12 Ring (TLFalin: I am starting the translations for our mass releases from this chapter and working backwards, so when they refer to something, I have no idea what it is)

Dinner at Reinhardt’s was awkward, as Reinhardt, Elsa, and Jin barely ate anything.

Reinhardt’s and Elsa’s maids were waiting on the table. When Mine got out of the bath, she felt a little anemic as expected, so she went to sleep in her room. (TLFalin: Not sure about the gender or how Rabie is going to translate the name of this person at the time I’m translating this, probably won’t come back to fix it until after the bulk release)

Because everyone present knows that Reiko is an Automata, she doesn’t need to pretend to eat.

「Because this meal is only for us, please don’t be reserved, you don’t need to mind your manners.」

Because he said so, Jin began to savor the food without care.

「I asked Elsa. It seems its performance was outstanding, I wish I had been there too!」

After the toast, Reinhardt began to talk. It was the same tension as usual.

Elsa sits to the left of Jin for some reason, and Reiko is sitting on the other side. In other words, Elsa and Reiko are sitting next to Jin who is across from Reinhardt.

The wine taken out this time is Reinhardt’s favorite. Although Jin didn’t know what was good and bad for liquor, he thought it was good.

The glass which it was poured into was transparent.

「The glass is transparent? Marquis, was this the work of a Magic Craftsman?」

The clarity was higher than any glass that he had seen in this world so far.

With the current atmosphere, the delicious wine, and the current pace, Jin was drinking early tonight.

(I’m not getting very drunk…. am I strong with alcohol?)

Jin thought so with a little doubt in his heart.

Turning away to explain the reason for this is Jin’s body.

Because Jin’s body is supplemented by magic, it is difficult for him to enter an abnormal state because of an internal factor, so his body is not substantially effected.

In other words, he’s strong against sleeping pills, poison, and getting sick.

On the other hand, external factors, such as car sickness, confusion, hypnosis, or suffocation aren’t effected.

Getting back to the story.

While eating, they had a lively conversation about their journey. Elsa was speaking without halting and when Reinhardt had a question, Jin answered it.

Although Reinhardt voiced out surprise at times, the meal progressed peacefully.

And when it came to the talk about a golem, Reinhardt took an unusually serious tone.

「Well, it seems that Marquis Firentsiano would like to hear your story tomorrow morning, but do you mind?」

「Oh, I don’t really mind it.」

After Jin answered, Reinhardt returned to the original topic.

「Elsa was talking about it, but could you tell me about the damper you attached? What is a damper? I couldn’t really understand Elsa’s explanation.」

「Hmmm, is that so.」

Jin was worried about how to explain it, as the story was slightly technical, but since his partner was Reinhardt, he thought it should be turn out alright.

「If I attach a weight on an elastic band and release it, what will happen to the elastic band?」

「Oh, well, the weight shakes.」

Jin then explained that as vibration and explained that equipment designed to stop vibration early was a damper.

Then Reinhardt with a happy face,

「I see, I see! The vibration stops early in the weight example if I hold it by hand, right? Should I make that kind of equipment?」

Reinhardt’s good understanding of it was surprising.

After the meal was over, they talked about brakes, too.

Kuuhe was brought out after dinner. Rather than just Port Rock, it is a specialty drink of the southern part of Elias Kingdom.

Jin thought it was better than the one he had in Port Rock at the Marquis’s house, even the aftertaste was refreshing.

While sipping the Kuuhe, Jin saw that Elsa who was sitting next to him without talking.

She picked up the cup with the elegance of an aristocrat, carried ti to her mouth, and then placed it back on the saucer without making a sound. The actions flowed so well, he admired it a little.

Then she noticed Jin’s line of sight.

「What is it…. Jin?」

Elsa slightly tilted her head and asked, then Jin hurriedly…

「N-no, it’s nothing, I was just thinking about how it was indeed like a lady, how you drink the Kuuhe, it looks good.」

When he spoke, he said his true intentions,


While saying that, he placed his hands on his mouth and her cheeks were dyed red.

「What happened to your ring?」

Elsa’s left ring finger had no ring.

When she was told so, Elsa was startled.

「I’m sorry, in Mine, the ring finger is….. it’s a special finger.」

Then, Reinhardt with a sandwich in his mouth,

「Hahaha! Elsa, you really are cute…. Jin, the left ring finger is for an engagement or a wedding ring, especially among aristocrats.」

It appeared that the local custom was the same as modern earth.

Being told so, Jin said in a rush.

「I-is that so? I didn’t notice, I’m sorry Elsa.」(TLFalin: Even without reading the earlier chapters, it’s obvious that she likes him, so he’s being stupid.)

He bowed slightly, but Elsa said to Jin

「Jin doesn’t need to apologize. I was the one who received it and put it on my ring finger.」

「That may be so…..」

Jin asks Elsa to lend it to him for a second. Elsa pulled out a chain and took it off her neck, then handed it to Jin.

「Let me see your hand for a second.」

Elsa held out her right hand and Jin said

「Excuse me for a moment.」

And Jin took her outstretched hand.


Jin placed the ring on Elsa’s middle finger and didn’t notice that she was blushing, and.


Using his engineering magic, the ring increased the inner diameter and was sized to fit on Elsa’s right middle finger.

「And that’s done.」

Jin said and placed the ring on Elsa’s middle finger and let go of her hand.

While staring at the ring, Elsa…

「Thank…. you.」

She thanked him with a complex expression, both somewhat happy and regretful. Reinhardt was looking curiously at his cousins novel behavior.

「After all, Elsa, you are as cute as expected.」

As he said that, Elsa turned her face away.

「…I don’t care.」

She muttered quietly.

「Look at what you’re doing, you used to have a habit of hitting me suddenly.」

「…………Rai-nii, mean.」

Elsa’s eyes gradually grew wet.

Reinhardt stopped playing with Elsa before it turned worse and turned around to Jin.

「By the way, Jin, I have almost finished my job in this country, and the departure date is approaching. If you want to look around Borgia, unfortunately there’s only today and tomorrow.」

But in reality, there was only a day and a half, because he has an interview tomorrow in the morning with Marquis de Firentsiano.

Jin apologized to Reinhardt saying he wasn’t finished here and told him not to ask too much.

「Well, if you say so. As an apology, how about I guide you around Borgia tomorrow afternoon. Elsa, would you also like to come along?」

Reinhardt said

Jin responded that he was looking forward to it. Since it’s his first time in town, it would be better to have aguide.

Although Elsa was a little cross with him, she was slightly happy with Reinhardt’s words and nodded yes obediently.

Jin heard the story of the Elias Kingdom from Reinhardt.

Among the 4 provinces, the northern Nord province is under the direct control of the royal families in the capital. Marquis de Firentsiano rules the southern state of Zaus and the western state of Tovesu is ruled by marquis Godofa.

And the eastern state of Isudo is ruled by Marquis Carlos de Hudson. (TLFalin: I want to call this a Checkov’s Gun situation, look it up if you’re curious about it, again, I don’t read ahead.)

「Marquis Hudson is…..」

「Yes, it’s Valentino’s father. For better or worse, he seems to be an ordinary person and he’s ruling an ordinary territory.」

For such a son to come from such a parent, is it because of the mediocrity?

The Hudson family, because of the incident Valentino caused, have been demoted to Barons, and if it gets worse, could be dissolved.

Other stories were also heard. Reinhardt seems to be a diplomat and is familiar with the circumstances of each country.

Jin then remembered something he was slightly interested in and asked Reinhardt.

「Hey, what religions do they have?」

「Religion huh? There’s no particular denomination, I mean, after the Great Magic War, it seemed to decrease including the priests. Now it seems each country quietly worships their own idols.」

Jin heard that Reinhardt used the word “Idol” rather than “God”.

「Is Reinhardt by any chance an atheist?」

He asked, then..

「Haha, I, or rather the Shioro empire is. I think what you are asking about is an existence beyond human comprehension. I don’t think there is such a convenient existance like that hearing our prayers and wishes.」

「I see, so you’re realists.」

In the meantime, everyone went back to their respective rooms as it had gotten late.

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