Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 11 – Experiment

05-11 Experiment

「Hey, Jin, it’s been a while!」

Jin and the others were invited to Marquis Firentsiano’s villa and reunited with Reinhardt.

「Elsa had trouble, too. It seems that things were serious in various ways, but it’s best that everyone is safe.」

Reinhardt says while stroking Elsa’s head and saying yoshi yoshi.

「Rai-nii, stop it. I’m not a child anymore.」

She said while gently pushing away Reinhardt’s hand.

「Why? You used to love it when I did it in the past…. hmmm?」

Reinhardt notices a ring stuck on Elsa’s finger when she pushed his hand away.

「Oh, a ring huh? The tomboy daughter also seems to have come of age and noticed it.」

Then Elsa hid her left hand in a hurry,

「This, this is not like that!」

Her face reddened slightly.

「This is a magical guard…. Jin gave it to me, I was saved thanks to this.」

Reinhardt’s eyes shine when heard this.

「I see, could you show me a bit?」


「Don’t say that, hey, it looks good.」

Reinhardt approached insistently, but…

「No, I don’t want to. Rai-nii will surely break it.」(TLFalin:I typed Rai-nee for some reason, did I do that elsewhere? Oh well, if I did, it’ll be good for a laugh)

Elsa was blunt, but Reinhardt was unaffected.

「I will do no such thing, I promise.」

Jin couldn’t overlook such bandying works being done.

「Ah, what, Reinhardt, instead of Elsa’s, here’s another one just like it. You can have it as thanks for taking care of us.」

「Oh, I see! Sorry!」

Said Reinhardt as he received it as though he was snatching the ring that Jin held out.

「…… Not very diplomatic. Rai-nii you craftsman idiot.」

Elsa leaked out with a sigh.

「Hmmm, the base is a [Magic Crystal] of all attributes. The [Magic Formula] is inscribed, huh.」

Reinhardt immediately started his anlysis.

「Very peculiar. Magic is….. barrier…. against attack…. and protection against… shock, huh. I can somehow read it, but I can only read it. I can’t copy this.」

Still, it is a big deal to read a [magic formula] which not even Reiko could read.

Reinhardt said thank you for getting something good and gave a formal bow to Jin.

「By the way, you should take a bath before you get tired.」

After the greetings of the unconventional reunion, Reinhardt recommended a bath and rest. Jin, who loved his baths, happily agreed.

Reinhardt gave orders to he maids nearby and ordered them to show Jin to the guest room and the bathroom.

「Here it is.」

Following the guidance of the maid of the Firentsiano house, Jin and Reiko followed.

At first, they were guided to their room to place their baggage and get a change of clothes, then they headed to the bathroom.

「Please take it off here.」

The dressing room was large, like that of a public bath, the luxury of it couldn’t be compared either.

Jin declined when the maid offered to help him take off his clothes and then she withdrew.

Furthermore, there was a maid inside who wore something similar to a bathing suit who was waiting for Jin.


When Jin was suddenly greeted with a 90 degree bow, he almost fell down, but Reiko supported him.

「Guest, please allow me to wash your back.」

As the maid approached Jin while saying so, Reiko also controlled this situation.

「No, thank you, because I will take care of father.」


「We are also to take care of the young lady, please, leave it to us.」

The maid said to Reiko, but Reiko…

「I am an automata. I do not intend to be taken care of by a human being, and it is my special privilege to take care of father.」

Saying so, she forcibly expelled the maid from the bathroom. Jin gives a bitter smile having been given no choice but to watch.

「It is only father and I with this.」(TLFalin: For these chapters, I started at 12 and went backwards, so any signs of her being a Yandere before this, I haven’t read, Reiko’s a Yandere now?)

Saying so, Reiko pours some hot water on Jin’s back.

The bathtub which is the size of a public bath, is also luxuriously made of marble.

「Ahhh, a bath after a long time is as good as expected.」

Said Jin as he stretched out. Reiko doesn’t enter the bathtub and sits straight in the washing space. This is how it usually is.

However, Jin saw it…

「Reiko should also get in, it feels good.」

「No, because it is unnecessary for me.」

「Don’t say such a thing. Because we are in a bathroom, soak in the hot water, that way I’ll be happier.」

Because of Reiko’s response, Jin happily gave a father’s order, and for an excuse poured hot water onto herself then silently entered the water.

After Jin beckons Reiko to come next to him, he begins to pet her head.

「Thank you for everything you do. I’m grateful.」

Then Reiko stared at Jin in surprise.

「Father does not need to thank me, you can just order me freely.」

「Idiot. I told you before, you’re my daughter.」


After that, a rumor that Jin is a girl doll lover spread among the Firentsiano residences maids by the maid who was driven out.

*   *  

「I will take care of the young lady.」

On the other hand, Elsa was in another bathroom with another maid. It is Mine, a nurse who carefully looks after her.

Although she was still a little anemic, she looked after Elsa.

Elsa usually took off her clothes by herself, but left it to Mine this time.

「The skin of the young lady is always so beautiful.」

She praised her as she was undressing her, and noticed the ring on her left hand ring finger. She then remembered that Elsa had said she was given the ring by Jin after being attacked by a robber in the daytime.

「My lady, that ring….」

「Hm? I got it from Jin.」

「W-w-why on that finger!」

Originally, Mine had a bad complexion due to her anemia, however,

「Because it was just the right size for this finger.」

To Elsa who was speaking so plainly, Mine let out a weak sigh.

「Look, milady, the left hand ring fingers are the fingers of love. You are only supposed to put an engagement ring or a wedding ring onit.」

「R-Really? Is that so?」

A flustered Elsa was rare. Because her mother and many other adult females had rings on that finger, she was thinking it was more adult like.

Mine said that she would talk about it in the bath, and two people slowly entered the bathroom.

*   *  

In some unknown country, in some unknown location.

An unknown man was talking to another unknown man.

「……Prototype Golem 11 type 2 has been destroyed.」

「Hm. And that means?」

「Yes, that….」

「What happened?」

「…..It was too brief, I couldn’t detect it.」

「What?….. Is that so? An excellent person seems to exist in that country.」

「I have no excuses.」

「Oh well, it is good. This stage is still making an experimental product and trying its power. A few losses are inevitable.」

「Yes sir.」

「However, knowing how to destroy and taking countermeasures, a golem close to being invincible should’ve been completed. I see.」

「Yes, it’s as you say.」

「Alright, continue as you were. By the way, what happened to that man?」

「Huh? Oh, is that fellow who left the Elderite smuggling? The smuggling came to light and it seems he was placed on a wanted list by the company. He is a useless person.」

「Hmph, you should use it and crush it.」

「That is to say?」

「That’s it. Give the type 20 an experiment.」

「I-is that….」

「I don’t mind. Try it when you have a chance.」


The conversation came to an end, and silence came.

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