Mages Are Too OP

Chapter 798 - It’s Because I’m Too Strong

Chapter 798 It’s Because I’m Too Strong

When Roland created another floating city, it meant that he was almost invincible in the main plane.

The gods and goddesses were suppressed in the main plane. Even the Life Goddess didn’t dare to fight Roland here.

The only thing that he should pay attention to was the World Tree.

Since most experts of this world still remembered their dreams very well, the World Tree couldn’t be an exception.

So, Roland flew the enormous floating city to the Elf Forest.

He intended to meet the World Tree and suss out her opinion of him. After all, he was surely going to fight the Life Goddess later.

It might be quite tricky if the World Tree jumped out and took the Life Goddess’s side. The World Tree was very strong. Even more surprisingly, she was a tree, yet she could also turn into an enormous mobile action figure.

That was quite interesting.

The floating city looked like a vast island that flew in the sky. A diameter of thirty kilometers made it a terrifying monster that nobody dared to look at.

Wherever it went, the animals on the ground saw that a shadow which completely blocked the sky was on the move.

Roland couldn’t have felt better.

Although Mystra and Sophie had only arrived as clones of their divinity, they were full of divine power too.

The three of them were fused for a long time, and the hardness of Roland’s soul was further increased.

More importantly, both of them had helped Roland solidify his soul world.

They were truly worried that someone would go against Roland’s soul again.

Also, they cursed the Life Goddess again during the fusing, because they felt sorry for him.

They knew too well how painful it could be when the shell of the soul world was broken.

They also knew that blowing up the soul’s shell could be very dangerous and might have detonated the soul core, which would’ve killed Roland!

Roland was still recalling the beauty of the two goddesses when the floating city reached the sky over the capital of the elves.

The entire capital was shrouded in the shadow.

The elves were quite panicked.

There were many experts among the elves who remembered the dreams, including the floating city incident.

This floating city seemed even bigger than the one they recalled.

Roland stood at the edge of the floating city and looked down in surprise.

He saw that a large part of the World Tree had withered. It happened to be the half of the World Tree that was burned in the game.

When Roland was feeling curious, the World Tree’s consciousness rose to the same height as Roland’s eyes.

Observing Roland for a while, the World Tree asked, “Are you Roland?”

Because Roland’s face had changed, the World Tree only managed to recognize him by his soul waves.


“Have you come from the dreams to seek revenge against me?” asked the World Tree. “No, I just came to check.” Roland smiled. “In the game… In the dreams, I didn’t kill you, and I certainly won’t now. I’m just here to confirm that you’re not malicious.”

The World Tree heaved a soft sigh. “I was defeated by you in my dreams, which affected the status of my real self. I’m no match for you at all… You can kill me, but I hope you can spare the elves, my children.” Roland had already been tricky enough to deal with as a Legend, and now he was a Demigod.

Besides, this floating city was clearly a battle fortress that had been carefully designed. It was even more powerful than the one in the dreams.

It would be a miracle if the World Tree won against him.

Instead of struggling futilely, she might as well admit defeat and appeal to the guy’s sympathy. After all, Roland should be a Lawful guy. Seeing that the World Tree had admitted defeat, Roland smiled. “I simply came here to check. I didn’t want to do anything to the elves.”

Then, the floating city slowly withdrew from the capital.

Roland was not scared that the World Tree would go back on her word, because he could tell that the World Tree was very weak.

Even if she were to help the Life Goddess, there wouldn’t be much she could do.

Seeing the floating city fly away, the World Tree was greatly relieved.

She shook her head. “I was wrong about him. What a shame… He’s a rarely-seen wild man. It’s a pity that we’re not meant for each other.”

Then, her subconsciousness submerged into the World Tree itself and she became dormant.

In the main plane, nobody except Roland could break a barrier that she set up.

If Roland were to deal with the elves, there wouldn’t be any use no matter how she struggled. She couldn’t make the final decision, and she couldn’t resist, so she might as well go to sleep.

She might get nervous if she worried too much.

Roland, on the other hand, flew the floating city south.

He had already sensed the spatial coordinates that he dropped at the location of Betta’s car accident.

Now that the important things had been taken care of, he certainly had to go there and have a look.

He hoped that he could find Betta’s soul… He had already asked Sophie the previous night. Betta’s soul wasn’t in the Netherworld.

It took Roland a day to reach the spatial coordinates, which turned out to be a wild forest.

However, nothing that carried enormous energy waves was in the forest except his mental coordinates.

He unleashed his mental network and searched the area. Then, he found something quite weird.

That thing had a feeble energy reaction, which wasn’t strange. A lot of little animals had similar reactions. Yet, this object was a mixture of three different kinds of energy that were incompatible. Roland was quite curious about the combination of energy. So, he flashed to the destination, only to be astounded.

He saw a woman who had a huge butt and who was pouring water into a hole that was about half a meter in diameter.

She had to be a woman, as she had blue hair and a blue dress. Judging from the details, she didn’t seem to be wearing any underwear.

An enormous stream of water flowed out of the woman’s finger while she whispered a tune happily.

From the hole, many red ants that were half a meter tall crawled out in panic, yet they dared not bite the woman and could only flee.

Roland had seen the back of the woman in the game before.

Roland coughed and asked, “Are you the Water Goddess? What are you doing here?”

“Pouring water into an ant nest,” replied the woman matter-of-factly. About three seconds later, she exclaimed and jumped to her feet. She turned around and stepped back quickly, as if she were frightened. “Wait, who are you? How did you sneak up behind me? I’m so scared.”

Roland didn’t know what he should say.

Was she really a goddess?

She was more like a naughty kid. No adults should be pouring water into an ant nest. Roland was pretty sure that the woman should be the Water Goddess. She had blue hair and looked quite beautiful, but she didn’t seem very smart, which significantly lowered her charm.

“Hello.” Roland greeted her voluntarily. “Sorry if I caught you unprepared. I’m looking for a soul. It must’ve fallen somewhere around here; I wonder if you’ve run into it.”

“A soul?” The Water Goddess quickly shook her head. “No, I just saw a strange ant egg. It was golden and quite beautiful. I was afraid that the ants couldn’t find the special kid, so I put the egg back into the hole, but the egg was too big and got stuck. So, I tried to flush it into the nest with water.”

Huh… It became increasingly clear to Roland that something was wrong with the Water Goddess’s head.

Although he didn’t think that the egg was Betta’s soul, he scoured the enormous ant nest with his mental power just to be safe.

Indeed, he found an egg that was different from all the other ant eggs.

This egg was bigger and rounder, emitting no mental power waves.

It couldn’t have been Betta’s soul.

Roland heaved a sigh. “I won’t stand between you and your ants anymore. Goodbye.”

He teleported back to the floating city and flew it away.

It was not until this moment that the Water Goddess noticed the enormous floating city above her head. That explained the sudden darkness. The gods and goddesses could see things in the dark, so she wasn’t affected at all and hadn’t realized it until this moment.

She was slightly surprised for a moment to see the floating city. Then, she suddenly squatted with her hands behind her head, not daring to look at the sky again. Her body was shaking too.

Sitting down in a chair in the floating city, Roland thought for a moment and took out a wooden spear from Mystra’s Mansion, which was one of the hundred pieces of enchanted magic equipment he was going to give away.

Roland cast Grand Benediction on himself. “Please point out the direction of Betta’s soul for me.”

The spear remained absolutely still.

The spell had been cast. It meant that the cause had already taken effect, but the consequence didn’t appear.

Was Betta’s soul gone?

Or maybe… Did the Grand Benediction not work at all?

Either way, it was quite disappointing.

The floating city flew toward Urganda.

That was where Andonara was.

In Marcus, a border city in the desert…

It was still daytime, yet the city was so dark that barely anything could be seen.

One couldn’t see anything two meters away even with candles on.

The oil lamps could only illuminate a three-meter radius.

There seemed to be some sort of power that was sucking out the light.

Yet, in the darkness, a blue firebird was flying and chasing after a thick fog.

“Woman, I’m going to give you one last chance. Get away from this place, or I won’t show you any mercy.”

Andonara was absolutely unfazed.

It wasn’t easy for her to catch an Evil God, who was an important medium for her to see Roland. How could she let him go?

The blue firebird soon caught up to the black fog and penetrated through it. The black fog screamed.

The whole city seemed to be shivering.

The people who were on their knees became even more scared and didn’t dare to move at all.

The blue firebird turned around and swooped at the black fog again.

At this moment, the black fog had reached an altar.

Andonara instantly slowed down and flew around the enormous altar.

She was determining if there was any trap in this place that her enemy had been desperately running to.

After landing on the altar, the black fog turned into a grim-looking man in a black robe who had black hair, black eyes, and a hawk nose.

He looked up at the hovering firebird with embarrassment. He then stepped on the altar heavily and roared, “Are you still not coming out? I’m dying!”

Hardly had he said that when a woman wearing a gray robe appeared on the altar.

When the woman came out, she looked at Andonara and said softly, “What a vigorous body! I want it!”

“Let’s work together to catch her. Her soul will be mine, and her body will be yours,” said the man in the black robe hatefully. “I’m going to torture her soul and make her regret ever living.”


The woman blew at the man’s hand and said, “Your hand will catch her.” The man in black put on a wicked smile and snatched at the sky.

At this moment, Andonara, who had been observing them, felt that a strange power was affecting her flight.

The power was strange. It was not magic power or gravity, but something more advanced.

Then, Andonara’s firebird fell.

The blue firebird was only two meters away from the man’s hand when it finally resumed Andonara’s human form.

The Hero’s Sword swung brutally.

The man cried out and quickly stepped back.

His right arm had been nearly chopped off, but because it was still connected to his elbow, it didn’t fall to the ground. He looked quite miserable. Two pieces of flesh were shivering back and forth with blood gushing out. It was quite disgusting. The woman in gray clothes quickly stepped back in fright too.

The man in black turned around and roared, “What happened? Why didn’t it work?”

“It worked!” said the woman palely. “But she’s very strange. She somehow dodged the influence of my divine power.” Staring at the woman in the gray dress, Andonara asked, “Are you the Goddess of Fortune?”

“You recognize me?” The Goddess of Fortune found it hard to believe.

“The Goddess of Fortune is the only goddess who can make use of the causal power.”

The Goddess of Fortune couldn’t help but ask, “Why are you immune to my divine power? You’re just a Legend.”

“My man said that quantity means everything.” Andonara smiled while hefting the sword. “Even if you have the greatest power, you’ll just be a squib if you can’t unleash it. Although I don’t know what squib means, I’m sure you can understand it with your wisdom.”

The man in black chuckled and looked at the Goddess of Fortune mockingly.

The Goddess of Fortune became angry. “Are you implying that I’m weak?”

“No, I’m just too strong.” Andonara pointed her longsword at the Goddess of Fortune. “For the sake that you are a Neutral Goddess and do not reek of evil, I’ll let you go. Don’t blame me for not showing you any mercy if you stay.”

“You are truly bold for a mere human Legend.” The Goddess of Fortune looked at the man in black again. “I’ll give you another blessing. You can defeat her. This is the ruling of fate.”

However, the moment she said that, a sword cut her in two.

The two halves of her body were flung away. Her blood flowed everywhere on the ground and turned into countless spots of light.

The Goddess of Fortune didn’t die, but the blue flames burned her wounds. The agony made her upper half writhe and scream miserably.

Naturally, it was impossible for her to move her lower half.

After cutting the Goddess of Fortune into halves, Andonara looked at the man in black, only to discover that he had escaped while she attacked the Goddess of Fortune.

Also, he had run far away and hidden himself in the darkness.

The dark lid above the city was fading away.

“What a shame. The God of Darkness has escaped. I can only establish a space channel with your divine power now.” Andonara walked to the Goddess of Fortune and said, “Any last words?”

“You’re not a goddess. Why are you immune to the power of fate?” The Goddess of Fortune stared at Andonara, confused. “Logically, only the four Main Lawful Goddesses are insusceptible to the ruling of fate.” Andonara pressed the Hero’s Sword into the Goddess of Fortune’s forehead. “As I said, I’m simply too strong.”

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