Mages Are Too OP

Chapter 797 - Another Fight

Chapter 797 Another Fight

While Mystra and Sophie were both trying their best to find Roland, Roland had dug a pit in a forest in Aipinte and begun to manufacture standard equipment. Roland had chosen the two kinds of equipment after much deliberation.

Long spears and leather armor were common military equipment. They could be mass-purchased on the market.

Transportation was a major problem to ordinary people, but for a Mage on Roland’s level, it couldn’t be simpler.

He kept the equipment in Mystra’s Mansion and shipped it with space jumps. Although it could be costly, speed was what really mattered at this moment.

Although teleportation arrays between big cities had been established, they could only teleport humans and light luggage, not massive objects.

Also, the teleportation arrays could only be used once every two hours.

There were a lot of restrictions.

For that reason, merchants and caravans hadn’t been out of work.

Roland acquired a thousand and a hundred sets of equipment and placed them in the underground cave. He then established four production lines and created multiple puppet angels with magic power.

Some of the puppets would put the equipment on a magic array that had been deployed in advance. Then, another puppet would put magic materials on it.

The magic array combined the materials with the equipment. Then, the first piece of equipment would be enchanted. After that, the puppets would move the equipment to the second magic array, where the puppets that waited there would put the materials needed for the second enchantment on it.

After a crack, the job was done again.

When the effects were printed on the equipment, the equipment would be stacked in a specific area.

After that, one piece of enchanted equipment was completed.

It would only take about ten minutes to finish.

If Roland were to do the job by himself, it would’ve taken him a lot of time to run the magic materials back and forth.

Also, he might get tired if he did the same thing again and again, so he would need a rest.

By conservation estimate, it would’ve taken Roland at least fifteen days to make a thousand and a hundred sets of magic equipment.

However, he had finished the work in three days with the production lines. It was much more efficient.

On the fourth day, the Northern Lion Lord took a deep breath when he looked at the freshly-made magic equipment.

A general touched the magic equipment as if it were a pretty lady and counted the number.

A moment later, he said to the Northern Lion Lord, “My lord, the number matches up. There are a thousand and a hundred sets.” Hearing that, the Northern Lion Lord gave a qualification certificate to Roland without hesitation. “We have a deal… All the hard rock mines in my dominion will be yours.”

Roland accepted the certificate and thanked him with a smile. Then he left.

“What a terrifying Mage! Where is he from?”

A young man said, “Father, this Mage seemed to be good at making magic equipment. If he makes equipment for others, wouldn’t we lose our edge? Should we restrain him?” “Have you lost your mind?” The Northern Lion Lord burst into rage. “He is one of the Mages, who are best known for their wisdom. Do you think he doesn’t know we might be malicious? He certainly does, but he’s not scared. What does that mean?”

The young man got embarrassed and fell silent.

After acquiring the certificate, Roland returned to the cave and began to make magic power bricks.

The real World of Falan had a much higher magic power density that the one in the game did. When a dozen production lines were put to use at the same time, Roland rebuilt the Magic Grid Core of the floating city in half a month.

He also increased its magic power capacity to the limit.

Then, instead of raising the Magic Grid Core in a hurry, he secretly melted the hard rocks, mixed them with the mud, and turned them back into rocks.

The pure hard rocks were hard but not flexible enough. But if they were broken, mixed with mud, and then remade into bricks, they would make Green Bricks, the finest construction materials.

They would be both hard and flexible, and more or less resistant to magic.

A twenty-centimeter-thick wall of Green Bricks could withstand the full-strength strike of an Elite Mage.

But it wasn’t too useful against high-level Mages, who were mostly capable of Stone to Mud.

The low magic resistance of the Green Bricks meant nothing to the high-level Mages.

However, quantitative changes would lead to qualitative changes.

A twenty-meter-thick wall of Green Bricks could make high-level Mages feel it was too much.

If the wall was ten meters thick, most Mages would simply retreat.

A Green Brick wall a hundred meters thick would make Legendary Mages shed tears.

What could a fifteen-kilometer-thick wall of Green Bricks do?

Roland didn’t know… But he felt that he was confident enough to confront the Life Goddess.

Then, Roland fused the Green Bricks in the pit.

He used the production lines again. A lot of hard rocks were delivered to him and then carried to the lines by the puppets.

The hard rocks were mixed with the mud and then directed to the molds that had been prepared in advance. After that, they were transformed into Green Bricks that were absolutely identical.

After that, the other puppets took the bricks out and stacked them on the other side.

Because a lot of soil was used for the combination, the cave got more and more spacious.

The hard rock mines around the cave vanished one after another.

About twenty days later, Roland finally prepared a one-kilometer-thick rock shell.

He then placed it on the Magic Grid Core.

Roland smashed a blue fireball three meters in diameter on the shell. Then, Green Bricks about thirty meters thick fell down.

“It’s indeed hard.”

After repairing the damaged parts, Roland ran to the top of the floating city and connected it to the core.

The great magic power was imposed on Roland’s body again.

The rocks above his head dispersed, and the floating city gradually floated higher.

The moment the floating city emerged, a pair of eyes that were full of hate were fixed on it.

Then, the other gods and goddesses focused their eyes on it too.

Back in the Astral Plane, most gods and goddesses couldn’t detect the floating city even if it had shown up because the place was too spacious. However, the main plane was different. Almost all the gods and goddesses kept an eye on it, so they all noticed the appearance of Roland’s floating city.

Roland had faced this situation before, so he wasn’t anxious at all. He controlled the magic power of the floating city to mix the hard rocks and soil and attract it to the floating city.

However, before the first waved of mud was stuck to the floating city, countless green spears of light had fallen.

Each of those spears was almost four meters in diameter and more than ten meters long.

A dense array of light spears fell like a green storm.

All the gods and goddesses were shocked.

At the same time, two roars came from the sky.

“Bi* ch, how are you…”


Roland could tell from the voices that they were Mystra and Sophie.

Roland flashed below the floating city, using the floating city as a shield.

Countless light spears descended. Each of them pierced a hundred meters into the Green Bricks.

But that was it.

Because the deities were weakened in the main plane, even the light spears of the Life Goddess couldn’t penetrate the one-kilometer-thick Green Bricks.

That was also the reason why Roland created a layer of Green Bricks first.

He knew that the Life Goddess would attack him the moment he flew the floating city into the sky.

Without the protection of the Green Bricks, he couldn’t have resisted the Life Goddess’s attack by holding the Magic Grid Core with his bare hands.

So, making plans was a good habit.

Roland flashed back to the top of the floating city. He looked around and smiled.

Although the surface seemed ragged, Roland knew very clearly that damaging the Green Bricks didn’t hurt the internal parts at all.

Also… the first wave of Green Brick mud was finally attached to the floating city as a new layer of defense.

Then, swamps of greenish mud surged at the floating city like moths surrounding a flame.

The mines on the ground vanished one after another, and so did the soil.

The floating city in the sky got bigger and bigger. Very soon, the floating city’s radius reached five kilometers, and it could already be seen from Aipinte City not far away.

Looking at the floating city and the disappearing mines, the Northern Lion Lord’s mouth gaped bigger than that of a dog.

If he could see it, the people in the city could naturally see it too.

It even raised a minor panic in the city.

The floating city, on the other hand, was still expanding

It began to move and absorb the mines and mud down below.

It looked like a gigantic dust collector that was swallowing the mountains and the soil.


By evening, the floating city had flown to the edge of Aipinte City. A straight, enormous ravine was left on the ground in the path of the floating city, which was several kilometers wide and almost thirty kilometers long in the end.

It was as awe-inspiring as a miracle.

The gods and goddesses all looked at the floating city in silence.

Most of the gods, including the Evil Gods, had memories from the dreams.

They knew who the man was.

The God of Pain and the God of Brutalization remembered him particularly well, as they were killed by Roland in the dreams.

Staring at the floating city that had completely taken shape, they moved their paradises and fled in the Astral Plane.

They were really afraid that Roland would suddenly show up before them.

Sensing that the floating city had a radius of seventeen kilometers, Roland finally felt safe enough.

Seventeen-kilometer-thick special building materials!

A whole set of gadgets to increase his soul resistance!

Life Goddess, let’s have another battle.

Roland provocatively looked at the beautiful eyes that were full of hate.

The eyes got angrier and angrier, and then disappeared.

The eyes of other gods and goddesses disappeared too, until only three pairs of eyes were left.

After that, a green pillar of light descended from the Astral Plane on the top of the floating city.

But it was blocked by a barrier.

Then, Mystra, in a girl’s appearance, knocked at the barrier from the top.

“Roland, let me in!”

Roland let Mystra in, as she demanded.

A moment earlier, Mystra and Sophie spoke to him and cursed the Life Goddess.

Judging from her expression, she seemed to share the same memories and feelings as the Mystra in the game.

As expected, Mystra jumped into Roland’s arms the moment she came down.

She hugged Roland excitedly and kissed his face nonstop.

Roland simply let her kiss him. After a long time, Mystra finally held back her excitement and stopped. She said with a reddened face, “It’s great to see you again. I was really horrified when you were wounded earlier.”

“So was I.” Roland smiled. “I can’t stay in this world for too long, so I’ll have to cut to the chase. Mystra, I want to ask you something. Would you like to come to my world with me?”

“You have never really proposed. How can I go with you?” said Mystra cutely.

“Then would you marry me?” replied Roland with a smile.

“That’s not romantic at all.” Mystra patted Roland’s chest, pretending to be angry. But then she smiled. “But yes, I would.”

Roland sighed in relief.

Then he asked, “Do you know where Andonara is?”

“I do. She’s hunting Evil Gods in Urganda.” Mystra pressed her magnificent breasts against Roland. “It’s been a long time since we met. Let’s not talk about other stuff. Are you not going to please me?”

“How should I please you?” asked Roland. “You are a goddess. You don’t need anything.”

“What do you think?” Mystra gently drew circles on Roland’s chest with her finger.


Roland got it.

He was going to establish a chamber in the floating city for them, when Mystra suddenly turned around and said angrily, “If you want to watch, just watch openly. Do you have to


Outside of the floating city, a beautiful woman with black hair was gazing at them silently.

She was Sophie the Nether God.

Roland was briefly stunned… In the game, he had been “combined” with Sophie for a time. It was said that such a joining was no different from sex.

However, he never really knew what was on the Nether God’s mind.

After all, she was a cold and condescending girl who barely wore any expression. Naturally, it was hard to predict what she was thinking

But Roland was certain that she was not malicious.

So, he let her in too.

After Sophie came in, she stood in front of Roland and stared at him for a long time without saying anything.

Roland was quite puzzled.

Then, the black clothes Sophie was wearing were suddenly gone, and the most alluring naked body was revealed in front of Roland.

Roland was dazed.

“Let’s—Let’s do it together!” Sophie seemed rather nervous. She lowered her head and crossed her fingers.

She was blushing and didn’t dare to look at them.

Mystra was stunned silent for a long time too, then she burst into laughter.

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