Mages Are Too OP

Chapter 783 - Feces-Flavored Chocolate

Chapter 783 Feces-Flavored Chocolate

“Do you want me to take off my clothes?”

Not just the Evil God who carried the feature of Libido, even Roland, who saw her all the time, felt hungry when he heard the alluring voice.

That couldn’t be helped. Andonara was simply too charming.

He could never have enough of her. Miranda stared at Andonara, stunned. Then, looking at her own body that was almost entirely flat, she somehow felt humble.

The Evil God of Greed vaguely sensed that something wasn’t right, but his desire suppressed his alarm.

He turned his head to Miranda and asked, “Is that woman your subject?”

Stumped for a moment, Miranda moved to Andonara as if she had been woken up. She opened her hands and shouted in a shivering voice, “I won’t allow you to hurt them! They’re my most important fri-subjects.”

“You’re trying to protect them when you can barely protect yourself? As expected of a righteous goddess.” The Evil God of Greed chuckled. “But it’s fine. I’ll take you as an appetizer before I enjoy her for dinner.”

Roland shook his head as he listened.

There was a reason why the Evil Gods never won!

At this moment, there were five seconds left.

Andonara took action again. She moved her fingers and seemed to have loosened her first button. “Do you think my breasts are beautiful?”


Roland nodded. Having observed them countless times, he could guarantee the answer.

However, because her back was to the Evil God, he couldn’t see her front.

Hearing that, the Evil God of Greed felt his heart itch and simply ignored Miranda. He jumped to Andonara’s opposite side almost right next to Roland.

Then, he saw that the woman’s finger was still on the first button and it wasn’t unclasped at all.

Also, the woman was wearing a cold smile.

I’ve been deceived!

The Evil God was greatly alarmed and was about to teleport himself away, when he found that the space was frozen and he couldn’t escape.

What’s going on?

Still stunned, his eyes flared with blue—the woman turned into a big blue firebird and swooped at him.

She was so fast that he could just barely see her shadow even with a god’s dynamic vision. However, if he could see a blur of movement, it meant that he could react.

Besides, most of the Evil Gods carried passives such as Initiative or Attack Blockage.

Those passives were not equally powerful, but they were more or less effective.

The moment the Evil God of Greed’s passive magic shield was destroyed, his hands turned into gigantic white crystals and protected him.

The blue flames collided with the crystals and dispersed. Then, the tip of a sword was revealed among the flames.

Clink… The pleasant sound raised a powerful sonic blast.

Then, the grasses and flowers, under the powerful blast, flattened outward in a beautiful circle.

The Evil God of Greed was flung away.

The crystals that were attached to his hands fell apart into countless pieces.

Andonara withdrew her sword and looked at its tip regretfully, as the Hero’s Sword was cracked.

After the Evil God of Greed was knocked away, he subconsciously took out a mace that emitted a dark, evil vibe, before he finally had the time to check the environment.

Why couldn’t he use spatial magic anymore? When he looked around, he saw an enormous island floating in the distance. Countless transparent chains from the island connected the sky to the earth of the paradise, completely fixating space.

The floating city!


The Evil God of Greed finally realized that he’d been tricked.

At this moment, Roland’s second spell was prepared.

“Mage’s Disjunction!”

Low-level spells wouldn’t work on a god. In order to heavily wound or even kill the Evil God with a blue fireball, he had to gather magic power for twenty seconds to increase its radius to more than ten meters.

If he waited too long, his enemy would definitely be prepared.

Also, he might not be able to hit the target.

That was the biggest disadvantage of a spell that couldn’t lock onto the target.

It would be easier to throw out a tritium bullet, but Miranda was a new goddess and her paradise wasn’t very steady. The tritium bullet might collapse it.

Therefore, Mage’s Disjunction was the best choice.

Even if it didn’t succeed, it could at least eliminate the magic elements around the enemy so that he couldn’t cast any spells.

An invisible force field rose near the Evil God of Greed.

Subconsciously, he intended to fly away, but then all his clothes vanished. The mace in his hand was reduced to powder.

Even his body seemed to have shrunk.

The spell actually worked. Roland found it rather hard to believe.

“Roland, you son of a bi*ch who grows up on dog s*it!”

The Evil God of Greed roared.

His gray clothing seemed unremarkable, but it was actually life-saving armor that he had gathered with divine energy after a hundred years.

The mace was also a product of divine energy that took him two hundred years to make.

At this moment, they were both gone.

Looking at the naked Evil God, Miranda exclaimed and covered her face with her hands shyly.

Andonara seemed disgusted as if she were looking at an annoying bug.

Roland snapped his fingers and summoned a black longsword.

The moment the longsword appeared, it shouted, “Roland, didn’t you say you won’t summon me… Wait, this is a paradise. Oh, we’re cool.”

The Sword of Wisdom was scared of being summoned to the main plane, where it would be suppressed and fragilized.

However, the case was different in the Astral Plane.

Roland gave the Sword of Wisdom to Andonara and said, “You can use this sword for now. I’ll repair the Hero’s Sword for you later.”

It couldn’t be helped… The Hero’s Sword was an epic weapon that could deal with Evil Gods in the main plane where they were suppressed.

However, in the Astral Plane and the paradise, the sword couldn’t hurt the enemies who carried the power of law.

Andonara had an innate “Sword Familiarity” ability that could harden the sword.

If anybody else had wielded the sword, it would’ve already been broken.

The Sword of Wisdom fell into Andonara’s hands.

Her eyes glittered the moment she laid her hands on the grip. “It’s indeed a great sword.” An expert knew a weapon’s quality better than other people. “I’m glad to be used by you. I hope… Ahhhhhh!”

While exclaiming in panic, the Sword of Wisdom was covered in blue flames, and Andonara dashed at the Evil God of Greed as a firebird again.

“She’s so good!” Miranda stared at Andonara’s blue bird form, full of admiration.

She was truly amazed when the first Evil God was killed.

She could only flinch and step back in front of the Evil God who attacked her home.

Yet, Andonara could strike the enemy.

At a distance, Andonara’s firebird caught up to the Evil God of Greed in two seconds. Then, they had a fierce battle. Their blurry forms, a blue line and a white one, moved back and forth in the sky.

The consecutive sonic explosions never stopped.

Roland, on the other hand, had been observing the battle with his hands behind his back.

Miranda walked to Roland and asked, “Are you not going to help Sister Andonara?”

“No, she can do this on her own.”

Hearing that, Miranda seemed to admire her even more. “When can I become as strong as Sister Anna?”

“You will. Your upper limit is higher than hers.”

Hearing that, Miranda smiled delightedly.

But Roland left something unsaid… The gods and goddesses did have high upper limits, but it remained to be seen whether or not they could reach them. Besides, they were restricted in the main plane and couldn’t go anywhere as Andonara could.

In the sky far away, the Evil God of Greed was both frustrated and frightened.

He was completely crushed by Andonara without any chance to fight back.

Not only did the blue flames on Andonara have the weird ability to suppress his divine energy, she was also holding the Sword of Wisdom.

That was the Goddess of Magic’s Sword of Wisdom, in its original form.

That weapon was quite famous in the Astral Plane.

A Mage could become a qualified Warrior by summoning its reflection and gaining the abilities. What did it mean to hold its original form?

Besides, as its name suggested, the sword only acknowledged those who were wise.

Wasn’t it only usable to Mages?

Why could a Great Swordsman use it so smoothly?

Wait… Why did this woman carry the air of the Goddess of Magic?

Was she a divine clone of the Goddess of Magic?

A series of speculations popped up in the Evil God of Greed’s head and connected!

He must’ve been tricked by the Goddess of Magic! Known as the smartest goddess, she had been trying to kill him since a long time ago!

The Divine Spark of Suffering turning Lawful was exactly her trap to lure him here!

That woman was too shrewd! No, he had to run!

The more he thought, the more scared he became.

He could hardly beat Andonara in the first place, and he was only struggling.

His fear mounting, he was less and less determined to fight.

Condensing white crystals to block Andonara’s quick slash, he gathered his strength and unleashed a violent energy outburst.

The tremendous amount of energy forced Andonara to fly back to dodge the attack.

Seizing the opportunity, the Evil God of Greed turned around and fled.

While he was running, he looked back and saw that Andonara didn’t move but only raised the longsword in her hand.

She wasn’t chasing him?

He could escape!

Looking at the wall of the paradise, he put on a smile.

Then, his expression froze in the next second.

A blue ray of light penetrated his body and illuminated the world. It even knocked the Divine Spark out of him.

The Evil God of Greed vomited blood, which turned into pure energy of faith and was drawn to the paradise.

He turned around and looked at Andonara who was still in a stabbing stance, confused. “What kind of ability… is this?”.

Then, he fell from the sky to the grass, and gradually dispersed as gray spots of light.

It was Andonara’s most powerful skill as a Hero: Evil Ender!

Evil Ender: Evil beings must confront the Hero who challenges them. They win or die. When an evil enemy’s Resolve is too low and runs with their back to the Hero, the Hero may lock onto the enemy and launch an energy blast whose damage equals Level * 1000 + (Resolve gap) * 3000.

It was safe to say that if Roland were an Evil God, Andonara could’ve shot him down even if he were fleeing guiltily away from Andonara on the floating city. If the floating city was small, it would’ve been blown up directly.

Andonara picked up the Divine Spark with the Sword of Wisdom and returned to Roland.

The Sword of Wisdom, on the other hand, kept complaining. “Ms. Anna, would you please not use me against anything so disgusting? I’m sick.”

Ignoring it, Andonara placed the Divine Spark in front of Roland and asked, “What are we going to do about this?”.

Roland, however, asked curiously, “What was that skill? I’ve never seen you use it before.”

“It didn’t appear…” said Andonara rather awkwardly, “…until I became the Goddess of Magic’s believer.” That was actually a lie. She didn’t acquire the ability until Mystra arrived in her body and made out with Roland.

But how could she say that?

An ability that was a combination of faith and bloodline?

Roland pondered over that. Then, he looked at the Divine Spark of Greed as well the piece of Libido mixed in it, frowning.

The Maiden of Pain stepped back miserably as if she had seen s*it.

Roland turned back and looked at her, before he said, “Absorb the divine energy and then drop the Divine Spark.”

“Huh?” Miranda quickly shook her head. “I-I


For the Lawful Goddesses, the Divine Sparks of Evil Gods equaled to feces.

The divine energy, on the other hand, was chocolate with feces inside.

Roland was essentially suggesting that she should eat the crush of the feces-flavored chocolates.

Wasn’t it inhumane?

“You’ll grow more if you swallow the energy.” Roland looked at her and said solemnly, “We can’t protect you forever, Miranda. You’ll have to learn to be strong and independent.”

Miranda looked at the Divine Spark with even more disgust. “But I simply can’t!”

Roland slightly stared at her with even more solemnity on his face.

Miranda turned to Andonara for help.

Andonara, on the other hand, smiled and didn’t say anything. Her childhood had been difficult, and she knew how helpless a person, especially a female, could be when they were weak.

Roland was doing it for Miranda’s sake.

Seeing that neither of them would help her, Miranda could only scratch off the energy on the Divine Spark with her tongue while shedding tears.

She scratched for a day and a night, until finally, she collected all the divine energy.

When she finally spat out the Divine Spark of Greed, her face was blue.

She looked at Roland with watery eyes. “That was so brutal of you. Why didn’t you help me?”

“I don’t know how to control the power of faith. How can I help you?” Roland opened his hands.

Miranda stood up and wiped her tears, before she asked, “Are you going to leave?”

“Yes.” Roland grabbed the Divine Spark of Greed with a Hand of Magic and said, “After all, you’re strong enough to protect yourself now.”

Then, he habitually opened the system menu, only to be stunned for a moment.

He saw the message that Schuck sent him in the guild channel.

Schuck: “The World Tree is about to attack Wetland City. Come back and meet us.”

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