Mages Are Too OP

Chapter 782 - Do You Want to See My Performance?

Chapter 782 Do You Want to See My Performance?

About twenty minutes later, Betta’s father, the new master of the city, met the transparent purple-haired woman and Ans in a conference room.

Although he wasn’t exactly worldly, Uncle Liang remained calm and poised in the presence of Ans and the World Tree’s clone.

After the tea was served, he said slowly, “My lady, is there anything important that makes you want to talk to me? Some friends told me that you’re unfriendly.”

Ans slightly frowned.

The World Tree was the oldest life in the main plane. Shouldn’t the guy stand up first if he wanted to talk to her?

The man was so weak and had only just turned into a professional.

He dared to sit in front of the Mother Tree just because of his title as city master?

Why was he so bold?

However, the World Tree hadn’t spoken yet, so Ans couldn’t express his opinion. The World Tree sized up Uncle Liang curiously and said, “Your soul is old, yet your body is young. Very interesting. I would’ve thought you were a lich if your soul and your body weren’t 100% matched. What kind of technology are you using?” “I don’t know much about technology.” Uncle Liang smiled. “What’s your purpose here, lady? Please cut to the chase!”

The World Tree frowned, and her pretty face turned cold. “You must hand over the culprits who attacked my people. You’ll also have to make appropriate compensation.” “Sorry, I’ve no idea what you’re talking about,” said Uncle Liang with a smile. “It’s only been several months since I came to this g —this world. Also, I’m pretty sure that the authorities of Wetland City weren’t involved in the massacres you described.”

The World Tree chuckled. “I don’t care about your excuses. A war will begin if you don’t answer for what you did properly.”

“A war?” Schuck walked down from upstairs and said with a smile, “I’ve looked into the matter. There are only 200,000 elves, and there are half a million Golden Sons. How are you going to fight the war?”. The World Tree smiled. “You do have a half-million population, but are there really half a million Golden Sons?”

What she said was rather perplexing and confused Schuck.

The World Tree said with a smile, “Like I said, answer for you did properly, otherwise…”

Then, the World Tree stood up and left without having the tea.

After she left, Uncle Liang rubbed his eyebrows and asked, “Schuck… what do you think of the matter? She seems to be the leader of her people, doesn’t she?”.

“The situation is unclear.” Schuck scratched his head. “The World Tree must’ve found a way to restrict us, or she wouldn’t have waited a couple of months before she came to us for revenge.”

Uncle Liang heaved a sigh. “This is all so troublesome. I thought that my son was wasting his time when he played games. I didn’t know that this game was so complicated. No wonder he distinguished himself in reality after only a couple of years.”

It wasn’t until Uncle Liang became the master of the city that he found out what his son did and learned in the game.

If anyone was able to administer a city with a million residents, he would definitely be qualified as a mayor in reality.

As the father, he was actually not doing a good job.

He couldn’t make quick decisions, and he had to count on Schuck’s suggestions.

“Yes, this game really helps you grow.”

Schuck sighed. Even though he couldn’t use the power of light in reality, he had been in the leadership of the Church of Light for eight years, and he had traveled a lot in this world and reflected on what he learned. So, quick growth was inevitable.

He felt sorry for his cousin Betta, who was very capable and would’ve surely distinguished himself in reality with the abilities he acquired from running a city in the game.

Yet, his cousin was already gone, and he didn’t even have a chance to say goodbye.

Thinking of Betta, both of them fell into a short silence.

A moment later, Schuck said, “I’ll search the forum. We might find something.”

Then, Schuck opened the browser. His expression became more and more awful as time went by, until he held his head speechlessly.

“No wonder she was so confident.”

Uncle Liang asked, “Did you find anything?”

“Yes, I think I know what happened,” said Schuck in admiration. “She’s truly flexible… She has bought over a bunch of players who didn’t attack the elves and who sympathize with them.”

Uncle Liang was quite shocked. “Are the other players so shameless?”

“For many people, this is just a game they can play however they want to as long as they don’t cross the line,” said Schuck helplessly. “And for more players, it’s not strange at all that their opinion depends on their target’s looks. Most elves are gorgeous. The reward that the World Tree promised is that the Golden Sons can live in the Elf Forest and marry elves as long as they fight for the elves.” Uncle Liang subconsciously leaned back. “This World Tree is quite remarkable and decisive… However, don’t the players already have the succubi? Why are they still greedy about the elven girls?

Even someone as old as Uncle Liang felt tempted by the succubi, not to mention the young and vigorous men.

Besides, many female players were fond of the male elves too.

“The succubi are just as good as the elves,” said Schuck in amusement. “Those players’ idea is… why not both?”

Wouldn’t it feel great if they held a luscious succubus with their left arm and a weak yet beautiful elf with their right?

Besides, many male players had even joined the elves because they were confident of their understanding of women and planned to conquer the World Tree.

After all, if Roland could flirt with a goddess, it shouldn’t be strange if they tried the World Tree, right?

Uncle Liang scratched his head and said bitterly, “You young people are truly wild. How many players have taken the elves’ side?”

“According to the news on the Internet, it began about four months ago.” Schuck poured a cup of tea for himself and continued, “The elves reached out to some players first and signed non-disclosure agreements with them. Then, the players were asked to recruit more players… Their number grew exponentially. Eventually, there were too many of them to keep the whole thing a secret. According to the news, at least 100,000 players have joined the elves.”

Uncle Liang felt a headache too. “This is quite tricky. Do we have any trump cards?”

“The best I can do is join Wetland City as an individual. I can’t represent the Church of Light. So, the force behind me won’t be of much help.” Schuck shrugged. “However, I’ve informed Roland in the guild chat system. I don’t know what he’s doing, but he hasn’t replied yet.”

Of course, Roland couldn’t reply to him, because an enemy had come to the Paradise of Pain.

The enemy’s enormous evil divine power was leaking into the paradise.

Miranda seemed rather anxious.

Roland and Andonara, on the other hand, seemed quite calm. “What do we do next?”

Although Miranda wasn’t very strong, she had the natural instincts of a goddess.

For example, she could detect the approach of another god and gauge their strength.

The god who was approaching her made her feel sick and overwhelmed.

She knew very well that she was just a tiny rabbit to this god.

Andonara came to her and patted her shoulder, before she said, “Don’t worry, we’ll protect you. The guy outside isn’t strong.” Miranda took a breath in relief. “Then what should I do?”

“You lure him as bait,” replied Roland. “I’m going to fly the floating city away and hide its magic waves for now. Then, Andonara and I will pretend to be your subjects. All you need to do is lure the enemy to us.”

Miranda nodded quickly. It became increasingly clear to her that Roland and Andonara were good people, and so was the Life Goddess who sent them here.

It really felt great to be protected and cared about when she was in danger.

She needed to protect her believers too. Her Divine Spark gave her the ability to absorb other people’s pain. If she absorbed more pain, the world would be a more beautiful place.

While she was feeling touched, the floating city had already flown away.

Roland and Andonara instantly changed and looked a lot more mundane than before.

“You’re so good!” Miranda had almost become Roland and Andonara’s fan, cheering for everything they did. That couldn’t be helped. She was, after all, a “newborn” goddess who didn’t know anything.

She was awed by everything that she didn’t understand.

So, Miranda waited patiently. She was slightly nervous, but not scared at all.

Beyond the paradise, Oswald, the Evil God of Greed, was flying around the red paradise, examining its hardness and abilities.

“She’s really turned into a righteous goddess. This new goddess is quite interesting.”

The Evil God of Greed mumbled to himself.

That was the problem of most Evil Gods that they couldn’t change. Most of them were lonely and the epitomes of negative emotions. They didn’t trust each other and had no friends. Their only hobby was to peep at their believers.

Being silent for a long time could be quite uncomfortable, so they developed the hobby of talking to themselves.

The Astral Plane was quite huge, and it was actually not easy to find a paradise.

The Life Goddess was very strong and could sense the rough locations of other paradises. The Goddess of Magic was good at spatial magic and had a special understanding of distance, which allowed her to detect the positions of many paradises too.

Apart from them, it was hardly possible for other gods and goddesses to locate other paradises.

The Evil God of Greed had made it here mainly because his paradise was quite close, and because the waves and radiations when the Maiden of Pain made the vow were too powerful. He caught her right on the spot.

However, even though he knew her rough location, it took the Evil God of Greed quite some time to track her down.

“Her power of faith is so weak? Also, her paradise is not strongly defended either.” The Evil God of Greed smiled in satisfaction. “I’m quite lucky to meet a newborn righteous goddess.”

While mumbling to himself, he pointed a finger and created a hole about five meters in diameter on the red energy crystals on the surface of the paradise. Then, the Evil God of Greed flew into it without hesitation.

The environment quickly changed, and a beautiful world emerged in front of his eyes.

“Same scenery as the main plane. How annoying.” The Evil God of Greed smacked his lips angrily and looked around. He soon spotted Miranda in the distance. “Gotcha, little


The gods and goddesses could sense each other, especially the evil ones and the righteous ones.

He flashed to Miranda, only to be slightly surprised.

Then, his eyes glittered. “The Maiden of Pain is so beautiful? Hahaha…”

The Evil God of Greed had a feeble piece of the Libido Divine Spark.

Unlike Lust which was controllable, the Libido was uncontrollable, and so was the god or goddess who possessed it.

Miranda was picking flowers and humming a tune when she was shocked by the voice behind her. She turned around and was frightened to see the Evil God of Greed. “W-Who are you?”

She looked so panicked and weak that the Evil God was even more urged to ravage her.

Not far away, Roland observed the scene and whispered to Andonara, “Miranda is such a natural actress!”

“All women are great actresses.” Andonara flashed her enticing eyes. “When we have time, how about I play an alluring elven girl?”

“No!” Roland shook his head. “I prefer it when you’re wilder in bed.”

“Can your back really take it?” Andonara covered her mouth and chuckled.

“I can always have a few more bottles of Dragon Meat Reagents.”

While they talked, Miranda backed off among the flowers and exclaimed, “Who are you? How did you come to my home?”

“A new goddess without any inherited knowledge?” Then, the Evil God of Greed got it. “It does make sense. She probably lost all the knowledge in her Divine Spark when she turned from evil to righteousness.”

Holding blue flowers in her hands, Miranda trembled and stepped back, gradually approaching Andonara.

At this moment, the Evil God of Greed noticed them too.

He slightly frowned at the man and woman who were cuddling each other as if nobody were around.

Most of the time, the souls in the paradises didn’t have many memories left, and they acted on natural instincts.

Only souls with powerful minds could keep their consciousness and rationality.

Therefore, it was not surprising that two souls were behaving as if they were morons. However, the Evil God of Greed felt that something was off. He stared at the two souls in the Paradise of Pain suspiciously.

“There’s fifteen seconds to go.” Hugging Andonara, Roland whispered in her ear, “Is there anything you can do?”

In order to kill the Evil God, Roland had to block the space with a massive dimensional anchor.

The Evil Gods were all powerful and couldn’t be trapped by small dimensional anchors. He had to use a big one.

However, big dimensional anchors released immense waves, so he had to do it slowly if he didn’t want to cause alarm.

Hearing that, Andonara smiled and pushed away her man. She spun amidst the flowers with her dress flying. Her calves couldn’t have looked sexier with all the flowers.

When she spun, the Evil God of Greed saw Andonara’s pretty face and curves, which were even more enjoyable than those of a succubus.

Then, with her back against the Evil God and her face in front of Roland, she slowly moved her left finger from her cheek to her nape and then placed it on the first button on her dress, before she said erotically, “Do you want me to take off my clothes?”

Even though the Evil God of Greed couldn’t see Andonara’s front, he was subconsciously swallowing

At this moment, there were still ten seconds to go.

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