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Chapter 759 - The Silver Dragon’s Stories

Chapter 759 The Silver Dragon’s Stories

“Your target is Margret, one of the red dragons?” asked Roland while staring at him.

Futi nodded. “Yes. We’re told that she’s a hybrid of a dragon and a human. She’s very talented and can assume the shape of a human before a hundred years old, which usually takes a dragon three hundred years to do.”

“You think that she’ll grow into a great enemy in the future, so you want to assassinate her while she’s out?” asked Roland.

“Assassinate is a strong word for a just cause,” said Futi jokingly. “You sound as if you heard about Margret before, right?”

“Not only have I heard about her, but I’ve seen her too.” Roland thought for a moment and said, “I don’t think you need to kill her.”

“Why not?” “Because she has changed.”

“How is it possible? Why did she change?”

Roland opened his hands. “Because of love. She fell in love with a man.”

“That’s very unlikely.” Futi found it hard to believe. “The red dragons are usually strongly biased against mankind.”

“But it isn’t a problem at all if you have enough Charm,” said Roland with a smile. “She fell in love with one of my friends.”


Futi seemed confused. Then, he said with a mocking smile on his elven face that was almost androgonyous, “Mr. Roland, when you said your friend, did you mean yourself?”

A man who had a floating city and earned the respect of dragons was definitely charming.

At least, he was very charming to Futi.

Roland coughed quickly after hearing that and said helplessly, “It’s really not me. He’s one of my friends.”

“Got it, your friend,” Futi replied with a mysterious smile, obviously unconvinced.

Then, Futi voluntarily changed the subject and talked about the interesting tales among the silver dragons.

After that, he returned to his original form and fell asleep in an open space.

To be honest, Roland found the silver dragon quite bold.

It wasn’t hard for someone who had a floating city to slay a dragon.

Also, in Roland’s system vision, Futi was shown to be level 15, which meant that he was a new Legend.

A Legendary dragon was equal to a Demigod human, because dragons had higher comprehensive stats.

However, the problem was that Roland had a floating city.

Even the World Tree didn’t dare do anything to Roland. What about a Legendary silver dragon?

Did the silver dragon have anything to protect himself?

But of course, Roland didn’t intend to murder the dragon at all.

He sat on the ground and surfed on the forum for the night until the sunrise.

Futi woke up. He turned back into an elf and pointed the way for Roland.

After another half day of flight, they finally reached the west side of Dragon Island.

Observed from high above, the island had magnificent mountains that were capped by snow.

Plenty of silver spots were hovering among the mountains. They were obviously silver dragons.

The silver dragons seemed to have noticed the floating city. Very soon, they gathered into a crew of about fifty dragons and flew at the floating city.

“I’m going to talk to them lest they offend you.” Futi turned into a dragon, whose scales glittered in the sunlight. He looked even more elegant and beautiful than regular dragons.

Then, he swooped down.

The silver dragons who had been flying upward all paused when they saw their fellow in the sky.

Futi talked with the silver dragons for a while, and they all left. After that, he returned to the floating city and resumed the shape of a human, before he said, “Mr. Roland, I’ve asked them to inform the elders in our clan and prepare a welcome party for you.”

“I don’t think that’s necessary.”

“It is.” Futi waved his hands. “You’re the only person who has a floating city right now. It’s the tradition of silver dragons to respect the experts in the Lawful alignment.”

Roland was slightly surprised. Then, he remembered something.

A book whose name he had forgotten mentioned that the metal dragons were Lawful and generally friendly with mankind and elves.

As the “judges” among the metal dragons, the silver dragons innately carried the ability of seeing through someone’s alignment.

It was a passive talent that they were born with.

They didn’t need to cast a spell, and those they scanned wouldn’t feel anything.

Was it why Futi dared to bring an expert who had a floating city back to his clan after they just met?

Seeing that Roland was deep in thought, Futi said, “Mr. Roland, please wait here for a while. I need to go back and make preparations too.”

After that, he resumed the shape of a dragon and flew back to the mountains.

Roland ascended the floating city, but he failed to catch a full view of Dragon Island.

He estimated that he had to raise the floating city about another five kilometers to see the contours of Dragon Island.

At this moment, the mountains were as small as pointy bamboos.

He had to say that the Dragon Island was indeed a continent, although it was just an island for the dragons.

Those creatures were too big. The adult dragons were generally more than ten meters long. The elder dragons could even reach a hundred meters long!

They could weigh more than a thousand tons.

Yet, they could still fly! It was not scientific at all.

In fact, it was just Roland’s double standard… His floating city weighed much more, yet it was still flying

Seeing that it was impossible to get a full view of the Dragon Island, Roland descended to the original altitude.

Very soon, Futi flew back.

Roland was briefly stunned. Earlier, Futi was beautiful in his dragon form, which was agile and strong.

However, he displayed a feminine beauty at this moment.

His body was more curved, and the horns on his head tilted back and lost their edge.

His scales, or her scales, were just like before, except that they were brighter and smoother.


To Roland’s surprise, Futi turned into a beautiful female elf in the long dress of the elves. She was quite pretty.

Her face was just like before, but it was full of femininity.

“What happened to you?” “Sorry, but this is my real look,” said Futi in a pleasant voice. “Mr. Roland, please listen to my explanation.”

Roland nodded.

Then, Futi began her explanation.

As it turned out, Futi was one of the chief candidates of her clan, just like Margret was.

For the five-colored dragons, they had to kill all the other chief candidates in order to assume power, but for the metal dragons, it was a lot simpler.

Their candidates had to do something that would benefit their clan.

Futi wasn’t the most promising candidate, but she wanted to take her chances. After all, a dragon that didn’t want to be the clan chief was no different from a salty fish.

After hearing that the red dragons’ princess ran to the human world and might go on a killing spree, she came after her.

However, she couldn’t find the princess at all.

She never heard anything about the red dragon’s carnage in the human either.

She did hear that a red dragon offered to be ridden by a human being, but she never thought that it was the red dragon princess.


Margret’s strength and giftedness were well known among the dragons.

She hadn’t reached adulthood yet, but she could beat most adult dragons. Only the ancient elder dragons could take her down.

Why would the princess, who would almost surely become the chief of red dragons, work as a mount for a human being?

So, Futi had been investigating in the human world for years and traveling from prairies to deserts, from deserts to snowfields, and from snowfields to seas, but she didn’t find anything about Margret.

Sometimes, she really wondered if the red dragon that a human being rode was Margret.

But she disapproved of the idea after a second thought.

“Does it have anything to do with you pretending to be a male elf?” “As a silver dragon, I can naturally sense other people’s hostility,” said Futi helplessly. “When I walk as a female elf, men’s lust for me is almost unbearable. If I pretend to be a male elf, some of them still have lust, but it’s bearable. So, I’ve been active in the human world as a male elf over the years.”

Fine, that was indeed a good reason.

Futi continued, “Now that we’ve invited you to our clan as a guest, I certainly cannot meet you in disguise.”

So that’s the reason. Roland nodded.

“Then let’s go down.” Roland cast Feather Landing on himself.

He then jumped off from the edge of the floating city.

Futi cast a special anti-gravity skill of the silver dragons on herself and landed slowly too.

Halfway through their descent, a lot of silver dragons emerged from the mountains and hovered around them as guardians.

At this moment, Futi extended her hand and threw out a silver ray of light that connected to Roland’s wrist. She then directed him to the highest mountain.

They landed at the top of the mountain.

The hovering dragons in the sky had all left.

The top of the mountain was an open ground made of silver hard stones. They were quite smooth and reflected the light from the snow.

In front of Roland were four old men with white beards, which were so long that they almost dangled to the ground.

In Roland’s system vision, the four of them were all dragons in the shape of humans. Their levels were 16, 15, 15 and 17 respectively. The four of them all had abundant magic power.

By Roland’s estimation, their MP upper limit probably ranged between 1,300 to 1,500.

That was so impressive!

However, the four old men were even more surprised.

Roland wasn’t linked to the floating city at this moment and was just a regular level-16 Mage.

His MP of 2,400 was an eye-opener to the four elder dragons.

Naturally, they wouldn’t know the specific number of Roland’s MP, but they could tell that this human being had more magic power than they did.

It was almost unbelievable for a human being to achieve that.

The four of them slightly bowed at Roland, and the old man who had the highest level approached Roland and said with a smile, “We’ve finally seen a floating city again. Mr. Roland, your presence honors the silver dragons. I’m Minko, chief of the silver dragons!”

The silver dragons’ names all had two syllables. They usually wouldn’t offer their last name.

“Glad to meet you, Leader Minko.” Roland nodded with a smile.

After that, Minko introduced the three elders behind him to Roland.

After they greeted each other, they took Roland to a cave not far away.

The entrance of the cave was quite large. After all, it would’ve been impossible for the dragons to enter the cave in their original form if the entrance were small. In the cave, Roland found that a lot of beautiful silver-haired girls in revealing clothes were waiting for him.


Roland looked at Minko and Futi.

“I was told that human experts love the company of beautiful females in conversations,” said Minko with a smile. “So, I’ve summoned the most beautiful unmarried females in my clan.”

“I don’t think that’s a real thing.” Roland observed the dragon girls.

They were indeed gorgeous.

Those beautiful girls who had tiny horns on their forehead looked back at Roland without shyness. Some of them even made alluring gestures.

“Really?” Minko’s eyes widened. “Mordenkainen said that when we entertained him before.”

Roland was speechless.

Promiscuity wasn’t a big deal to the dragons.

As long as they weren’t married, they wouldn’t mind sleeping with experts that they were interested in. That was why the dragons were known to be lustful.

However, the metal dragons appreciated commitment. Once they were married, they would never cheat on their spouse.

The silver dragons were no exception.

As a matter of fact, the metal dragons were similar to the succubi.

However, the dragons were very strong so nobody dared to speak ill of them.

“Do you want me to dismiss them?” Futi asked Roland.

Roland thought for a moment and shook his head. “No, let them stay. I appreciate your kindness.”

The four elders were greatly relieved.

Then, they directed Roland to a gigantic golden table at the center of the cave.

The surface of the table that probably weighed ten tons was embedded with gems in all colors, which glowed in different hues when illuminated by the magic crystals up above. They were rather dazzling.

The decoration was luxurious in a tacky way. One had to praise that the place was awesome despite the poor taste. Immediately, beautiful silver dragon girls carried golden chairs and put them down next to Roland and the elders. After they all sat down, Minko waved his hand, and the girls served the food.

The food was just monster meat, and it tasted as awful as it looked.

But that was understandable. Those dragons were already considerate enough to cook food in a way that a human could eat.

“Please enjoy.” Minko extended his hand.

Roland thanked him and had some of the food. He then wiped his lips with the tissues from his system Backpack, before he said, “Now, esteemed silver dragons, can you explain why you’ve brought me here?”

Futi lowered her head in a rather obedient way.

The four elder dragons all smiled with weird expressions. Eventually, Minko said, “Mr. Roland, can you allow all the silver dragons to move to your floating city?” Roland was stunned. “What, all the silver dragons? Why? Besides, there isn’t enough room in my floating city for so many dragons.”

“Mr. Roland, Futi is the youngest child in my clan.”

Roland looked at Futi and slightly frowned. Then he hesitated for a moment and asked, “How old is Ms. Futi?”

“In the words of mankind, she’s 233 years old.”

Roland realized that no more babies had been born among the silver dragons for 233 years.

“But does it have anything to do with my floating city?”

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