Mages Are Too OP

Chapter 758 - Encounter With a Dragon

Chapter 758 Encounter With a Dragon

When Roland returned to the floating city, he was quite dizzy.

It was not exactly discomfort, but more of the lightness in the head after too much ecstasy. His body was fine, but something was seriously wrong with his soul.

He sat on the temporary bench on a construction site and breathed heavily.

The consequences of the Divine Intercourse were still lingering.

After resting for another half hour, he finally managed to stabilize his soul with his Legendary mental power.

He shouldn’t have been so confident!

During the first Divine Intercourse, Mystra had clearly been easy on him. She was serious this time.

The soul of a true goddess wandered in his soul and filled it.

Nobody really entered anyone. It was a simple fusion where the two of them were combined.

Because the two souls separated after the fusion, the sense of shock was inevitable.

It wasn’t uncomfortable, but tireless in an enjoyable way.

During the Divine Intercourse, Roland saw a lot of flashbacks of the Goddess of Magic before she became a goddess, including those where she changed her clothes and showered!

Thinking of that, Roland quickly smacked his forehead to drive away the beautiful images for now. Then, he found an additional talent on the system menu. The talent, Divine Intercourse, had changed into Divine Fusion.

Divine Fusion: A goddess trusts you unconditionally without any reserve. She also makes up her mind to never give you any problems or betray you. She opens a channel for you in her soul. You receive unimaginable power by getting in and out of it. Your soul is harder and has inestimable internal changes.

She trusted him unconditionally without any reserve?

Roland was stunned.

Why did Mystra trust him so much?

Roland found it hard to believe.

He trusted the system’s judgment. Mystra trusted him so much and was even willing to share her soul with him, yet he refused to tell her the formula of the nuclear bomb and the way to build the floating city… Wasn’t it rather immoral?

Roland thought for a moment and found it hard to sort it through. He might as well put it off for now.

After that, he took out Mordenkainen’s journal from the system and read it carefully.

He set the floating city in the autopilot mode.

He had already set spatial coordinates in the capital of Fareins. He only needed to let the floating city fly that way.

Besides, the floating city was at such a high altitude that only special monsters and dragons could reach it. It wouldn’t hit anyone on the way.

Roland read the journal.

Roland had considered how to upgrade the floating city too.

After all, he couldn’t count entirely on Mordenkainen who had been dead for hundreds of years.

His understanding was that to upgrade the floating city, he would make a few more Magic Grid Cores and connect them, so that the magic power capacity of the floating city could be improved.

It was a simple yet effective approach.

After all, the city could conquer everything with enough power. All he needed to take care of was the problem that multiple Magic Grid Cores couldn’t work collaboratively.

However, Mordenkainen’s upgrade principle was different.

He planned to enliven, if not deify, the floating city.

It was mentioned in the journal that he intended to use the cores of the gods’ laws, or divinities, as energy, and then fuse it into the foundation of the floating city, so that the floating city would be given different features and upgraded.

At the end of the journal, he even proposed the idea to create a divine consciousness for the floating city.

In such a way, the floating city would be smart enough to deal with any accident even if he wasn’t on it.

Also, in a fierce battle, he and the city could fight independently, which would be quite awesome.

Roland had to admit that Mordenkainen was truly a genius Mage, and that his design was much better.

He could only pile up stats, yet that man was trying to build a smart floating city

The gap between them was too huge.

Roland was rather frustrated.

In fact, he was just being too hard on himself.

How long had it been since he started studying magic?

Mordenkainen studied magic for almost two hundred years and finally realized that he should deify the floating city before he died.

Roland, as a rookie whose foundation wasn’t solid enough yet, had become a Legend after only five years and even built a floating city.

If young Mordenkainen had seen Roland, he probably would’ve smashed his head into the Wall of the Faithless and killed himself out of embarrassment.

In his twenties, Mordenkainen was just a playboy who loved hanging around with different women despite his reputation as a genius.

Closing the journal, Roland heaved a sigh.

Both upgrade options had their merits.

Connecting multiple cores could provide more energy. Although it was simple, there probably would be qualitative changes when there was enough energy.

Turning the floating city into a divine creature was the more advanced way, but it was also more dangerous. After all, it required hunting gods. There were a lot of evil gods in the Astral Plane, and thirteen… no, fourteen Demon Gods in the Realm of Devils.

He could kill a couple of gods in the Astral Plane and melt their Divine Sparks into the floating city. Then, the floating city would probably evolve into a divine creature.

Beyond that, other methods might be required to awaken and intellectualize it.

After all, Mordenkainen had merely proposed the idea and never really implemented it before the Goddess of Light killed him.

When he was considering and the floating city was about to fly back to the capital of Fareins, Roland suddenly heard weird roars coming from outside.

He raised his head, only to see a gigantic silver dragon hovering around the floating city and roaring at him.

Was it trying to communicate with him?

Roland subconsciously cast Language Proficiency on himself. Then, the dragon roars changed.

“Esteemed Mr. Mage, can you let me land on your floating city? Please!”

The silver dragon’s smooth, beautiful scales glittered like stars under the sunlight.

It was a very powerful dragon. The silver dragon was a metal dragon, which meant that it was lawful and against the five-colored evil dragons.

A feature of the metal dragons was that the stronger they were, the more beautiful their scales would be.

A lawful dragon… Also, Roland was connected to the Magic Grid Core on his floating city. He might not be invincible, but anyone had to be capable of launching an attack that could destroy a mid-sized city in order to hurt him at this moment.

Roland waved his hand, and the floating city gradually paused and unfolded a transparent circle.

The giant and beautiful silver dragon flapped its wings and landed twenty meters in front of Roland.

The wind raised by the flapping wings was neutralized by the magic power five meters in front of him.

Then, the silver dragon emanated silver light and turned into a handsome male elf.

He walked to Roland and looked at him in awe.

After a long time, the dragon spoke in elvish, “Esteemed Mr. Mage, I’ve finally met you. It never occurred to me that you would be driving a mythic floating city after only a few years.”

He sounded rather surprised and impressed.

“Did we meet before?” asked Roland. “It was a few years ago. When I first saw you, you were flying with a weird spatial spell,” said the silver dragon with a smile. “I saw you again at the shoreline. I’ve been looking for you since then. It’s great that I’ve finally meet you.”

A silver dragon had been pursuing him?

Roland wasn’t very happy, as the guy was a male dragon.

He would’ve felt greater if he had a beautiful female dragon to ride on like Schuck did.

A male dragon… felt slightly weird.

“What can I do for you?” asked Roland.

“I was hoping to ask you the mechanism of the spell which boosted you to an unimaginably high speed.” The silver dragon put on a bitter smile. “I even prepared a lot of rewards, but I don’t think you would be interested in them now.”

While talking, the dragon looked around and was deep in thought as he looked at the buildings whose foundations were just laid in the city. “It’s not very difficult, as long as you’re gifted enough at spatial magic,” said Roland with a smile. “I have sacrificed the spell to the Goddess of Magic. If you try to worship her, you will probably get the spell.”

Roland was trying to get more believers for the Goddess of Magic. The stronger a believer was, the more power of faith they could provide.

Normally speaking, the metal dragons worshiped Bahamut whereas the five-colored dragons only worshiped Tirayat. However, the two gods didn’t forbid their descendants from worshiping others.

The dragons rarely worshiped other gods mainly because they were too powerful. The endowment of regular gods wasn’t even as powerful as their own strength.

“Goddess of Magic? i’ll remember that.” The dragon thought for a moment and said, “Mr. Mage, I’m Silver Dragon Futi. May I know your name?”


“Then, Mr. Roland, are you willing to visit Rhodes Island?” said Futi with a friendly smile. “As the owner of a floating city, you’re qualified to enter the Island of Dragons.”

Looking at how young Roland was and the enormous floating city they were standing on, Futi smiled even more warmly. Rhodes Island, or the Island of Dragons, was located somewhere in the Eastern Sea. It was said to be quite large.

It was supposed to be a mid-sized continent, but the dragons were so large and fast that the continent was merely a fairly large island to them.

If they flew out in the morning and circled the island, they could reach home for lunch at noon.

So, when they talked to other people, they usually referred to the land as the Island of Dragons.

As time went by, everybody called the continent the Dragon Island.

Roland was quite tempted.

Dragon Island was very mysterious. There were different tales about it in every place of this world.

In every tale, one thing was always mentioned.

There were bound to be a lot of dragon bodies on the island or in the sea nearby.

It was well-known that the dragons were full of treasures.

Their scales, their bones, and their flesh were all valuable. Some dragons even had crystal cores in their brains.

These items, known as Dragon Crystals in the human world, contained powerful elemental energy.

The Dragon Crystals from the old, powerful dragons might even result in weak law pieces.

Roland estimated that if he could get some of those, his studies on law could be greatly improved.

Also, if he had enough dragon bones and scales, they would be perfect materials to build the floating city with.

The dragon bones were so hard that they were only second to the mythic Ohari Steel. They were great magic materials too. If he could find a tomb of dragons and steal a batch of bones, his floating city would be at least 50% harder.

Of course, stealing other people’s bones wasn’t something a decent man should do. But was it really stealing if a Mage was doing it for research?

Was it really?

If he was really too self-conscious to steal anything, he might as well search for the five-colored dragons. He could freely kill those evil dragons.

The metal dragons must know where the five-colored dragons were gathered!

Should he go to Rhodes Island to open his eyes?

Roland increasingly realized that it wasn’t a bad idea to go to Dragon Island. Of course, he had to be careful in case the dragons did anything to the floating city.

But what could they possibly do?

He had left self-exploding traps in the Magic Grid Core of the floating city.

If anything happened and the floating city exploded, half of Dragon Island would be razed to the ground.

Also, he had enough magic power, so it wouldn’t be hard for him to build a new floating city.

If the dragons had any malicious plans, he could just fight them.

He wasn’t scared of them at all.

“All right, it’s an honor to be invited to Dragon Island,” said Roland with a smile. “Can you point out the way for me, Mr. Futi? I don’t know where Dragon Island is.”

“Fly east for now.” Futi was quite happy that Roland accepted his invitation.

Most of the time, people wouldn’t accept a total stranger’s invitation to visit his home.

However, Roland was hoping to get the materials, and he was strong and confident, which stopped him from worrying about possible schemes. So, his curiosity was aroused by Futi’s invitation.

The floating city wasn’t slow, but of course, it couldn’t be as fast as a dragon.

In the evening, the floating city reached the sea and then stopped amidst the clouds.

At night, the sea was so vast that the surroundings were completely dark despite the moonlight. It was hard to tell the way.

Dragons normally wouldn’t fly at night either, so Futi lost the way and couldn’t direct the floating city anymore. It came to a stop.

The round moon was particularly beautiful from the floating city in the clouds.

At a stone table that was created with magic, the two of them sat face to face and enjoyed fruit wine.

Roland asked curiously, “I hear that there are a lot of metal dragons, but why do they rarely appear in the human world?”

“Because most of them are fighting the five-colored dragons,” said Futi sadly. “Both sides have lost a lot of members in the brutal battles.”

“Then why do you have time to wander in the human world?”

Futi said helplessly, “Because I’ve been searching for an enemy, the little princess of the red dragons. It’s said that she came to the human world, but no human countries seem to have been raided by a red dragon. It’s so weird.”

Wait… the red dragon princess?

Wasn’t it Margret, the dragon that Schuck rode all the time?

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