Mages Are Too OP

Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Tomb Raiding


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Roland had heard Betta mention this talent that allowed him to pick up money.

However, the talent was never triggered until right now.

Roland was truly curious about a talent that could pick up money.

“Let’s go to pick up the money.”

The two of them climbed the hill. Betta led the vanguard. After all, he was a half-melee class, and his abilities in head-on battles were better than Roland’s. He could take care of beasts or snakes easily.

They did meet a lot of snakes on the way. Some even attacked Betta.

However, Betta reacted even faster. He cut the aggressive snakes into several parts and stored them in his Backpack.

Roland was stunned. “What are you doing?”

“I’ll roast them later.”

“You roast snakes?” said Roland, a typical southerner. “Aren’t snakes supposed to be made into soup?”

Betta, however, argued, “Everything can be roasted! It’s definitely not a problem to roast snakes.”

Roland was rendered speechless.

The two of them reached the top of the hill soon.

The wood here was not as dense as that on the slope. Betta looked at the sky and stepped on the ground. “This is the place.”

After saying that, Betta took out his longsword from the Backpack and began digging.


Roland stopped him and said, “The longsword will be ruined if you dig with it.”

Then, while Betta watched in surprise, he made two Hands of Magic and reduced them into shovels, then dug with them quickly.

“You can do that?” Betta clicked his tongue. “Mage is a class that is all about imagination. Your lower limit is too low, but your upper limit is too high. The gap between an expert and a noob can be too huge.”

Roland used the Hands of Magic to dig and said, “I don’t think it’s very hard. You can always learn after other people. The fire burns high when everybody adds wood to it.”

Betta nodded. “You do have a point.”

Both of them were new to magic. Or rather, most players were still noobs in this game.

No players knew how difficult it was to cast a spell while talking to someone else and thinking about other things!

After digging for more than a meter, Roland was somewhat tired. After all, using a spell for long could be quite exhausting.

Betta checked again and said, “We’re almost there. Keep digging.”

“Fine!” Roland sighed.

After another dozen minutes, when the pit was almost two meters deep, the Hands of Magic finally caught something that was not mud. It was some ragged wood.

Roland and Betta looked at each other in excitement.

Soon, what was buried in the mud was revealed to them.

It was a small tomb about two meters high in the shape of an arch.

The tomb was already damaged, probably because it had existed for too long. The coffin was entirely rotten, with a skeleton inside it. There were only a few shreds of cloth on the skeleton. A strange smell was wafting up from below.

On the left corner of the tomb lay a black jar.

“The money is inside the jar!” exclaimed Betta excitedly.

Roland used the Hands of Magic to lift the black jar, then he threw it to the ground.

The jar cracked, and a pile of glittering coins spilled out.

There were more than two hundred silver coins, and even four gold coins.

The current exchange rate was 97 silver coins for one gold coin. So, Betta had picked up almost five gold coins, which were worth about sixty-five thousand bucks.

“This is an unbelievable talent!” Roland couldn’t have felt more jealous. “You can easily find so much money?”

Betta chuckled in satisfaction. He divided the coins into two piles and pushed one pile to Roland. “We’ll split them evenly.”

Roland was dazed. “I have a share, too?”

“Of course.”

Still dazed, Roland asked again, “Do you know how much money these coins can be exchanged into?”

“Only thirty thousand!”

Only… thirty thousand?

Was it not a small number to him at all?

Looking at Betta’s matter-of-fact expression, Roland felt that he had been left behind by the younger generation. Although Betta was still a rookie in many aspects, Roland had witnessed his generosity.

What did Roland do after he graduated from high school?

He played games with Schuck in internet cafés or at home with soda.

He never had more than three hundred bucks. If he had picked up sixty thousand bucks when he was playing with Schuck, would he have shared it with Schuck?

Maybe… or maybe not!

It was a subtle feeling.

At this moment, Betta looked at the dry bones and said with a weird stone, “Is this grave robbery?”

Well, probably. But there was no law against it in the game.

The happiness for the windfall was replaced by sanity. The two of them hesitated at the coins.

After all, as lawful citizens, they never considered grave robbery in reality. Of course, in other video games, they had robbed a lot of innocent NPCs, not to mention tombs. But this game was too vivid and made them feel that they would be committing a crime if they took the money.

Right when they hesitated, something changed in the tomb.

A strange dark power gathered in the tomb, and the transparent shadow of a human emerged inside the coffin.

Seeing that, both Roland and Betta stepped back subconsciously.

It was already completely dark. Cold was spreading in the air.

A soul! Roland immediately realized what it was. After all, he had seen Falken’s soul once.

But this soul was much more hideous than Falken’s. His eyes were orange, his face twisted, and he had strange, disgusting mental energy.

“I don’t like it one bit.”

Betta seemed to feel the same. He stepped back and patted his arms uncomfortably.

“It’s probably an evil spirit.” Roland looked at the broken black jar and said, “He may be here to discuss compensation with us because we broke his wallet.”

Hahaha! Betta dryly chuckled and said, “Brother Roland, that’s a horrible joke.”

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