Mages Are Too OP

Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Funny Nerds


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He opened the thread, only to discover that there were more than twenty thousand replies after only a morning. Roland couldn’t help but chuckle as he read them.

“Roland, you illiterate idiot. You have no idea what angel means… Damn, such boobs, butt, and legs… Fine, I admit that she is indeed an angel to me.”

“This is the Guiding Angel of the Church of Life? Well, I think I can abandon the saint on the cross and reconsider my faith.”

“Ah, I’m done.”

“Hey, you’re obviously not good enough. I’m already done four times, and I’m trying a fifth.”

“Hey, can you guys be less lascivious? Someone give me the specifications of this angel. I want to recreate a character.”

“Wake up, girl. You can’t create your own face in this game.”

“Do girls play this game? I think one-tenth of pain is enough to scare most girls away.”

“You don’t have any common sense. Girls experience excruciating pain during cramps and labor. Even the highest pain in the game can’t compare to that, let alone one-tenth of it. To some extent, guys are not as resistant to pain as girls are. Speaking of which, do angels have menstrual cramps?”

“Menstrual cramps or not, this angel will be my wife!”

“Someone smack this idiot and wake him up!”

“I’m too old to be interested in any woman. However, the title of this thread, ‘Encounter with an Angel,’ makes me feel that a lovely girl is singing to my ears.”

“Shoot! You know the anime from more than ten years ago? You must be in your forties.”

“You’ve betrayed yourself, too, by pointing it out.”

“Wait… Why am I hearing ‘Encounter with Ah Bu’?”

“You’re spreading poison! I know what you’re talking about, but I couldn’t help but search on Bilibili. Then I almost cried.”

“I’ll listen to it, too!”

Then, the next thousand replies were mostly about Encounter with Ah Bu.

Roland knew that it couldn’t be anything good, but he couldn’t hold back his curiosity and watched it on Bilibili. Then, he was speechless for half an hour.

Those nerds were truly mischievous. However, they were probably the majority of the players. After all, having worked for so many years, they could save fifty thousand bucks. The younger generation was either in school or just started working. They could barely afford a virtual cabin.

The same nerds had tipped him another thirty thousand bucks. Looking at the number, he was even less interested in working.

At ten that night, Roland entered the game again.

Betta was next to him.

“We should move on.” Roland looked at his cottage nearby. He actually quite liked the place. “Let’s go to the city along the main road.”

Betta was also frustrated. He liked playing with the children. Betta’s childhood was haunted by books and studies. He never had time to play until recently. That was why he enjoyed the company of other people.

The two of them reached the lake through the bridge.

The children were still playing and did not notice Roland and Betta.

By logic, they should leave quietly.

However, Betta hesitated and said, “Brother Roland, wait a moment. I’ll say goodbye to them.”

Before Roland agreed, Betta had run to them.

Heaving a sigh, Roland leaned against the rail. The place was quiet, except for the fish leaping from the lake now and then.

It was best to leave directly, or the departure would be too tortuous.

As he expected, ten minutes later, Betta returned with a bunch of kids who were either sobbing or wiping their tears regretfully.

The two of them had been in town for a while. Betta had been playing with the children, roasting spider legs for them, and telling them stories. Even their parents might not be as good as Betta.

Most of the time, the parents of the poor children were busy making a living every day and had little time for their children. Betta was a perfect big brother for them.

The children felt warmth in him and treated him like family.

Now that he was leaving, the children were naturally sad.

“Let’s go.” Roland stood straight and waved at the kids, before he left slowly.

Betta followed Roland and looked back every few steps.

The children stayed on the bridge and did not follow them. But after they were a distance away, their tears burst out.

Betta stopped several times, as if he would run back.

But every time, Roland would remind him, “Don’t stop. Follow me.”

As the two of them walked away, the sound of the children’s crying faded.

After they took a turn, Red Mountain Town was completely blocked by the woods.

Naturally, they could not hear the crying anymore.

The two of them walked in silence. Roland heard Betta’s gasps now and then.

Was he sobbing?

Roland did not turn back but walk forward quietly.

It was a bumpy road, but both of them were professionals and were not exhausted.

Weird birds screeched in the deep woods, echoing in the mountain, making them feel that they were far away from the mortal world.

The road stretched to the horizon in the woods. They walked in the shade for half a day, and it was already sunset.

The world turned dim.

Roland cast a “Light Ball.”

It was a level-zero spell that could deal no damage, but it could be used for illumination.

At this moment, Betta suddenly approached him and said, “Brother Roland, wait!”

Betta’s sorrow seemed to be replaced by excitement. He was definitely an adaptive man.

“Huh? What’s up?” asked Roland curiously.

“There’s money for us to pick up!”

There’s money for us to pick up? For a moment, Roland did not understand what he was saying.

“My talent of fortune is working.” Betta pointed at the hill on their left side and said, “There’s a streak of gold light from the sky over there that only I can see. It’s a sign of money.”

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