Mages Are Too OP

Chapter 342 - I“m Sure We Can Be Friends

Chapter 342 I“m Sure We Can Be Friends

Redding was obviously coercing Britney to perform for them using the interests of the community as a whole.Britney was rather angry. Things had always gone smoothly since she started playing the game. Even if there were obstacles, she had overcome them with her identity as a player.

She had never been caught in such a dilemma before.

If she didn’t accept it, the players would blame her for their losses. Even if some of the players could understand her, not all of them would. They would likely admonish her the moment their interests were hurt.

But she was still unwilling to accept the demand. Why would she perform for a few nobles? She considered herself an artist, not a trouper.

It was frustrating enough that the artists had to bend over for money in reality. She didn’t expect that she would experience the same in the game.

Seeing that Britney was hesitating, Redding smiled in satisfaction. “It’s not entirely unacceptable to perform for us first, no? Besides, we can donate some money to you. It won’t be much, but you should earn several dozen gold coins.”

Several dozen gold coins were a lot. They were enough to found a small family.

All the nobles smiled. One or two gold coins wasn’t a problem for them.

They would be happy if that was all it would take for the Vienna Opera Company to compromise.

The nobles weren’t stupid. They had realized that the Vienna Opera Company was trying to demean the nobles by treating them the same as the bumpkins.

It was not just about the performance per se anymore, but about their dignity. It was even safe to say that, if the nobles were to give in on this matter, their nobility would be more or less affected, and certain civilians might have thoughts that they shouldn’t have and be less obedient.

So… they had to fight for it.

“I can donate three gold coins.”

“I don’t have much money, but I have one.”

The nobles chuckled and shouted.

The mayor smiled too. “As the local host, I will donate ten gold coins.”

After he said that, the nobles behind him immediately hooted.

“Our mayor is truly generous!”

“Beautiful lady, are you still not thanking the mayor?”

Britney looked rather awful.

She was of a mind to beat them up, but though they were disgusting, they hadn’t done anything that deserved physical punishment yet.

At this point, whoever attacked first would be unjustified.

The dozens of people from the Vienna Opera Company all stood up and gathered behind Britney, ready to beat the nobles up at her command.

Those nobles could be crushed easily by them, but Britney knew that the problem couldn’t be resolved through violence.

Seeing that Britney was still not giving an answer, Redding sighed and said, “My lady, make a decision now, or I’ll have to make one for you.”

Britney was even more at a loss.

At this point, Roland, who had been sitting the whole time, stood up.

He passed Britney, attracting everybody’s attention.

After all, Roland was wearing a magic robe, and whoever dared to stand out at this point must know what he was doing.

“Chairman Redding from Encart City?” Roland smiled at him. “Hello. I was going to visit you.”

“You are…?”

Redding observed Roland. This Mage must be capable since he was not timid when so many big shots were staring at him.

At least, he was very calm, and the magic waves he released were balanced, indicating great talent.

If possible… it would be great if he could be hired as an assistant in Redding’s Magic Tower after being taught a lesson. Since the Golden Sons could be resurrected, he would take over the dangerous magic experiments.

“I’m Roland, chairman of the Magic Tower in Delpon. I’m on an instructional trip with a few apprentices, and I was going to communicate with you on magic. I didn’t expect to meet you here.”

Roland spoke peacefully with a gentle smile and a missing right arm, but for some reason, all the nobles felt that he had a sharp edge.

“Roland? Chairman?” Redding was stunned. “Did you build this opera house with the magic apprentices in only a day?”

Roland nodded. “Yes. My apprentices are untalented and exhausted from the journey, so it took them almost a day to build this, when they should’ve completed it within half a day.”

Hearing that, everybody from the Vienna Opera Company held back their laughter, amused when Roland pretended to be modest while he actually complimented his apprentices.

Redding nodded casually. “It’s indeed not bad.”

Despite his calmness on the surface, a tsunami was surging in Redding’s heart.

It was unbelievable enough that such a high-quality open-air opera house could be built in one day, but the guy said that the time cost could’ve been shortened to half a day.

He was quite pissed by the blatant bragging. He had thought that the young man was a promising cub and intended to recruit him. Little did he expect that the young man was actually a wyvern in a cub’s skin.

There was nothing that Redding could do except to pretend that nothing happened.

“Speaking of which, we can totally be friends.” Roland smiled and continued, “I’m very close to Chairman Tobian, who offered me many spell models for free. He’s a great chairman.”

Redding was surprised. This young man knew his brother? Then he realized something. “You’re Roland? The guy who created the derivatives of Hand of Magic?”

“That’s me.” Roland smiled modestly. “I didn’t know that Chairman Redding knew my name too.”

Taking a deep breath, Redding, who had been expressionless, smiled for the first time and said, “Chairman Roland, I’ll be waiting for you in my Magic Tower. I’m sure we can be friends.”

After that, Redding shrugged at the mayor apologetically, before he stepped away in a hurry.

The nobles all exclaimed. They didn’t anticipate that Redding, who had a powerful supporter, would chicken out. Who was that Golden Son Mage?

The vague smile on the mayor’s face faded. He looked even more awful than before.

He looked at Roland, not exactly unkind but definitely not friendly.

Roland smiled shyly and stared back at him.

About a dozen seconds later, the mayor looked at Britney and said angrily, “Okay, you’re good. But we will never watch a performance together with civilians. So… off you go. There’s no need to wait three days.”

The mayor turned around and left with the pissed nobles.

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