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Chapter 341 - Simple As Tha

Chapter 341 Simple As Tha

Roland, Andonara and Vivian didn’t talk but simply stared at the mustached noble in silence.Britney stood up and scoffed. “Patrons? Did you build this opera house? Have I charged ticket fees from you?”

The mustached noble was immediately rendered speechless.

The Vienna Opera Company had now toured in half of Hollevin. They were in cities and villages, but they never charged any fee from the audience. As for the gold coins needed for their operation… it was partly exchanged from their money in reality, and partly earned by accomplishing the quests from the Guild of Mercenaries, since Bards were a rather omnipotent class too.

They had skills in melee fighting, magic, support, and healing. As a team, they could deal with most problems, and there was always a solution as long as the enemy wasn’t overwhelmingly powerful.

Since the living expenses in this world were low, and based on the funding from reality and what they earned now and then, they could manage to make ends meet. Also, for these people, it was pointless to pursue a luxurious life in the game; they were more determined to hone their professional abilities in this second life.

It was barely possible for most performers to tour and perform in reality, because it was too costly.

However, it was very simple in this world, because they stayed young and healthy.

This world was also a dessert of culture and art. Their performance in every city had been a hit.

They were really exhilarated.

They were having a lot of fun while they improved their professional abilities. It was one stone that killed two birds.

As for battles, those were just occasional spicy fun for the performers.

Because they did not count on the sponsorship of the nobles, the performers of the Vienna Opera Company were quite confident.

Besides, they were undying, which made them further look down upon the proud nobles, because they were even prouder.

“If you have nothing else to say, go back now.” Britney smiled and said, “Tell your mayor that either he will enjoy the performance with his people, or we will leave in three days.”

The mustached noble glared at Britney. “Are you not scared that we’ll inform other lords and make them reject your entrance?”

Britney yawned and looked at him as if he were an idiot. “How powerful is your mayor? Does he command all of Hollevin?”

The mustached noble was immediately rendered speechless.

Britney continued mocking him. “Besides, Hollevin is a rather far-flung country. There are still the Fareins Kingdom, Urganda, and the Desert Kingdom out there. You think you can influence them?”

The mustached noble was even gloomier.

In the end, he grunted in dissatisfaction and left with the soldiers.

Britney chuckled and continued her conversation with Andonara.

Andonara, on the other hand, looked weird.

Roland continued bragging with the players.

Very soon, a middle-aged man arrived, with about thirty nobles as well as a male Mage wearing a blue robe and a blue hood.

The intimidating middle-aged man looked around at everybody, and the Mage stared at Roland with great interest before he focused his eyes on Andonara with a weird expression.

But very soon, he moved his eyes back.

The middle-aged man walked to Britney and looked down at her, because he said casually, “You’re deriding us.”

“No.” Britney slightly shook her head.

“By asking the ordinary people to be seated with us, you’re deriding us.” The mayor spoke with a casual but breathtaking tone. “From the bottom of your heart, you believe that we’re equal to them. What’s that if not derision?”

“That’s the fairness that we pursue.” Britney stood up and grimaced. “It’s the ideology of the Golden Sons.”

“Men are born unequal.” The mayor raised his voice, looking at Britney as if she were an alien. “We nobles are born superior, as is the will and approval of the gods. Why do you think you can change that?”

Britney knew that it was impossible to discuss fairness with someone who was born in an unequal world and who had been taking advantage of the inequality.

They would pretend that they didn’t understand even if they did.

The reason was simple. Nobody would be willing to abandon their positions and interests.

So, Britney simply shook her head. “That’s just your opinion, not ours. I stand by what I said. Either everybody enjoys our performance together, or we will leave in three days.”

“There are no other options?” asked the mayor.


The mayor nodded and stepped back.

At this point, the Mage next to him stood up. “Beautiful lady, it’s true that the Golden Sons are very strong, but it has occurred to us that you seem to be under a lot of restrictions. For example, you can’t kill people randomly without a justifiable reason, can you?”

Britney frowned in confusion. “So what? Doesn’t it mean that we’re different from you?”

“Being a good person comes with a great price.” The Mage smiled and said, “I am Redding, chairman of the Magic Tower in Encart City, and a brother to Tobian, the current chairman in general of the Association of Mages.”

Britney was still confused. “So what? You want the Association of Mages to censor our group or even kill us?”

“Why would we do anything so evil? Wouldn’t that give you a reason to attack us?” Redding was rather grim and when he smiled, he seemed like a squinting viper. “But I can ask my brother, Chairman Tobian, to give an order, so that no Magic Towers or the organizations affiliated to those Magic Towers would offer any kind of help or service to the Mages among the Golden Sons.”

Britney was immediately stunned.

Though the Association of Mages was not powerful, it was in charge of the teaching of magic skills and the trade of magic items.

If the Association of Mages really forbade its subordinates from offering help to the players, the Mages would definitely start crying, and other players would be greatly affected too.

For example, the trade of magic equipment concerned every player.

When they looted a piece of equipment that they couldn’t use, they could only sell it via the Association of Mages. The players were too scattered throughout the country for them to directly make deals with each other.

In order to sell to other players, the buyers and the sellers must be close to each other, or it would be tricky to complete the transaction.

So, it was best to sell magic equipment to the Association of Mages.

Their offers were fair in general.

Besides, a lot of magic materials from the Association of Mages were needed by all spellcasters, including Mages, Warlocks, and Priests. Even the Bards had to buy items from the Association of Mages now and then.

Spellcasters were very important in every team and could decide the difficulty of many dungeon raids. If the spellcasters were short of magic materials, all the players would be affected.

If the Association of Mages really refused to serve the players anymore… probably all the other players would blame the performers.

They were only a minor performing group of several dozen people. The pressure was too huge for them.

Britney hesitated.

Redding chuckled and said, “We’re not forcing you to do anything. All you need to do is perform for us first, and the civilians can watch you later. It’s simple as that.”

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