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Chapter 338 - Cultural Invasion in the Alternate World

Chapter 338 Cultural Invasion in the Alternate World

The glimmering white feather was so astonishingly attractive that anybody who saw it would be eager to pick it up.But Roland was not in a hurry to pick up the feather. Instead, he stepped back and investigated the surroundings with three magic spiders.

It took the three magic spiders quite some time to look into anything suspicious within hundreds of meters.

But they didn’t find any human beings or other intelligent creatures. There was no sign of fighting either.

Had the angel flown away on her own?

She was a powerful angel and an envoy of the Life Goddess, who specialized in healing. So, it was not strange that she treated herself.

Roland walked to the edge of the crater and looked at the white feather. He picked up the feather with Hand of Magic and waited for a moment. Seeing no anomalies in the white feather, he was relieved, convinced that it was nothing dangerous.

Roland brought the white feather to himself with Hand of Magic.

Soon, the information on the feather popped up in Roland’s vision.

Item: Minor Divine Power Crystal

Introduction: This is the essence of an angel’s divine power.

Effect: Upon usage, it will grant many experience points and even special skills or talents (Legendary).

Many experience points?

Enthused, Roland grabbed the white feather, but he felt that something was wrong the moment he touched it.

A strange sense of pain emerged from his palm. Then, he saw that his right hand was crystallized quickly and he couldn’t sense it anymore.

To Roland’s surprise, the crystallization was going further down on his arm.

Immediately, Roland struck the end of the crystallization heavily with his left hand.

After a crack, his crystallized right hand was cut off from the elbow and dropped on the ground.

A lot of blood spurted out of the fracture on his elbow.

Roland’s face was slightly pale. He cast Lesser Healing on himself and raised his broken arm, watching his skin and flesh regenerate and cover the fracture.

Though it was slightly painful, it was not entirely insufferable since the pain had been reduced to one-tenth. Next, the missing arm would keep growing, and it would be intact again in five days.

Waving his arm, Roland smiled bitterly. “I can play a one-armed knight now.”

Then, he looked at his crystallized hand on the ground, which was still holding the white feather.

It seemed that the feather was only usable for Legends.

Roland felt that he had been cautious enough. Little did he expect that the feather would directly respond to touch.

This time, he did not touch the feather with his hand, but collected it with the absorption function of the system Backpack.

Looking around, Roland found nothing interesting, so he flew back to Encart City with Human Cannonball.

Soon after Roland left, the air was slightly twisted at the edge of the wood, and soon, a beauty with wings on her back emerged. She looked at where Roland had gone in confusion.

“Spatial bubbles can be used in such a way? Human beings are really interesting.”

Roland returned to the inn in Encart City. His missing arm naturally made his companions surprised and sorry.

But they knew that Roland’s arm would be back in a few days, so they were not particularly sad.

Roland asked the magic apprentices to take a rest in the hotel, while he took Andonara to the Magic Tower.

Since this was a trip for learning, they certainly would not miss any Magic Tower on their way.

This was a mid-sized city that was inferior to Delpon in terms of both the size and the population, but it was a prosperous city nonetheless.

When Roland and Andonara passed a square at the center of the city, they found a crowd in the square. As an antisocial person, Roland was going to walk past them when he suddenly came to a pause in surprise.

Then, he dragged Andonara toward the crowd.

When they were closer, they heard that someone was singing a rather poignant tune.

Andonara listened for a while and remarked in surprise, “What a strange melody… It’s nothing like what I’ve heard before. Besides, it’s played by multiple people.”

As the daughter of a merchant and a queen who had a basic understanding of art, she had promptly discerned that those people had a vastly different music style.

Andonara looked at the performers in the square and then at Roland. “Are they Golden Sons too?”

Roland nodded with a smile.

“What’s the name of the song? Is the singer the creator of the song?”

“The name of the song is ‘A Long Time Later,’ created by the Milk Tea Group.”

Andonara nodded. “It’s a nice song.”

Those players were either Bards or Dancers, who had all been focused on playing and singing skills.

Therefore, their performance of the song was even better than the original.

Roland knew those players to be the leisure players who waged a cultural invasion in this alternate world. It was said that they were rather famous among the nobles of Hollevin.

Roland looked around and found a lot of nobles in the crowd.

All of the audience were crazy fans, passion on their faces.

After the singer was done, the players began to play the rock version of ‘Canon’ with their respective instruments. There was no electric guitar here, but the smart players achieved a similar effect with a weirdly-shaped six-stringed lute.

As the music spread, more and more people stopped and listened. Some even started clapping along with the beats.

Very soon, even Andonara was mesmerized and clapped the beats along with other people.

The atmosphere grew more and more heated, attracting more and more people to the concert.

About three minutes later, the performance was over.

“Another song! Another song!”

The audience cried aloud. Hundreds of people were gathered here.

At this point, a male player stood up and said, “My friends, we will hold a concert outside of the city the day after tomorrow. If you’re interested, you’re free to enjoy our programs in the woods east of the city. Sixty-three performers and singers will bring you unconventional acoustic entertainment.”

Hearing that there would be more programs the day after tomorrow, most of the audience left, but some zealous fans stayed, hoping to have a chance to speak to the musicians.

Andonara seemed reluctant to leave too.

At this point, a female player approached them and asked, “Are you Roland?”

“Yes.” Roland nodded.

“I didn’t expect to see you in this city.” The female player observed Roland for a while and said, “You’re handsomer in person than you are on videos.”

Hearing that, Andonara immediately grabbed Roland’s hand and looked at her warily.

The female player was rather pretty and must’ve added points to her Charm too, but she was still not as good-looking as Andonara.

Roland looked at her and asked, “And you are?”

“I am Britney, leader of the Vienna Opera Company.”

Roland blew a whistle teasingly and said, “Those are interesting names, the Vienna Opera Company’s and yours.”

Britney smiled and said, “Thank you, Roland. I would like to ask you a favor. Could you help us establish a small opera house outside of the city?”

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