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Chapter 337 - Meeting Angel Again

Chapter 337 Meeting Angel Again

Looking at the light that was more and more dazzling in the rain, Roland felt that something was not right.The magic apprentices noticed it too and looked at it from a distance.

Roland dropped three magic spiders and waved his hand, raising the mud and covering the whole camp with rocks again.

He snapped his finger, and three spheres of light ascended.

The magic apprentices immediately gathered before Roland’s building.

Roland walked down and said, “I’m going out to take a look. You stay here and be careful.”

The magic apprentices all nodded.

Then, Roland said to Andonara, “Please protect them for me if anything happens.”

With a brilliant smile, Andonara said, “Don’t worry.”

After leaving the instructions, Roland left the rock tent.

Inside the rock tent, Vivian heaved a sigh and said, “It’s really boring that Mr. Chairman’s got us covered for everything.”

The other magic apprentices didn’t look well either. They had pride too, and it was rather annoying that they were protected all the time like kids.

But they also knew that they were too weak to be of much help at this point.

After exiting the rock tent, Roland did not investigate in a rush. Instead, he walked slowly while the magic spiders explored the way ahead of him. It was less eye-catching this way. After all, Human Cannonball could be very noisy.

The magic spiders were quite fast and soon arrived at the scene of the accident.

From the pictures sent back, Roland saw that a crater had been left in the woods as if something had just crashed down from the sky. It was the source of the brilliant light.

Then, from another picture that the magic spiders sent, Roland saw someone sitting inside the crater.

All the raindrops were blocked by an invisible force five meters above the crater, so there was no water in the crater at all, even at its deepest point.

As the magic spiders drew near, the pictures they sent back became clearer and clearer.

Then, Roland gasped.

The “person” inside the crater had a pair of white wings and feather armor of the same color. She was holding a translucent shield in the shape of a cloud with strange green energy circulating in it, and there was a white longsword in her right hand that seemed to be made of clouds.

At the hilt of the longsword, there was also a pair of tiny decorative white wings.

The woman was very beautiful, and Roland had seen her before… When Falken died in Red Mountain Town, it was this angel who directed his soul to the Paradise of Life.

An angel had fallen from the sky, wounded!

She had a sword wound on her back. White energy was surging around the wound, as if it was healing her, but a stream of green energy was disrupting it.

“This is definitely an epic quest.”

If he were alone, Roland would go to her and talk to her to see if he could trigger any special plot.

But now… he had to be responsible for those around him. The safety of Andonara, the magic apprentices, and the coachmen who had been driving the carriages for them all depended on him.

His decision would determine their fate.

Nothing that involved gods and angels could be trivial.

Roland sighed and left a pair of magic coordinates, before he returned to the rock tent.

He canceled the rock tent and spoke to everyone, “We will set off right now. We have a problem.”

Though everybody was puzzled, they did not propose any objection but take action immediately.

Soon, the carriages moved on.

Sitting next to Roland, Andonara saw the worry and regret on his face and asked in a low voice, “What happened exactly? Or rather, what did you see?”

“An angel!”

“Why? It was lucky of you to run into a gorgeous lady in the wilderness…” Habitually, Andonara thought that Roland was referring to a beautiful woman as “angel.” She was about to tease him, when she realized what was going on. “A real angel?”

Roland nodded.


Andonara felt a strong toothache.

What was an angel?

They were the strongest fighters in the Paradise of Life. They were born as demigods, and they represented the honor and power of the Life Goddess.

But now, an angel had fallen from paradise. What exactly happened?

Andonara did not even dare to think of it.

The carriage fell silent again.

The carriages moved slowly in the storm. In the evening, the head coachman came to Roland and said, “Mr. Mage, we can’t go on anymore, or the horses will die of exhaustion.”

Roland frowned. He cast Body Fortification and Lesser Healing on the horses, before he said, “Feed the horses and let them rest for half an hour. Then we will proceed.”

“But…” The head coachman was about to say something else.

Roland shook his head and said, interrupting him, “There’s grave danger behind us. Do what I say if you don’t want to die.”

The head coachman, greatly alarmed, replied immediately, “Got it, sir.”

He walked away and talked to the other coachmen. They fed the horses and continued the journey.

Thanks to Body Fortification and Lesser Healing, the horses were trotting as fast as before. Roland cast the same spells on them every four hours before letting the horses rest for half an hour.

Moving and resting, the carriages finally reached Encart City, their destination, in the morning.

Roland finally felt relaxed after they got into the city.

Everybody was exhausted. They checked in at an inn, and the head coachman spoke to Roland excitedly. “Mr. Mage, our horses are fine, except that they’re tired. But they’ll be as good as new after they rest a couple of days. So, can we stay here for a day or two?”

Encart was a mid-sized city and more than eighty kilometers away from the angel”. Even if a great battle took place back there, this city would likely be unaffected.

Roland thought for a moment and felt that they should be safe now, so he said, “Okay, we’ll stay here for a few days.”

It was also a good chance to communicate with the local Magic Tower.

The coachman thanked him and left gratefully.

Roland looked west through the window in a room on the third floor of the inn. It was the direction the angel was in.

He kept thinking that he should go there and check it out.

His heart was itching with curiosity. It was really painful not to pick up a quest knowing that it was out there.

After considering for a few minutes, Roland said to Andonara, who was readying her bed, “I’m going to take a look at the angel. You stay here and protect Vivian and the others.”

Briefly stunned, Andonara came close and said, “I’m going too. I can protect you.”

“I’m a Golden Son, and I don’t die. But you’re different,” Roland explained. “The angel must be very strong, and so is her enemy. I can be reborn even if die. Though you’re strong, you’re only a human being.”

Andonara bit her full pink lips regretfully.

Roland patted her head and left the city. Then, he returned to the place where he left coordinates through Long-Distance Teleportation.

The brightness that drove away the dark was gone. When Roland came to the crater, nobody was around.

He could hear nothing but the chirps of insects and birds, which only made the woods quieter and creepier.

He was too late!

But all of a sudden, Roland saw a feeble flickering light at the bottom of the crater.

He jumped into the crater, only to find that it was a glittering white feather.

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