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Chapter 335 - Serial Quests

Chapter 335 Serial Quests

The locust-like players turned the castle upside town, searching for valuable items like gold and silver.After the valuable items were looted, they began to move the furniture.

The quaint tables and chairs were simply collected in the system Backpacks.

If they were too big for the system backpacks, the players would separate them first before packing them.

After no more than three hours, the castle was utterly empty.

The players had even appraised the stones in the castle. Well-hidden items had been dug out by the Rogue players who specialized in looting.

Soon enough, the glass skull hidden in the basement was brought to Roland by a guild.

The leader gave the skull to Roland, and after he was notified that he had earned a hundred credit points, he laughed and led his guild members away.

When Roland picked up the skull, he received a system notification too.

Quest accomplished. EXP +3,214 points.

He returned to level six and was very close to level seven.

Now, Roland observed the skull in his hand.

The glass skull was delicate and even somewhat cute.

The glass was pink and felt warm as Roland held it.

True Ancestor’s Skull (Epic).

Introduction: This is the skull of the True Ancestor of the vampires. Find the other body parts of the True Ancestor, and you can choose to revive him or kill him.

Quest picked: Light and Dark (Personal, Epic)

Introduction: To be good or to be evil, it’s entirely up to you.

After reading the quest, Roland tossed the skull in his hand and put it in his system Backpack.

There being no more valuable items in the castle, the players began to disperse.

Some of them greeted Roland, and some raised their middle finger at Roland, not maliciously but purely for fun.

Roland, on the other hand, raised his middle finger back at those people.

Yelia was rather puzzled. “Your people don’t seem very friendly to you. Did you force them to come here?”

“No, I tempted them to come here with rewards.” Roland smiled. “On one hand, they didn’t want to work for me, but on the other hand, the rewards for the mission here were too great to resist. So, they’re both angry that they ran errands for me, and happy that they made a profit with the mission. Now that the mission is over, they have decided to return their tiny dissatisfaction back to me instead of keeping it to themselves.”

“You Golden Sons are really interesting.” Yelia shook his head speechlessly.

At this point, Solisa, who had been watching the drama, threw a scroll at Roland. “Here’s the spell model. Send it to me on the forum when you’re done.”

After that, Solisa left with the pretty Summoners.

Roland opened the scroll and was lost for words when he saw the dense and overlapping square nodes on it.

Wasn’t it a spell of the elves?

He hadn’t even fully grasped the spells of human beings yet. How could he crack the spells of the elves?

No wonder Solisa offered a generous pay of four million.

Roland remembered that he still had the spell model that he got from the elven slave after freeing her. He decided to study them together.

The valley was rather grotesque at this point.

In the eyes of the players, the blood and flesh in the valley had been censored.

But the gore was undisguised to Yelia’s eyes, except that the players recycled their “bodies,” however broken those bodies were, before they left.

Therefore, few remains were left in the valley after the players left, and all of them belonged to the vampires.

It was already evening when everything came to a close.

Roland and Yelia returned to Liguburg City.

Vivian and Andonara, who had been waiting anxiously, were relieved to see them return.

The other magic apprentices were naturally delighted too.

A party was held at the Magic Tower at night, and many nobles and celebrities were invited.

At the party, Yelia announced that Liguburg City would no longer be troubled by vampires.

Since hundreds of years ago, Liguburg City had been plagued by vampires, and dozens of girls went missing every year.

The prettier and neater a girl was, the more likely she would be captured. After all, vampires attached great importance to the appeal of their food.

It would be impossible for them to suck the blood of smelly old women.

So, the victims were mostly the daughters of nobles and big merchants.

They were the happiest to hear the news.

Yelia ascribed all the credit to Roland without claiming any of it.

Therefore, Roland was the center of attention at the party. Almost everybody expressed their gratitude to him. But since he was a high and mighty Mage, most guests simply toasted him and said a few short words before they left. He wasn’t really haunted by those people.

After the party, Roland rested in his room.

Andonara, on the other hand, was sleeping soundly on his bed with sexy pajamas.

Roland opened the forum.

Video posts were all over the forum at this point. Many players who took part in the battle uploaded the videos they captured to the forum.

In the battle, the players spotted the weaknesses of different classes. They also discussed how they should cooperate against strong foes.

Roland’s trick of high-speed flying was mentioned too. Many people were considering how to react to this special spell.

Even vampires, who were good at flying, had been shot down by Roland. The players didn’t think they could beat Roland even if they picked up flying too.

“Why are they all targeting me?” Roland mumbled gloomily.

Hearing his voice, Andonara opened her eyes and, seeing Roland’s back, fell asleep again.

He browsed through the forum again and found another heated post in surprise.

I’m going to establish a guild named Ghost Blade.

In short, the post stated that, since the vampires were valuable and wealthy, the author of the post would establish a guild that focused on hunting vampires and wanted everybody to share intelligence with him. There were many vampires in this world, and they had multiple bases in Hollevin as well as other big countries.

The vampires were also among humanoid creatures, like hybrids and dwarfs. They signified a huge fortune. Instead of making money by doing business or completing quests, it seemed easy and convenient to just slay vampires.

Vampires weren’t anything good anyway. Few of them would be innocent even if a hundred thousand of them were killed.

Killing vampires was justified and rewarding, and it could also improve the players’ reputation in the human world as well as their battle skills. It was definitely a good thing.

Most players replied to the thread, feeling that it was a sound plan.

Roland thought for a moment and sent a short message to the author of the post: “Bro, I’m going to share a quest with you. If you find any special items related to vampires, you can bring them to me. I’ll pay you a high price.”

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