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Chapter 334 - Ending

Chapter 334 Ending

After resurrection, Roland immediately put on his clothes and checked his system menu.Well… He had dropped from level six to level five, but his EXP bar was 95%. As long as he completed the epic quest, he would return to level six, with a huge sum of additional experience points.

There were many other simple ritual tables, but no players were resurrected anymore.

After all, the battle was already winding down. Most players had broken into the castle for looting.

Some players were even fighting among themselves for gold coins.

The resurrection point was not far away from Yelia, who approached Roland and asked enviously, “How does it feel to be resurrected?”

“Like nothing!” Roland smiled. “It just makes you less scared and gives you more courage to charge.”

“I don’t think it’s as simple as that.” Yelia sighed and said, “It seems to me that you quite enjoyed dying together with your enemy.”

Roland quickly shook his head. “That’s definitely not true. Death is actually a huge loss for the Golden Sons too.”

They would lose many experience points. Though the ratio was the same, their total experience was bigger now that their level was higher, and a loss of ten percent could be heartbreaking.

As they talked, a team made exclusively of girls appeared at the hilltop.

These girls were all sexy and attractive.

It was not hard to tell that they had added all their stats points to Charm.

Next to the girls were a lot of unusual beasts, which made Roland speculate that the girls were Summoners.

There were about twenty girls in the team, and they drew most people’s attention upon their arrival.

“It’s the Phoenix Guild.”

Roland heard whispers all around.

Hearing the name, Roland realized who they were.

There were three guilds in this game that were exclusively made of females, and the Phoenix Guild was the most famous of them. The girls of this guild often posted on the forum about their traveling experiences and love stories.

Also, they only recruited Summoners who focused on Charm, which was an easy requirement for the females.

Most women liked simple classes, and Summoner was a great class. One only needed to ask her pets to charge while she stayed safe and sound in the rear of the battlefield.

Therefore, Summoner was well-acknowledged to be the most suitable class for girls.

The leading woman was most attractive. The rest of the team was riding horses, bears, or wolves, but she was the only one whose mount was a unicorn.

The pure-white unicorn, emitting feeble brightness, looked holy and noble, and even somewhat delicious.

Yelia was stunned. “Why is a unicorn from the Elf Forest with a human woman?”

Then, he said thoughtfully, “So, the Golden Sons are actually a race on par with the elves?”

Roland didn’t think that much, because the woman on the unicorn had come toward him. Behind her, the girls were pointing at them and whispering.

On the tall unicorn, the woman, who was wearing a plain silk dress and a colorful wreath of flowers on her head, was quite pretty.

Roland could sense that the wreath was releasing magic power stably and subtly. It was a piece of awesome magic equipment.

Then, she jumped off from the unicorn and threw a bag at Roland from three meters away.

“Your ashes!”

Roland was rather puzzled. He opened the bag, only to see a pile of material that was dark and looked like the ashes of the vampires he picked earlier, except that the ashes in the bag were of a higher quality with more magic waves.

Roland raised his head and asked, “The ashes of the boss?”

“Yes.” The woman nodded and said, “We came late, and you crashed right ahead of us. So, we picked up whatever was left of you and the boss and burned it altogether. Now, the two of you are inside each other.”

Roland frowned to hear that. He said helplessly, “Would you please not be so gay?”

“I like men loving and fighting each other best.” The woman didn’t mind exposing her hobby at all. “I’m Solisa, chairman of the Phoenix Guild. I’ve heard about you, Roland the Master Mage.”

Roland cupped his hands and smiled too. “I’ve heard a lot about you too, Chairman Solisa. It’s not easy to manage a guild that’s exclusively made of women.”

“That is sexist, isn’t it?” Solisa squinted and said with a smile, “I’m going to punch you as a defender of feminism.”

Roland shook his head speechlessly.

“Enough joking.” Solisa said solemnly, “I would like to ask you a favor.”

“What is it?”

Roland found Solisa to be a nice person. Bruce’s bone powder was apparently better than that of other vampires, and it clearly weighed more than a kilogram.

Therefore, it was worth at least seventy gold coins, which equaled almost a million yuan in reality.

Yet, Solisa had returned the bone powder to Roland after picking it up.

Either Solisa was a billionaire in reality, or she was really a person of integrity who would not claim someone else’s possessions.

In either case, money was not her greatest concern.

“I would like to ask you to improve a summoning spell.”

Roland was rather surprised. “A summoning spell? That’s not really my field.”

Solisa extended four fingers and said, “I’ll give you four million. I only have two requirements: reduce the magic cost, and streamline the magic nodes.”

Roland took a deep breath. He would’ve refused it, but the reward was simply too tempting.

“What’s the spell? Let me take a look.”

Though Roland had lots of money, he was still poor compared to the real magnates.

Only an idiot would refuse money. Besides, in order to improve the summoning spell, he would have to learn it first, which meant that he could acquire a spell model for nothing.

Solisa was relieved that Roland accepted her request.

Seeing that the boss was dead, the players rushed into the castle and rescued the blood slaves, before they began to scour the place for treasures.

It must be admitted that the Bruce family had a lot of collections.

Gold coins, gems, magic materials… Valuable items were unearthed one after another.

Finally, one team entered the cavern behind the castle and found Wenger, who was still being held in the dungeon.

Wenger heaved a sigh when he saw the players who just broke in.

Bruce had indeed failed.

Wenger knew that those players would save him as long as he revealed his identity.

But he didn’t want to be exposed just yet.

He decided to keep a secret that a vampire player was very strong as long as possible.

Taking a deep breath, he bared two long fangs and shouted scarily, “You humble human beings, why are you here? Lord Bruce will make you into the most delicious blood soup and cut out your guts…”

He was enshrouded in magic flames.

A few minutes later, the players looked at the white powder in the cage and remarked, “Huh? It’s not the bone powder of vampires, is it?”

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