Mages Are Too OP

Chapter 325 - Everybody Has Their Own Problems

Chapter 325 Everybody Has Their Own Problems

Seeing the contrast, the magic apprentices of Liguburg City knew that they were sure losers.That gigantic Hand of Magic could totally be used as a shield, and none of their level-one spells could break it.

In the meantime, the enemy could attack them easily from behind the hand.

Thinking about that, all the magic apprentices of Liguburg City looked awkward.

They were as embarrassed at this point as they were scornful of the people from Delpon earlier.

As an old and worldly man, Jerry knew from their expressions that they had submitted in their hearts. Instead of pressing them, he canceled the Hand of Magic and smiled. “Different from most Mages, our teacher believes that the basics are very important, and that if you are fluent in the elementary spells, it will be easy to grasp the advanced spells.”

The people of Liguburg City remembered the gigantic Hand of Magic they just saw… Was that what fluency with elementary spells looked like?

The magic apprentice who stood out just now asked, “Are you all capable of that modified spell?”

All the magic apprentices from Delpon laughed.

Jerry said, “Of course, and I’m the worst at it. Vivian can summon two hands at the same time. Our chairman can summon even more, with a much greater gripping and grabbing power.”

The magic apprentices of Liguburg City whispered to each other. Though they were not very strong, they had seen a lot in the circle of Mages.

The Hand of Magic that Jerry made was obviously not a trick but something close to a level-two spell.

A level-two spell for magic apprentices?

That was very significant.

The magic apprentices of Liguburg were no longer proud. They even started to feel bad about themselves.

On the other hand, Roland and Yelia waited on the slope, and it was not until the fire died out and the night completely fell that the city guards who were informed earlier finally arrived.

They entered the cave and moved the dozen naked girls out. Roland cast Lesser Healing on them, and Yelia cast Clarity.

Then, some of the city guards were asked to take off their cloaks for the girls.

The girls panicked at first when they woke up. After they calmed down, they sobbed in low voices with the delight of survival.

A minor incident happened during the rescue.

One decadent soldier took advantage of his identity and secretly touched a girl’s back.

The girl was a civilian and dared not say anything about the soldier.

But Yelia accidentally spotted it and simply twisted the soldier’s arm with his mental power.

Then, he stepped on the back of the soldier, who was crying and writhing, and declared to the other city guards coldly, “These girls are already pitiful enough, and whoever does this to them is no better than a demon! Now, bear this in mind. Whoever you are, you will be punished more severely if this happens again.”

Roland smiled nearby.

Then, the city guards grew much more obedient.

Back at Liguburg City, after the girls were escorted to their respective homes, Yelia was about to take Roland back to the Magic Tower, when the soldier whose arm he broke came with a young man who seemed to be a noble.

“Yelia, aren’t you great?” The young noble looked at Roland and then back at Yelia. “Having attacked my man so ruthlessly, you are really supercilious, aren’t you?”

Yelia looked at the young noble with a complicated expression and said, “I didn’t know that he was your man.”

At first, Roland thought that Yelia was scared of the noble, but then he realized that Yelia was more guilty than he was scared.

“Of course you didn’t.” The young noble nodded and stared at Yelia for a while, before he said, “It will be my father’s birthday in four days. Are you coming?”

“I definitely will.”

The young noble looked better and left with his subordinate.

Though Roland was full of questions, he did not want to pry into someone else’s affairs.

They slowly wandered to the Magic Tower, and Yelia spoke a moment later. “The man just now is my wife’s brother.”

Roland listened quietly.

After a second, Yelia continued, “My wife is dead. I accidentally got her killed. So, Benny has always hated me. He was very close to his sister.”

“How did you get your wife killed?”

“It was ten years ago.” Yelia heaved a sigh. “I was from a poor family. I became a magic apprentice because of my talent. Then, I met my wife Carmena. She was a sunny, gentle, ad kindhearted woman who treated me fairly despite my destitution and even accepted my proposal. We were happy after we were married, but an accident happened during an experiment ten years ago, and she died in the chaos. Even her body was never found.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

“It was indeed horrible,” Yelia said in a low voice. “It took me ten years to walk out of that shadow, and Benny still hasn’t yet.”

Roland estimated that Yelia couldn’t have been responsible for the accident, or he wouldn’t have freed himself from the trauma so quickly.

“So you never married again after the accident?” asked Roland.

“How do you know that?”

“I accidentally overheard your magic apprentices discussing it last night.”

Yelia said slowly, “There are few women who are like Carmena. I’ve never met anyone similar to her other than Queen Andonara.”

Roland raised his eyebrow and understood a lot of things.

“Okay. Enough of that. Let’s talk about magic models.”

Roland waved his hand and said, “I, for one, believe that you should be more focused on defense against vampires. My fireball might seem impressive, but it couldn’t have killed a lot of them. Most of them must’ve escaped.”

Yelia said with a smile, “That’s not a problem. Vampires have been active in Liguburg since a few years ago. I’ve been prepared. Although I’m not as good as you, I’ll catch them any minute and cook them in the sunlight if they dare to come into the city.”

“Good to know that you’re prepared.” Roland smiled. “Regarding Spiritual Endowment, I still find it hard to understand how you leave your spiritual coordinates in the nodes.”

“It’s very simple,” Yelia said. “First, you separate your mind into pieces and remember the features of those pieces…”

They talked about magic while they walked to the Magic Tower.

In the woods ten kilometers to the east of Liguburg City, more than thirty swarms of bats arrived.

Those bats all turned into pale but charming vampires.

“I’ve smelled them. Their odor is getting more and more intense. They must be in Liguburg City,” Edmund, who had turned into a teenager, said coldly.

Vampires could recover from wounds as fast as trolls as long as they had enough virgin blood.

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