Mages Are Too OP

Chapter 324 - Competition

Chapter 324 Competition

Roland saw that Yelia returned while he waited for the wildfire to die out.They met at the hilltop. Looking at the wildfire, Yelia asked, “Did you cause this?”

Roland nodded.

“What spell was that?” There was disbelief in Yelia’s eyes. “It’s as powerful as a forbidden spell.”

“Inferior Fireball.”

Yelia snorted angrily and sat down on the rock without care for his image. “Now is not the time for jokes.”

Roland said sincerely, “It’s really Inferior Fireball.”

Yelia turned around abruptly and looked at him. “Are you serious?”

“Yes.” Roland sat on the rock too and said helplessly, “Do you want me to show it to you again?”

“That will be unnecessary.” Yelia waved his hands. Then, he clutched Roland’s sleeves and said, “I’ll give you five hundred gold coins for the spell model. Those are my savings from the past twenty years.”

“Okay.” Roland smiled and said, “I’ll write it down for you after you go back to the city, but for the record, I do not guarantee that you can perform it as well as I can.”

Roland had optimized the model of Inferior Fireball a lot and improved its speed and power. It was greatly different from the model he uploaded to the forum when he just started playing the game.

He was very proud of his work, and five hundred gold coins seemed to be a decent price.

Yelia nodded and said, “I understand. Everybody has different gifts.”

As a Mage who was close to the Master level before he was fifty, Yelia was considered a genius by many people, but he knew very well that he was only mediocre and couldn’t compare to the real geniuses.

He had seen a traveling Mage from the Fareins Kingdom. The spells of the wind class that the Mage used were unachievable and even unimaginable for other people, but he played with them casually.

So, Yelia knew very well that he needed only to try his best and walk forward steadily. It was unnecessary to compete with the prodigies.

However, Yelia did hope that he could meet a talented student. Even though he could only be a Master throughout his life, it would be great if he could raise his student into a Legend. In that way, he would have privileges because of his student’s influence.

It was impossible for him to best Roland since the man was so young and so good, but if his students were stronger than Roland’s, it would be very comforting for him.

At this point, the magic apprentices of the two parties were having a friendly meeting in the Magic Tower in Liguburg City.

Liguburg: “What? You’re only learning Hand of Magic?”

Delpon: “Yes.”

Liguburg: “Is that so complicated? Isn’t it an elementary trick?”

Delpon: “Our chairman said that the elementary stuff had to be well grasped.”

Liguburg: “Your chairman is too young.”

Delpon: “Beg your pardon?”

Liguburg: “We’re only speaking the truth.”

Delpon: How about a match?

Most of the magic apprentices were young, and as the children of nobles and big merchants, they were proud too.

Those from Liguburg, as the hosts, had a sense of condescension, especially since Yelia was obviously older than Roland

The six magic apprentices of Delpon, on the other hand, were taught by Roland step by step. They admired and worshiped Roland and would not let anyone question his ability.

Now that neither of the two parties could convince each other, a match would be the best way to resolve the quarrel.

“Let’s go to the magic lab. In case you complain that we took advantage of you, we will only send six contestants against you.”

“All right!”

They ran to the lab on the fourth floor and split into two groups.

A magic apprentice from Liguburg stood out and, crooking his finger at the guests, declared proudly, “I’m Smail, and I’m capable of seven level-one spells, including Inferior Fireball, Wind Blade, Frightening, etcetera.”

Vivian was of a mind to step out, as she was the strongest of her team.

But Old Jerry walked out before she did. He declared to the people of Liguburg, “I’m Jerry. Of the six students traveling with our teacher, I’m the most worthless.”

The thirty magic apprentices on the opposite side all secretly chuckled at the old man.

Such an old magic apprentice was rare to come by. It was not hard to infer how untalented he was in magic.

“I’ll not take advantage of you. I’ll only deal with you using Inferior Fireball,” said Smail with a critical smile.

The magic apprentices of Liguburg City all covered their grinning mouths.

They didn’t go so far as to burst into laughter. After all, they had to show the guests some respect.

“I’m capable of Inferior Fireball too, but my Hand of Magic is better,” said Jerry calmly.

The apprentices of Liguburg giggled again.

Hand of Magic, as a trick, was used when the magic apprentices grabbed items. What could a gripping and grabbing force of one kilogram do?

Smail thought that he was the sure winner. He playfully condensed a yellow fireball and looked at Jerry.

He was about to say something, but a gigantic blue hand grabbed him and heaved him in midair.

Seized by the blue hand, Smail couldn’t move at all, not even struggling. The small fireball immediately disappeared.

While Jerry’s Hand of Magic couldn’t compare to Roland’s, it was not a problem for him to pick up something of three hundred kilograms.

With such a force, it couldn’t be easier to grab a normal-sized adult.

“I win.” Looking up at Smail who was hanging in midair, Jerry said, “If I throw you hard, you will be killed. Do you acknowledge that?”

Smail, who was three meters from the floor, was grim-faced, but he had to agree with the man.

The five magic apprentices from Delpon all smiled.

Andonara looked at them from the rear and shook her head in amusement.

In her eyes, the battle of those magic apprentices was no different from a toddlers’ fight.

The magic apprentices from Liguburg, on the other hand, were at a loss.

What happened? How could Hand of Magic be like this?

Seeing that Smail surrendered, Jerry slowly put him down and glanced at the magic apprentices from Liguburg.

Nobody was laughing anymore.

“Who’s next?” Jerry said as casually as before.

He had learned the tone from Roland, who had always spoken in the same way.

The magic apprentices of Liguburg looked at each other in bewilderment. After a while, someone finally stood out.

“Are you going to be my next opponent?” asked Jerry.

The magic apprentice shook his hand hard and asked, “I only want to know what spell this is.”

The man pointed at the gigantic blue hand floating before Jerry and asked, “What’s that?”

“Hand of Magic!” said Jerry unhurriedly.

“That’s impossible! Hand of Magic can’t be like that. It should be like this.”

A blue translucent hand the size of a regular hand appeared. It was to Jerry’s big blue hand what a baby was to an adult.

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