Mages Are Too OP

Chapter 194 - I Always Treat People With Sincerity

194 I Always Treat People With Sincerity

The queen was kidnapped by a spellcaster?

Well… Roland suddenly thought of a lot of irrelevant things, which were understandable, because the queen must be very beautiful according to common sense.

Roland had met the princess yesterday. She was beautiful, so it was only natural that her mother was beautiful too.

Then, a spellcaster took the queen away. He didn’t kill her but kidnapped her, and her beauty must be one of the reasons for that.

So, Roland’s random thoughts were normal and reasonable for a man of his age.

Seeing Roland’s reaction, the soldier chuckled. “You seem very surprised, don’t you?”

Roland asked back, “Are you not surprised?”

“Not really.” The soldier shook his head. “She’s the king’s third queen anyway.”


Roland was even more surprised. “Three queens have been taken away?”

The royal family of Hollevin seemed too lousy. Three queens had been taken away from the heavily guarded royal palace, and no lessons were learned at all?

The soldier’s pretty face now revealed a smile. “They weren’t all taken away. The first queen was assassinated by a foreign country, the second queen died in an accident, and I don’t think the third queen will meet a good end.”

“It seems that being the queen of Hollevin is a dangerous job,” Roland couldn’t help but remark.

The pretty soldier nodded. “Indeed. I’m told that every king in history had a couple of queens. The deceased queens died either in assassinations or in accidents. They say it’s a special curse, but I don’t know if it’s true.”

“Every king?” Roland secretly clicked his tongue.

The pretty soldier nodded.

Roland suddenly thought of another question. “Which queen is Princess Evelyn’s mother?”

“You know Evelyn?” The pretty soldier was surprised.

“I’m just asking.”

Roland didn’t tell the soldier that he had talked to Princess Evelyn only yesterday because it would sound like bragging.

The pretty soldier glanced at Roland with his big eyes and smiled. “Princess Evelyn is the first queen’s daughter.”

Oh… Roland nodded.

People were entering and exiting the gate. Many of them peeped at Roland and the soldier and left quietly.

The pretty soldier turned his head aside and said, “I think it will take a while before Bard arrives. Do you want to take a rest in our lounge?”

Roland thought for a moment and said, “Okay, thank you for your trouble.”

It was definitely not comfortable to be stared at by everyone on the road.

The pretty soldier said, “You’re too kind.”

Then, he led Roland to an aisle next to the city gate and opened a secret door.

There was a small room behind the door with a coverage of about fifteen square meters. Three soldiers were talking and laughing around a table.

Seeing the pretty soldier, they were so scared that they all stood and saluted him. “Officer Antis!”

The pretty soldier nodded at them and said gently, “Get out. I need to occupy this place to entertain this Mage. If you see Bard outside, please tell him to come here.”

The soldiers ran out of the room quickly.

“They seem scared of you!” Roland sat down on a chair. “I didn’t know you were named Antis.”

Antis had been staring at Roland’s face. Seeing no reaction from him, he sat down too and smiled. “You don’t seem to know what my name represents.”

Roland shrugged. “Sorry for my ignorance.”

Antis smiled as sweetly as a teenage girl. “You must be a Golden Son.”

Roland nodded and asked back, “How did you recognize me?”

“I’ve seen a few Golden Sons,” Antis said slowly. “Though your personality and behavior are different, your aura is the same.”

Antis seemed bummed when he talked about Golden Sons. “I have some questions for you regarding the Golden Sons.”

Roland made a “feel free to ask” gesture.

Then, Antis told Roland what happened to him.

About two months earlier, a few undying Golden Sons arrived at the capital.

Almost all the nobles were interested in them, and many of them invited the Golden Sons to visit their houses. When they were all half-drunk, some malicious guys said that they wanted to see how undying the Golden Sons were.

It seemed that the Golden Sons did not sense the nobles’ maliciousness. They simply said that they would lose what they called experience points if they died, so they wouldn’t perform unless they were given three gold coins.

Three gold coins for each person was not much for the nobles at all, who were eager for the entertainment.

The Golden Sons honored their promise after acquiring the coins. They stabbed their swords into their chests and died on the spot, making all the noble ladies scream and shout.

The male nobles didn’t look too good either. Having never been to a real battlefield, they had never seen such gory scenes before.

Then, the Golden Sons returned from the Temple of Life naked.

They even reclaimed their bodies after they returned, which was quite amazing.

It was a hit in the capital. Too many noble families invited the Golden Sons to perform.

As a result, the Golden Sons each earned more than a hundred gold coins for suicide performances in only two months.

Their income was even more than the income of many minor noble families.

Then one day, Antis’ family invited the Golden Sons over.

But the moment the Golden Sons saw him, they started talking dirty like “I love drag queens” and “I’m so excited.” A lot of people were at the party back then. The male nobles tried to stay neutral, but all the noble ladies were chuckling while covering their mouths with a handkerchief.

Antis was so angry that he slashed the Golden Sons immediately.

The Golden Sons did not resist at all. They even had a “my life has been fulfilled” look on their face when they were cut into pieces, which was incomprehensible.

Those Golden Sons didn’t even want their bodies any longer after their resurrection. They cheered and ran out of the capital naked. The city guards were so dumbfounded that they simply watched the Golden Sons leave.

Now that Antis thought of it, the Golden Sons were probably not being malicious. There was nothing but excitement and joy in their eyes, and nothing negative.

Roland could only hold his forehead after hearing the story. Although their methods were humiliating, those players were indeed great moneymakers, and they even managed to escape after making a great amount of money.

“Your eyes are very similar,” Antis said slowly. “You look at everybody as if they were gold coins that could walk.”

Roland was stunned. “Mine too?”

“More or less.”

Roland found it hard to accept the remark. He had always treated everybody with sincerity. How could he have left the soldier such a first impression?

He was about to argue when the door opened, and Bard walked in delightedly.

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