Mages Are Too OP

Chapter 193 - Shock

Chapter 193 Shock

On the shaking carriage, Roland cast Language Proficiency to himself and began to translate the book that he just recorded. He then wrote the translation in another book. The task was not very difficult for him.

In no more than fourteen hours, he translated the whole book.

During the translation, he had read the whole book too.

The author of this book was a bard. Toward the end of his life, he wrote what he believed to be real history into this book.

Historical heritage was not appreciated in this world. Hollevin, for example, did not even have official historiographers.

So, much of the history of the world had been passed on by word of mouth.

But as the stories were told and retold, they tended to change from the original versions.

So, there were a lot of contradictions in this book.

The elven scriptures, in particular, had only two sentences that were of actual significance. The rest were all elven prayers for rituals and sacrifices.

The bard did not understand Ancient Elvish. He simply copied the Elvish words that he thought were important and related to some legends in his book.

But thanks to luck, two sentences that he copied actually hit the jackpot.

The bard had discovered those elven scriptures in some ancient relics.

After finishing the translation, Roland turned it into an e-book and posted it on the forums. “The ‘book’ required for the main quest has been translated. I wonder if you can trigger the quest.”

Roland’s ID on the forums had been authenticated and was quite eye-catching. Very soon, his post became a hot topic.

A lot of people replied to him.

“Yes, I can. Thank you, Master Mage Roland.”

“Wait, I haven’t even completed the main quests in the prologue yet, and I can trigger this one?”

“Me too! Is this a bug of the quest system?” “Probably not. The prologue is probably only guidance for beginners and not really important.”

“Is this the real start of the main quests?”

“Why are the main quests all related to Ancient Elvish? They almost seem to be designed for Roland. I’m pissed.”

“The game developers probably didn’t see it coming that someone would pick up Language Proficiency so quickly. It’s said to be a spell above level ten. I have a Mage friend who hasn’t learned Language Proficiency at all. Without Roland, we would have to find a specialist who could speak Ancient Elvish if we want to accept the main quest. Even if we can find one, it remains to be seen if they’re willing to translate the book for us. So, the quest should have been very difficult, but Roland made it much easier.”

“Are you saying that knowledge can change your life, my friend?”

“I’m pissed. When I play other games, I’m crushed by the rich players, but in this game, I’m crushed by the smart players. Being crushed by money is not a big deal, but being crushed by wisdom… Wouldn’t that indicate that I’m an idiot?”

“Hahahaha. I totally get you, my friend. I feel the same.”

Seeing that the book he translated could help other players trigger the quest, Roland was relieved.

Then, the rider of the carriage said hoarsely, “Sir, we’ve arrived.”

Roland jumped off from the carriage. He saw a magnificent city wall under the sun.

The gate of the capital was very large, or at least much larger than Delpon’s. Convoys and travelers were passing the gate busily, and a dozen fully-armed guards were defending the gate intimidatingly. A team of archers were staring at the gate on alert from the arrow mound above. Further away, a few more teams were patrolling.

Roland gave the rider a silver coin after he got off.

Then, he walked to the gate.

As he approached the gate, more and more people noticed him.

There was even a riot among the travelers who were waiting in line to get into the city, as many of them were subconsciously making way for the Mage.

Then, a soldier who was wearing heavy armor came to him voluntarily.

He stopped three meters away from Roland and said, “Greetings, honorable Mage.”

Most Mages did not want other people, particularly not the physical classes, to be too close to them. That was why the soldier talked to Roland from far away.

Roland stopped too and, sizing the guy up, said, “Greetings. Is there anything I can help you with?”

“You look strange. Is this your first trip to the capital?” The soldier’s head was fully covered by a thick helmet except for an opening over his eyes, through which one would see that his eyes were blue. “This may sound rude, but I would like to ask the reason for your visit.”

“Do I have to tell you?” Roland was slightly curious.

Almost all the travelers were looking at them. Seeing that their conversation was going in the wrong direction, many of the travelers secretly moved away.

The soldier said with a heavy heart, “I hope that you can give me a reason. This is the capital, after all.”

“I’m here to visit someone.” Roland sighed.

“Whom exactly?”

Roland said, “Young Bard.”

“And your name is…?”


The soldier then turned around and told another soldier, “Ride a horse to Bard’s house and ask him to come here.”

The second soldier shouted, “Yes, sir!” before he rushed into the city on a horse.

The first soldier then looked at Roland and took off his helmet. “I’m sorry, but spellcasters have caused some minor trouble in the capital recently, and they’re forbidden from entering the city unless someone can vouch for them.” That explains a lot… Then Roland was stunned, because the soldier who took off his helmet was quite beautiful.

His hair was short, his nose was small, and his eyes were big. He also had pink lips. He would leave anyone the impression that he was a girl, but Roland saw his Adam’s apple.

Well, a guy in a girl’s look?

The soldier was indeed good-looking and could even compare to Vivian, but Roland still felt that Schuck was much more handsome.

Schuck was a specially handsome guy who was also beautiful and had feminine looks but who would never be mistaken for a girl.

Even if one were to only look at him from the back, Schuck would still leave them the feeling that he was unimaginably handsome.

It was almost uncanny.

After a brief shock, Roland was soon back to normal.

Then, Roland asked, “May I know what happened in the capital?”

The soldier asked warily, “Are you interested?”

“I just want to know what happened, so that I won’t do anything inappropriate after I get into the city.”

The soldier smiled, which made him even more look like a woman. “It’s not a secret. I can tell it you. Last night, a spellcaster kidnapped the queen.”

Roland’s jaw almost hit the ground after a brief silence.

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