Mages Are Too OP

Chapter 162 - Property Transfer

Chapter 162 Property Transfer

It was possible to communicate with magic pets through the mind.

However, mental communication would consume mental power, so talking was more convenient if a man and a pet were to communicate over a short distance.

“White Amber?” Roland was surprised. “Why have you changed color?”

“I’m not sure.” White Amber climbed along Roland’s sleeves and almost reached Roland’s shoulder in the blink of an eye. “My new fur is blue now that my old fur is gone. My knowledge is mostly inherited from you. I certainly don’t know what you aren’t aware of.”

Essentially speaking, a magic pet was partially a clone of a spellcaster. Because of the spellcaster’s soul piece that was melded to the pet, the pet’s knowledge and personality were similar to the spellcaster’s.

At this moment, Vivian suddenly interjected, “I was told that if a spellcaster has a special bloodline that has been passed on through the soul, their magic pets might go through physical changes on the surface, and the change of color might be one of them. Deputy Chairman, do you have any special bloodline?”

Roland thought for a moment. “I don’t think so. My ancestors are all ordinary.”

Vivian nodded, not entirely convinced. It was not that she didn’t believe Roland, but she thought that Roland might be unaware of his special bloodline himself.

It was not unusual for the offspring to forget the glory of their ancestors.

They chatted for a moment, and Vivian said with White Amber in her arms before she left, “In any case, we’ll still call it White Amber even though its color has changed. Also, it’s still my friend even though it’s your magic pet now, so you must let me know if you’re bringing it anywhere.”

Roland nodded. The terms were not harsh.

Vivian was happy that Roland accepted her requests so willingly, so she made some cakes and fruit wine for him to thank him.

Roland secluded himself in the magic lab, but only two days later, a middle-aged butler asked to meet him and gave him a letter as well as a deed to a house.

Opening the envelope, Roland found that the letter was from Aldo.

“Deputy Chairman, by the time you see this letter, you will be Chairman already, and I will be away from Hollevin. We haven’t known each other for long, but I admire your integrity and respect you as a lifelong friend. However, there are many more things I want to do, and I can’t stay in this country any longer. I’m taking away the women and most of my property, but I’ve left something important for you, such as my personal understanding of magic. I’ve also hidden an interesting item in a secret place in my manor, but I won’t tell you where it is. You’d better find it within three days, or it will expire.”

Roland shook the envelope, and a bronze key slipped out.

Was he gone?

Roland leaned back in his chair, somewhat at a loss.

He knew very well that he was unlikely to meet Aldo again.

This was not reality, where planes, trains, and ships could take people far away easily.

In this world, every long-distance journey was a life-and-death gamble even for professionals.

This made the long-distance teleportation spells all the more important.

Regretfully, Roland couldn’t study such sophisticated spells at this time.

A surprise that could expire?

Roland played with the bronze key for a while and went downstairs.

When he passed the second floor, he saw Vivian talking to White Amber. Vivian had been devoted to speaking with White Amber since it learned to talk, as if she was telling the pet all the things that she had wanted to tell it in the past.

They both saw Roland and looked at him curiously.

Roland thought for a moment and asked, “I’m going to Aldo’s manor. Are you coming with me?”

“Sounds good to me.”


Both Vivian and White Amber liked to spend time with Roland.

Ten minutes later, they arrived at Aldo’s manor.

Aldo’s manor was very quiet, and only a few guards were still fulfilling their duty.

Roland’s arrival filled the guards with hope. They volunteered to open the gate for Roland, before they stood straight and saluted him.

In the meantime, a middle-aged butler ran to them from a house. He seemed anxious, but he still bowed politely and asked, “Mr. Roland, are you here to take over the manor?”

“Yes.” Roland nodded and gave the deed to the middle-aged butler. “Keep this for me. Also, hire more people so that the manor can be revived.”

“As you wish!” replied the butler affirmatively and excitedly. He knew that his job was safe now.

“Wait!” Vivian suddenly realized what was going on. She asked with wide eyes, “Where is Chairman Aldo?”

“He’s gone.” Roland sighed and said, “I’ll explain to you later.”

Vivian was smart enough to not ask anymore.

They went to the study on the third floor. Roland looked at the shelves that were laden with books and found a few notebooks in the drawer. He sat in the chair in contentment, as he had found the most valuable things in the manor.

As for the other things in the manor… like wine, wheat, or poultry, they were not really important to Roland.

Then, Roland explained everything to Vivian.

Vivian looked at the spacious manor through the window and said in shock, “Chairman Aldo’s manor is among the most spacious ones in all of Delpon City. I didn’t think that he would offer it to you.”

“Do you like it?” Roland smiled. “I can transfer it to you.”

“No!” Vivian declined his offer without hesitation. “I’m just an inferior magic apprentice. I can’t live in such a manor. It’s not about money but qualification.”

Roland thought for a moment and asked, “Why don’t you help me manage it? I need someone trustworthy to take care of a manor this big. You can live here.”

Vivian slightly blushed. “I think that could work. I’ll live here then.”

That’s not a problem at all! The girl couldn’t be more delighted.

Vivian had been looking out of the window with her back to Roland, so Roland never saw her face, or he would’ve realized something.

Pondering for a moment, he rose and said, “All right, it’s time for a treasure hunt.”

Vivian turned around, stunned.

Roland closed his eyes… His enormous mental power transformed into tentacles that stretched through walls and rocks, covering almost everything.

Vivian couldn’t help but swallow at the center of Roland’s mental power.

Although Roland’s mental tentacles avoided her this time, Vivian had grown stronger and could sense that Roland’s mental power enshrouded the whole manor like a gigantic spider web.

It was rather scary.

Half a minute later, Roland opened his eyes. “Got it!”

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