Mages Are Too OP

Chapter 161 - Attempt

Chapter 161 Attempt

Looking at the transparent blue ping-pong-sized ball in Roland’s hands, Vivian covered her mouth, her eyes wide.

Though she was not good at magic, she knew a lot of common sense about magic since she started learning it at eight. She knew that contracting a pet was essentially cutting off around 2% of one’s own soul and melding it to an animal’s soul, so that the animal would be much more intelligent and able to cast spells.

Generally speaking, the 2% of the soul of an Elite spellcaster was the size of a little finger.

However, it was the size of a ping-pong ball for Roland.

Was Roland actually a dragon? The size of his soul was unbelievable.

Vivian observed Roland, trying to see through


Roland didn’t notice her eyes, because he was holding his head and gasping hard.

Although Aldo’s books had mentioned that soul separation would be painful, the agony was still beyond his expectations.

It felt almost as if someone had kicked him in the nuts. He would’ve cried out if Vivian weren’t present.

It was not until he rested for five minutes that he finally pressed the ball in his hands into White Amber on the floor.

White Amber had been too old to move earlier, but it suddenly opened its eyes uneasily at this point.

As the ball approached it, it struggled more and more intensely.

Vivian, on the other hand, held it and said gently, “White Amber, just deal with it. You’ll be able to live on in such a way.”

She was gentle but also slightly reluctant. After all, White Amber would belong to Roland after it became Roland’s magic pet.

This little creature struggled hard, but since it was not strong, it was not able to break free.

While it stared at Roland in fright, Roland pressed the blue ball into its head.

The moment the ball entered White Amber’s head, it trembled and shrieked hard in the awful squeak of a mouse.

Vivian stroked its back, tears in her eyes. “Hold on, White Amber. You can do this.”

Roland simply watched them patiently.

It was dangerous and difficult enough for a Mage to cut off their soul, and whether or not a magic pet could be successfully contracted depended on the resolution of the animal.

In comparison, it was much easier for Warlocks and Priests to contract pets. They could cast their spells on an animal and contract it after about ten seconds of channeling with a success rate of almost 100%, unless the animal was really too huge for them, like an adult tiger or a big stallion.

White Amber was still screaming and struggling, and Vivian was still holding on. She was weeping as she painfully watched her pet and friend who grew up with her suffer like this.

Two minutes later, White Amber finally stopped screaming, but then its fur started falling in chunks.

Vivian was stunned. She didn’t know what was going on. She had never known a magic pet to lose its fur after being contracted.

Roland, of course, was even more puzzled.

The two of them watched White Amber become hairless. Then, the pet suddenly stood up beyond Vivian’s control.

Its eyes were even brighter than before. Looking at Vivian and Roland with what could almost be called shame, it suddenly crawled to the bottom of the bed.

Greatly scared, Vivian shouted, “White Amber, what’s up? Come out! You’re scaring me!”

Roland didn’t know how to help at all.

After Vivian shouted for a while, a voice that sounded like a six-year-old girl suddenly came from underneath the bed. “Vivian, I’m naked. Can you make me some clothes?”

Vivian immediately jumped to her feet in delight. “It worked? You can talk now, White Amber?”

“Yes!” The voice from underneath the bed grew louder. “Vivian, can you ask my master to go back for now? I’ll go to him after I grow fur in a few days.”

Vivian looked at Roland hopefully.

Roland nodded. “That’s not a problem.”

He smiled at Vivian and left the room, and the butler outside of the door was apparently regretful to see Roland.

But soon, he became solemn again and asked, “Are you going to leave, sir? Please let me give you a ride.”

“Thank you for your trouble.” Roland nodded at the old man.

Back in the Magic Tower, Roland checked the updates in the system.

Magic Pet: White Amber (divine creature)

Age: Nine

Body Size: Small

Abilities: Claw Attack, Ultra-Sensitive Hearing, Ultra-Sensitive Scenting, Night Battle, Quick Movement, Slow Healing, Scorching Ray (Unavailable), and Sunlight (Unavailable).

Roland was rather shocked to see White Amber’s abilities.

The physical abilities at the beginning were common for most magic pets, and White Amber was almost weak at melee fighting. However, its three magic abilities were extraordinary.

Roland had seen a lot of magic pets on the forum. He had never seen a magic pet who had healing abilities. Besides, Scorching Ray seemed to be an offensive spell, and Sunlight looked like a group buffing spell and could suppress necromancy.

That was too unbelievable.

Roland thought for a moment and posted White Amber’s abilities to the game forum.

As he expected, the forum was on fire five minutes later.

He saw various comments.

“Damn it. Half of the Priests will lose their jobs now that this pet has appeared.”

“That’s unlikely. This pet only knows Slow Healing, and the Priests know many more methods of healing.”

“But at least a spellcaster is less dependent on Priests if they have such a pet.”

“Roland is indeed the best Mage. Even a pet that he contracts is so awesome.”

“Is it really awesome? I, for one, find the fiery maggots stronger.”

Then, Roland received a lot of notifications that other players tipped him.

He turned off the forum and started simplifying Summon Magic Pet.

When Roland used the magic, he discovered that, considering the players’ abilities, a level-two player rather than a level-five one was already good enough to use it.

He spent four days in his magic lab and uploaded the simplified spell model to the forum on the fifth day.

On the same day, Vivian returned to the Magic Tower with White Amber.

Roland was greatly surprised to see White Amber.

It probably shouldn’t be called White Amber now, but Blue Amber.

Its white furs had turned bright blue and reflected spots of light smoothly, which made it very beautiful.

It jumped to the floor, walked to Roland, and said to him sweetly, “Master!”

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