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Chapter 158 - Strongest Counter

Chapter 158 Strongest Counter

After saying that, Vivian suddenly understood something. She looked at Roland with bright eyes. “Deputy Chairman, are you going to start contracting magic pets?”

Roland nodded.

“Great.” Vivian was genuinely feeling happy for Roland. “A mage with a magic pet will have a considerable increase in strength.”

Roland took the book on Summon Magic Pet out of his Backpack, placed it on the table, and said, “Are you interested in reading it?”

“Forget it.” Vivian shook her head. “This requires an Elite-level mage to learn the skill, it’s still too early for me.”

With this said, Vivian left the study. Roland subconsciously watched her back as she left. Ever since Vivian gave him the key a few days ago, Roland would occasionally subconsciously give her a second and third glance.

For example, right now, Roland felt it was quite attractive when Vivian’s waist twisted under the wide magic robe as she walked.

No, I can’t think too much… Roland opened the book on Summon Magic Pet and read it slowly.

The allure of knowledge was far greater than that of women, and in less than a minute, Roland was swimming in a sea of knowledge.

All spellcasters could contract a magic pet, but the one with the highest success rate would always be the mage.

Whether it was a Warlock or a Priest, to learn how to Summon Magic Pet, a certain amount of luck was needed.

The chances of a Warlock awakening the spell Summon Magic Pet differed depending on their bloodline. Generally speaking, Warlocks with the White Dragon bloodline had a higher chance of awakening this magic on their own, while others were average.

As for the Priests… their theurgy was given by the gods, when and what magic they could learn to use all depended on the whims of the gods.

Only mages could take the initiative to learn the spell of Summon Magic Pet, but the problem was… it was a quasi third-level spell, and although Elite-level Mages could learn it, it was still quite difficult.

It wasn’t as hard as divination magic, but it wasn’t far from it.

Roland didn’t rush to look at the spell model, but flipped over and continued to read the insights Aldo had written.

Aldo contracted a black cat magic pet… Felines possessed good stealth and extremely high anti-stealth abilities. They were good at sneak attacks, not very good in frontal combat, and possessed good movement speed but poor stamina.

He then went on to talk about other animals’ strengths as magic pets, and as if he had guessed that other people would see this book of insights, he clearly indicated a special note with the word “hearsay.”

The canines had anti-hiding and great tracking abilities, with slightly higher endurance, but average combat strength that was even less than that of felines.

Birds all had the ability of Extreme Vision, and after that, depending on the species, they also had Wisdom and Quick Wits, cunning, and other strengths.

Rabbits were generally not recommended, for they didn’t have the ability to fight, and everything they could do, the felines could also do.

The more unusual magic pets were pigs and bats.

When a contracted small boar grew older, the boar would become quite smart, much smarter than the feline and canine families, no less skilled at tracking than the canine family, and its fighting ability was extremely powerful-it had thick skin and amazing stamina. The most important thing was that this thing’s diet was amazingly consistent with that of humans-it could basically eat everything that humans could eat, which made it extremely easy to raise.

Those bats were even more special. After the contract, the master could receive the Night Vision specialty, and the bat’s reconnaissance, stealth, and anti-stealth abilities were all very strong, but it was just a little weak in combat. In addition, no matter what breed of bat, they loved to suck the blood of their masters when they became magic pets, so… many mages who contracted bats died from a sudden plague.

After Roland finished reading, he closed the book.

If he hadn’t started researching Spell Puppets, then the magic pet of choice would be either feline or canine. After all, each one had anti-stealth abilities and was easy to find.

But now that he decided to work on an anti-stealth magic doll, choosing to chase after felines and canines would seem like a bit of an overlap in abilities.

Then birds, boars, and bats were on his list of considerations.

But instead of rushing, he opened the forums and went to the Warlock section.

Since the spellcasters could contract magic pets, someone on the Warlock side should have learned the magic by simply leveling up.

He searched the section using “magic pet” as keywords and indeed found a few threads.

One of them, a player named Griefwind, wrote a post that caught Roland’s attention.

Demonic Character, Magic Pet’s Character.

This player was a Demon Warlock, a profession that could not only contract magic pets but also summon demons to become their helpers.

The magic pet that Griefwind contracted was a horned sheep… Surely, Aldo was considered a pretty good mage, but in terms of attempting things, he was nowhere near players.

Horned sheep were a special type of sheep, unicorn-like and beautiful, only a little less so than actual unicorns.

When this creature became a magic pet, not only could it be ridden, but it would also be quite good in combat, and was born with the ability to use some special light magic.

Then, the demon he contracted was a Cerberus, not the succubus that most male warlocks were fond of.

He spoke in elegant words about the reliability and power of the horned sheep and the Cerberus, and it was clear from the words that he had a great love for both his magic pet and demon.

He was a great master.

Then, Roland went to see what other Warlocks had posted and then realized that the players were all quite talented.

Aldo said the boar was very special. Some players had tried it long ago, and it was really impressive. Its charge, ram, and tusk attack, as well as the thick armor it had, made it remarkably similar to Warriors.

The warhorse was also contracted as a magic pet. Generally speaking, warhorses didn’t have much stamina, but after becoming a magic pet, not only was their speed increased, their stamina also became very strong, making them an excellent means of transportation.

As for ducks, chickens, geese, and such, there were also players who contracted them. Even more outrageously, one player got bored and took a white maggot from a cesspool to become a magic pet.

Then, this thing became a nightmare for most players, especially melee players.

Because after this maggot became a magic pet, it grew to nearly two meters long in three weeks.

This was nothing-what was truly disgusting was that this thing would spew feces when fighting, and what it ate would not be discharged, but would instead be digested into feces that accumulated in a particular gastric pouch, and then spewed out whenever necessary.

In addition to this, it spewed fire. Methane produced by the feces was stored in the fifth gastric pouch, spewed out when necessary, and then quickly ignited with some flame magic, its power incredible.

This spraying technique was abbreviated as “feces fire.”

This player also provided a video of this maggot’s combat ability in the post.

A fat white worm spewed a diffuse yellow and white substance directly at a female player, dousing her all over.

The female player then passed out on the spot as her eyes rolled, then her health continued to drop and she died in less than ten seconds.

Roland’s cheeks twitched incessantly at the sight, and even through a screen, he seemed to be able to smell the stench coming over him.

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