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Chapter 157 - New Benefits

Chapter 157 New Benefits

Roland really didn’t think that Aldo would actually know what it was.

Honestly, he wondered at first if it could possibly be the doodle of some bored artist.

“A magic array?” Roland was stunned. He had recently read many of the books in the Magic Tower’s collection, and he hadn’t seen any book mentioning this at all.

Aldo laughed meaningfully and said, “Do you think that the noble’s monopoly on knowledge means spell models? There are others.”

Roland sat down, a yearning look on his face.

“Enchantment and scroll-making, you should have seen these two things in books!”

Roland nodded.

“These two techniques are used by the advanced subclasses of mages, and they are quite difficult to learn. But the true unheralded secret is the magic array.”

Roland frowned. “Magic array… what kind of thing is it?”

“It is not just a thing. It’s one of those advanced techniques that can only be approached when magic theory is perfected to its extreme.” Aldo had an enchanted expression. “When you can learn magic arrays, it already means that you are at least close to a Legendary spellcaster, and there’s more to magic arrays than just the achievement of magic theory: they’re versatile and have a variety of functions.”

Roland said, “Can you give me an example?”

“Underneath the royal palace in Fareins, there is a huge magic array that can be activated directly in times of war, creating a powerful magical boundary that envelops the entire city. It’s said to be able to withstand the full force of at least two Demigod level elites.” Aldo looked up at the ceiling with a yearning expression. “That magic array is the work of Demigod Duncan. Do you know about Duncan’s past achievements?”

Roland shook his head.

“Duncan is a genius in the world of magic. He personally invented a lot of magic, such as Magic Missiles, Lightning Palms, Giant Sonic Wave, Acid Splash, and so on. It’s safe to say that at least a third of the magic we use is his work.”

Roland gasped in astonishment.

Aldo stood up and continued, “Evaluating how respected a mage is is not how powerful the magic he uses is, but rather whether he can master enchantment, magic scroll-making, or magic arrays.”

Roland’s gaze was set on Aldo. “So do you know magic arrays, Chairman?”

“Don’t speak of magic arrays, I haven’t even figured out what the deal with enchantment is. That’s why I’m a pawn that couldn’t be more ordinary and ended up in the grasps of the headquarters, unable to move forward.”

Roland asked curiously, “So where can I learn all this stuff—the headquarters?”

“The Magic Tower!”

“Magic Towers in other cities?”

“Not a Magic Tower in the literal sense, but a hidden organization.” Aldo explained, “A group of powerful mages who specialize in evocation got together and created a hidden organization called the Red Magic Tower. After that, the other types of mages followed suit and created something like the White Magic Tower, the Gray Magic Tower, the Yellow Magic Tower, and so on.”

Roland chuckled. “Naming your organization after colors? Quite capricious.”

Aldo shrugged agreeably. “These Magic Towers are hidden away and are invite-only Until you’re strong enough to be exposed to that level, they’ll send an auditor out to quietly investigate you, and when they think you’re capable enough to be a member, that’s when they’ll show up in front of you.”

“So mysterious?”

Aldo felt quite happy to pass on his knowledge. “Although the headquarters in Hollevin is very domineering and looks very powerful, it is simply childish compared to the major Magic Towers.”

Roland sighed. “Looks like I’ll have to find time to learn some enchantment magic.”

“Before that, you’re going to have to learn Summon Magic Pet.”

“Huh? What’s this now?”

“After reaching the Elite level, a mage can contract an animal to become a magic pet.” Aldo turned around, pulled out a series of books from his bookcase, and solemnly handed one over to Roland. “These are my spellcasting tips, it contains the spell model for Summon Magic Pet. Take it.”

Roland took the book and looked at Aldo silently for a moment, then suddenly said, “Chairman, are you planning to leave?”

Aldo froze for a moment, then smiled bitterly. “You can tell?”


Aldo sighed dejectedly as he sat back in his chair again and said slowly, “You’ve done a major thing in the past few days, even killing off John Senior. I’m truly impressed.”

“Did this give you trouble?”

Aldo waved his hand. “That’s not it. It’s just that watching you guys act so recklessly, I’ve suddenly figured something out. I’m still young, I still have a lot of time left in my life, so why should I waste my time here with the headquarters-can’t I go to other countries? Mages are rare everywhere, and even if I don’t get along well, it’s much better than being pinched like a rat by the headquarters. That’s why I plan to leave secretly in a few days.”

Roland was silent for a moment, then smiled. “I didn’t hear anything just now.”

Chuckling, Aldo stood up and patted Roland’s shoulder. “You’re an impressive kid-not to mention your talent, your emotional intelligence isn’t low either. You can definitely become a big shot in the future.”

“Forget about being a big shot. I’m only interested in magic right now.” Roland looked around. “Since you know how to Summon Magic Pet, then where is your magic pet, Chairman?”

“It’s gone, it was killed by the people from the headquarters.” Aldo’s eyes had an indistinct look of hatred and anger. “Each mage can only contract one magic pet in his life—you see what I mean.”

Roland sighed. “It’s like killing one’s kin.”

“So no matter what, my feud with the headquarters will never go away.” Aldo laughed dryly.


Roland didn’t say anything; he didn’t know what to say. If he offered consolation, it would make Aldo seem weak, and if he didn’t offer consolation, it would make himself seem a bit cold.


However, Aldo’s expression quickly became normal. He waved his hand. “All right, you go back first… From now on, the Magic Tower, it’s up to you to look after it. Vivian is also a good girl, so do as you see fit.”

Roland still had many more questions he wanted to ask, but Aldo was clearly no longer willing to talk more.

After thanking him, Roland returned to the Magic Tower with the book on Summon Magic


As soon as he sat down, Vivian carried a glass of freshly squeezed juice over. “Deputy Chairman, you’ve been working outside for a long time, you must be thirsty.”

Roland looked at Vivian and asked, “Have you heard of magic pets?”

Vivian nodded evenly. “I’ve heard of them, but it’s said that only powerful mages are qualified to contract magic pets.”

“If you could contract a magic pet, which animal would you choose?”

“Of course, it would be a unicorn.” Vivian’s eyes sparkled. “I heard that’s the representation only for holy maidens.”

Roland wore a helpless expression.

Even he, a greenhorn of common sense in the magic world, knew clearly that unicorns were awfully rare, and only occasionally appeared in the territory of the elves.

Actually wanting to contract a unicorn, Vivian’s girlish heart is really quite innocent and unaffected.

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