Mages Are Too OP

Chapter 131 - Get Rid of All Evil

Chapter 131: Get Rid of All Evil

Roland didn’t expect his magic this time to be so powerful that it would be exaggerated to this extent.

They had clearly been three hundred meters away from the city wall, but still, their eardrums were shattered by the sound of the explosion.

There wasn’t much pain. After all, it was only a tenth of the original, but what was unbearable was the mental devastation.

Now everyone was blind and deaf, unable to see or hear, all in a state of bewilderment, so many people rolled around in fear on the ground, making a fool of themselves.

In addition to being unable to see or hear, Roland himself also felt extremely weak, which was a natural reaction of the body when mental power almost hits rock-bottom.

Logically, this was the best time for them to attack the city, but everyone was blinded, and no one was able to move at all.

At first, Roland was a little worried that the enemy would attack, but he waited for a while without hearing the enemy’s war cries. It took about four minutes before the players gradually regained their sight, but their eyes were red and swollen as if they had pink eye.

Two priest players from the Church of Water recovered and began to use Group Hydro-Healing.

This was a kind of healing magic that didn’t work very fast but had quite a large range. The healing effect was pretty good from their combined efforts.

Ruptured eardrums might be a bit of a problem in modern society, but here, it was treated as a minor injury, and a healing spell would do the trick.

The players could gradually see things in the distance. The dizzying effect from the sonic shock was fading, and then they saw the scene in the distance. All of them were speechless with surprise.

The city gate had been lifted off its head, so to speak, turning from a height of six meters to less than one meter.

And the thickness of the city wall was three meters, so one could imagine how much damage Roland’s large fireball had caused.

What was even more outrageous was that near the central explosion point, at least fifty meters to each side of the city walls had collapsed. Even further away, the surface layer had cracked, and it seemed that it was not far from collapsing.

And in these places, there was still black smoke billowing and dark red lava at the center of the explosion.

“With this kind of power, a single shot can break the city wall. What’s the need for a siege suicide squad, wouldn’t a few mages solve everything?”

The other players all looked like they agreed with this.

There was a similar conversation in the livestream room.

But a priest-like player stepped to the side and said, “It’s because this city doesn’t use magic-resistant building materials. All the cities within the country are similar, except only a few mega-size cities that use magic-resistant building materials for their walls. The border cities will mix a large amount of magic-resistant materials into their walls, and it’s very, very difficult for mages to break through these walls. Moreover, in a real war, both sides have mages that interfere with each other, and it’s not that easy to deal a devastating blow to a city wall. In many cases, wearing magic-resistant gear can effectively reduce the damage magic can do to us. Mages aren’t strong enough to be invincible.”

A group of players breathed a sigh of relief.

The audience in the livestream also felt much better.

Fortunately, at least there was a way to counterbalance such a terrifying class.

The group of people walked near the city wall and found fragmented corpses everywhere. Most of the city guards were dead, a small number were waxed into charred corpses by the terrible heat, and guards further away were shocked by the impact such that they bled from the seven orifices to their deaths.

Even the players, professionals, who were 300 meters away were temporarily rendered incapable of combat by the sonic shock, not to mention these much weaker soldiers.

There was some discomfort in the players’ eyes as they looked at the scattered corpses, but no one would blame Roland.

There were none of them who didn’t have two or three NPCs’ blood on their hands.

Moreover, they also had a just cause.

None of these soldiers who had helped the oppressor were innocent.

However, encountering soldiers who were not completely dead yet, those priests were still willing to save them.

After watching near the city gate for a while, a player murmured, “With this kind of power, even if I’m wearing magic-resistant equipment, I feel like I’ll still be shocked to death.”

“Then just learn a specialty of sonic wave resistance?” someone interjected.

“There’s no way I’m going to learn a bunch of skills and specialties aimed at countering Roland but are trash against others.”

“So you do know that the Roland is the only Master Mage right now.”

A few players quarreled, avoiding the dark red lava that was still burning, stepped over the meter-high city wall, and entered the city.

“Proceed according to plan?”

“Of course!”

All the players smiled knowingly, and the Sound Amplification spell was cast across them.

Then they rearranged their square formation, shouting the slogans they had prepared beforehand as they advanced towards the castle.

The booming voices began to ring throughout the small city of Mory.

“We are the Gray Eyes resistance, the avengers who have crawled back from hell.”

“Only the head of evil, Bettel, will be put to death, and no one else.”

“Bettel is an absolutely vicious and utterly heartless man. The wrath of the people will not be quelled until he is dead.”

“We’ll return to hell after Bettel is killed. Please don’t stop us or you’ll suffer the consequences.”

Attack one’s mind before killing them: the players were well aware of this. In order to reduce the enemy’s resistance and also reduce unnecessary casualties, such a slogan had to be shouted.

It was just that the players were always a bit whimsical, and as they shouted, someone started to screw around.

“That ass-selling b**ch Bettel deserves to be a noble too?”

“Bettel is ugly and repulsive, so bad that he has sores on his head and pus on the soles of his feet, and whoever associates with him will be punished by god eventually.”

“Bettel is a pervert. He won’t even let an eighty-year-old woman go.”

As soon as this was said, all the players looked at the player who had just shouted this.

This player instinctively cringed.

The players shouted as they walked, and then they realized that something was wrong. There was really no one stopping them on their way.

The main road that led straight to the castle actually didn’t have a single person.

It seemed that everyone was hiding.

The city even seemed quiet.

What was going on? Could it be that the enemy had laid in ambush and was trying to sneak up on them? Or were their slogans really that effective?

All the players looked at each other.

At this moment, a bandit player jumped down from the roof and rolled the instant upon landing to lessen the impact. He said hurriedly, ” Bettel ran away from the east gate. Who caused the commotion just now, f**king scared the hell out of me. It felt like five thunderbolts exploded in my head. The people in the whole city were scared out of their wits, and Bettel stopped putting out the fire immediately and just fled with his soldiers from the east gate. The other five of us have already followed, and they sent me back to ask you guys if we should just let him live, or kill every last one of them.”

Everyone’s eyes turned to Roland.

Roland forced a laugh and said, “You can’t say something as ruthless as killing every last one of them. We’re good people, we want to say we’ll get rid of all evil. We can ignore other people, but Bettel must die.”

Allie was also in the crowd. She said fiercely, “Bettel has to die.”

“Then let’s keep chasing them. I don’t believe they have more endurance than us professionals,” a player shouted.

The crowd let out mischievous laughter, a little wicked, a little unpleasant to the ear.

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