Mages Are Too OP

Chapter 130 - Roland Who Completely Exterminated His Own Teammates

Chapter 130: Roland Who Completely Exterminated His Own Teammates


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It was very difficult to burn down a castle.

After all, the building materials are all stone.

But what happens when six players, each using their Backpacks, load up on a 2x2x2 volume of a special flammable substance, something that resembles coal, but burns more efficiently than coal?

The consequence was that a castle was set on fire.


Such a strange laugh came out of Bettel, who clutched his hair wildly with both hands, his face flushed, his pupils dilated, seemingly about to pop out of their eye sockets.

Looking at him, everyone around felt shivery and backed away slowly.

It was natural for him to react this way.

A castle like this could only be built slowly with the efforts of at least three generations of their family. And there were many precious things in the castle, such as collected gems and gold coins—with this fire, the efforts of several generations could have been burned to nothing.

Most importantly, the castle was their last line of defense, and a noble with a castle and a noble without a castle were two different concepts.

If even the castle fell, then it meant that the family was going to be in decline.

Bettel really couldn’t accept this. It was supposed to be a celebratory banquet today—the Gray Eyes resistance was no more, the woman that he used as a tool was gone too—two good things together should have been a much happier matter. How did it turn out this way?

With strands of hair ripped out of his scalp, Bettel’s expression grew more and more twisted, the corners of his mouth had white saliva running out of them, and his eyes looked like they were about to turn psychotic. At this time, Wade, who had been following beside him, came up and slapped Bettel hard in the face, cursing angrily. “What are you waiting for? Give the order to put out the fire.”

The slap was heavy, and the clear sound of it could be heard for dozens of meters around.

The five red marks on Bettel’s face quickly swelled.

However, this also made him much soberer.

Gratefully looking at Wade, Bettel bellowed to the side, “The second and fourth regiments stay behind to defend, the others follow me back to the castle immediately to put out the fire. Exterminate the enemy within the city! One silver coin for every enemy killed.”

The castle was definitely not going to be saved, but he was going to salvage as much as he could.

Bettel rushed down the wall with a group of soldiers in the direction of the castle. Now that he was much more awake, he didn’t take all of the soldiers from the walls.

Less than ten seconds after he had left the castle wall, a huge round stone, carrying the sound of whistling wind, went from far to near, finally smashing the walls. Although the players used a simple catapult, thanks to the addition of excellent individual attributes in the game, this made the few players who were fiddling with the catapults have an unusual talent for calibration.

Hearing the sound of the heavy impact coming from the rear, Bettel couldn’t help but look back, just in time to see countless pieces of rubble exploding on the walls. Some of it reached his vicinity.

He instinctively clenched his hands into fists.

Allie! You b**ch!

How dare you bring people back to trouble me. When I get through this…

Wade, who was next to him, immediately interrupted his declaration of hatred: “What are you waiting for, Bettel, get moving.”

Bettel turned his body upright and spurred his horse to run toward the burning castle.

On the front side of the castle gate, the players couldn’t help but cheer as they watched another rock hit accurately.

The player in charge of calibrating the firing line laughed proudly. “I’m so damn awesome.”

But then the players let out another cheerful cry.

Because even though the view was blocked by the wall, the black pillar of smoke that rose up in the distance appeared in their eyes.

“It’s a success, those six bandits have successfully taken down the house.”

“Sending them to lurk in the city in advance was indeed correct.”

“There are clearly fewer guards on the city walls now.”

“Proceed to the next step, proceed to the next step, break the city gates.”

The players’ cheerful discussion stopped here, and everyone’s attention was focused on the black-robed man in the middle of the first row.

This was Roland.

He took a few steps forward, took out the magic staff from his Backpack, and pointed it in front.

A tiny fireball appeared three meters away from the front of the magic wand, then quickly grew larger and brighter.

At first, the fireball was dark yellow, and when it expanded to half a meter in diameter, it turned orange.

The temperature had obviously increased greatly.

At this time, the fireball was still expanding, and it quickly became about a meter and a half in diameter.

At this moment, there were already some blue flames sprouting on the surface of the fireball.

And the air around Roland had begun to distort, and the green grass around the soles of his feet was gradually yellowing.

But, the fireball was still expanding.

At the same time, Roland’s body began to glow, dense white spots of light appearing and then merging back into his body.

This was the effect of the Mind-Calming Necklace being triggered. The magic power that Roland had accumulated for ten days that barely filled the storage limit of the Mind-Calming Necklace began to flow back into his body.

It’s well known that every time the radius of a sphere is increased by the same length, its volume is multiplied several times, and when it grows again to a certain extent, it will be ten times, even hundreds of times what it was before.

Roland’s own magic bar could maintain the diameter of the Inferior Fireball to about a meter and a half, but using up all the stored magic in the Mind-Calming Necklace, the total amount of magic power of nearly three times Roland’s, had only barely enlarged the fireball to two meters.

But it was enough!

The fireball with a diameter of two meters, taller than most players, looked extremely overwhelming.

At this moment, the sprouting flames on the surface of the fireball had already turned blue, and the air around Roland was distorted even more. About ten meters around, the grass had already fully yellowed and was now starting to spontaneously combust.

The surrounding players kept retreating, and they were now more than twenty meters away from Roland.

All of them were stunned.

The livestream chat was also buzzing.

“Holy sh**, this atmosphere, this special effect, who said mages are trash.”

“Blue flames, 2,000 degrees of heat, overkill (Table Flipping).”

“Mages are trash, Master Mages aren’t trash. You have to understand that they are two different classes.”

“I’ve decided, I’m going to train as a mage. For this atmosphere, it’s worth it!”

“Being handsome is a lifelong matter.”

“Are you sure you never flunked advanced mathematics in college?”

“Upstairs, you cut me to the quick.”

While the idiotic players in the livestream were excited with banter, Roland, who almost at the limit of his mental power, used the last of his mental power to eject the large fireball.

It was a real ejection, similar to the kind of ejection from an electromagnetic rail gun.

With a whoosh, the heavens and earth seemed to darken for an instant, and the large fireball turned into an elliptical shape, drawing out a straight line of lightning and instantly smashing into the wall above the city gate.

However, this was just a visual illusion created by the large fireball flying too fast for those observing it. The shape of the fireball remained the same.

And the moment the large fireball hit the city wall, it bloomed with a light that did not differ in brightness from a flashbang explosion, and at the same time, it erupted with a tremendous sound, so loud that it was like a mortar bomb exploding directly in the ear.

It shattered the eardrums.

The netizens watching the livestream cried that their titanium alloy dog eyes1 were blinded. Meanwhile, the players on the scene had it even worse; not only could they not see, but their ears were also ringing. One by one, they were crying terribly and lightly patting their ears frequently at the same time.

At this moment, they couldn’t see, nor hear, their ears were buzzing all over.

A few of the more composed players could still cover their ears and stand dumbfounded in place, while jumpy ones were already rolling on the ground, cursing and talking nonsense, though they couldn’t hear what they themselves were cursing.

The scene was extremely chaotic.

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