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Chapter 113 - Famous Person Effect

Chapter 113: Famous Person Effect

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After Roland sat down, he looked at the crazy men around him and sighed.

It was probably the same scene in reality when chasing a celebrity.

As soon as Roland sat down, Li Lin from the Guild @ him again.

Li Lin: “I see you and Betta in the livestream. Yes, the comments are exploding; many people know you.”

Seeing this, Roland could not help but check the livestream.

Then he saw a bunch of comments flying past.

“Oh, Almighty Roland. Why is he here to see our Fan Fan dance instead of being his Mage shut-in self?”

“It’s normal for shut-ins to like celebrities!”

“Don’t they like paper waifus?”

“Why do you think our Fan Fan came to Delpon City?”

“I think they want to buy Roland’s magic equipment. Completing the first main dungeon quest rewards magic equipment. I heard it’s gold equipment. It’s just that the effects are unknown.”

“Why can’t it be Fan Six Hundred Million traveling all the way to find her love…”

The moment he said this, the comments stopped. Then, a large number of comments swarmed the screen:


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Although Fan Six Hundred Million had indeed made some mistakes that shouldn’t be committed in real life, she still had a lot of fans.

The person who had sent the comment had obviously angered the masses.

Then, he was banned by the moderator.

Fan Six Hundred Million was all sweaty from dancing in the middle of the hall as the music came to an end.

The handsome bard stood up, holding onto the lute. His upper body leaned backward, almost as though he would break his own back.

And the music ended at this moment.

Fan Six Hundred Million spun and sat on the ground to wrap up the dance. The surrounding customers stopped shouting and fell to the ground one after another, unconscious.

Only a few people could stand, just barely, but they also looked weak.

Roland did not even need to think about it. There was definitely another wave of awkward comments of praise in the livestream channel: “Fan Fan’s dance is so beautiful that it makes people faint” or “Perhaps the audience cannot bear to have the dance end; their sadness made them faint.”

However, he had to admit that Fan Six Hundred Million’s dance was indeed beautiful.

“A hot dance will typically make people faint after seeing it,” Fan Six Hundred Million said as she walked toward Roland and Betta. She sat down in front of them without any propriety and continued, “Only a professional can hear it to the end, and experience a temporary increase in their abilities. So you don’t have to worry about anything happening to them. They will wake up soon.”

The bard also walked over and sat on the remaining chair.

Roland looked at Fan Six Hundred Million and smiled. “I’ve heard so much about you.”

“That’s all? You aren’t a fan of mine?” Fan Six Hundred Million looked at Roland. Her beautiful eyes seemed to be filled with a look of wonder. “I came to Delpon City to look for you.”

Hearing this, Roland felt his scalp go numb. He knew that the comments in the live-stream were going to explode.

What was this vixen up to?

As the other party was livestreaming, Roland deliberated over his words and said, “Don’t joke with me, Miss Fan. You’re a famous celebrity and we’re just ordinary citizens. A simple joke from you might bring us a lot of trouble. I reckon someone is already cursing my parents in the livestream.”

Roland’s guess was correct. Many people had begun cursing.

Fans were almost always irrational. They didn’t wish for anything to happen between their idol and someone of the opposite sex. Even a joking conversation was prohibited.

Of course, this mistake wasn’t the fault of their idol, but on the other party.

“Then wait a moment.” Fan Six Hundred Million said. Then she said to the air, “Dear fans and viewers, I’m sorry. Roland doesn’t seem to like being live-streamed. His personal privacy should be protected, so I’ll temporarily be pausing the stream. Once the discussion is over, I’ll naturally resume the stream. At the same time, thank you for watching. Thank you very much.”

She then turned to Roland and continued, “All right, I’ve paused it. I’m very sorry.”

She’s so kind? Her temper was so good in this moment that she did not seem like a celebrity.

There were rumors that said she was very proud and had a bad temper!

It seemed one shouldn’t believe the tabloids so easily.

At this time, in the guild chat room, Li Lin was crazily @-ing him again. At the same time, he was spamming the screen: “The livestream has been paused. I can’t see Fan Fan anymore. Can you help me record a video in the game?”

Li Lin had always been Fan Six Hundred Million’s fan. It was not surprising that he had such thoughts.

Roland replied in the chat room, “Since she’s not live, I can’t record her. Otherwise, wouldn’t my words be contradictory?”

Li Lin: “Okay.”

He diverted his attention from the guild. Roland looked at Fan Six Hundred Million and said, “Then, Miss Fan, why are you looking for me?”

“I want to buy your magic equipment,” said Fan Six Hundred Million with a smile. “That gold equipment.”

As expected… The netizens in the livestream had guessed it.

Roland thought about it and said, “Sorry, I don’t have plans on selling.”

The Mind-Calming Necklace was very useful to Roland. He would rather not have the finest staff than lose this equipment.

Fan Six Hundred Million’s skin was very fair, and the clothes she wore were very revealing. She placed one hand on the table while the other held her cheek. She looked rather cute and pretty. “One million bucks.”

Roland was taken aback. He smiled bitterly and said, “As expected of a woman who claims to be from a rich family. The price is really generous.”

Fan Six Hundred Million chuckled. It was so beautiful that no one could take their eyes off it.

In reality, she was already pretty enough. She was even prettier in-game. She had likely maxed out her Charm attributes.

He wondered if she had the same Extraordinary Charm as Schuck.

Roland took a deep breath. “I’m sorry, but I’m not selling.”

“Then two million?” Fan Six Hundred Million refused to give up.

Roland continued to shake his head.

Fan Six Hundred Million wanted to raise the bid again, but the bard suddenly said, “Roland, don’t be too greedy.”

The moment he said this, the other three people were stunned.

Especially the gossipy Betta who was watching the development with interest. He widened his eyes.

Roland frowned as he looked at the bard. Then he turned to Fan Six Hundred Million and asked, “Is he a manager?”

“How is that possible? He’s just a friend I met on the way. He’s very nice. He escorted me all the way to Delpon City.”

Upon hearing Fan Six Hundred Million’s praise, the bard trembled in agitation. His face turned red.

Hmm… looks like he’s a fan too.

Sighing softly, Roland continued, “Miss Fan, I’m not planning on selling it. I hope you don’t raise the price again. I’m worried that I won’t be able to resist the temptation of money.”

Rich people always did things fearlessly. For the sake of their pride, their actions had to be exaggerated. What if Fan Six Hundred Million increased the price to ten million!?

Roland believed that he would sell it.

When Fan Bingbing returned with the necklace, she would probably feel cheated after that mood of refusing to concede defeat waned.

If she were to get a refund from Roland, he would probably refuse to return the money.

Then, Roland might be reported with a claim that he had engaged in fraud. The courts would probably not dismiss the case, and there was a high chance that the court would determine that Roland was guilty of fraud. It wasn’t worth the price for this string of data.

Roland had seen similar matters mentioned in the newspapers.

Therefore, the moment he opened his mouth, he stopped Fan Six Hundred Million’s chance of raising the bid again.

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