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Chapter 112 - I Don’t Chase After Stars

Chapter 112: I Don’t Chase After Stars

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The Magic Tower was made of stone. Aside from a few ventilation ducts on each floor, there were only one or two windows. As such, the lighting inside the tower wasn’t very bright, especially on the second floor. There were fewer illumination magic crystals here than the other floors.

Vivian’s smooth side profile reflected the orange glow of the magic crystals. She was silent.

Claus continued, “Think about Jerry. His hair already turned white by the time Deputy Chairman Roland came. Do you think it’s easy for a good leader like Deputy Chairman Roland to appear?”

Vivian still didn’t say anything.

Claus was anxious. “Why haven’t you figured it out? Listen to me, be more proactive. Put on your most beautiful clothes and stand in front of Deputy Chairman Roland.”

Vivian still didn’t say anything.

Seeing her lifeless look, Claus sighed and said, “Sigh, it’s fine if you don’t wish to be progressive, but you can’t just hand our chances away.”

At this moment, Vivian finally spoke. “Why should I be responsible for your opportunity?”

“Even if it’s not for me, you’ll have to take responsibility for the opportunities of the other apprentices.” Claus said helplessly, “Our Magic Tower is a whole body. No matter how long Deputy Chairman Roland stays here, he will decide how strong our future is. And you’re one of the important factors in keeping him here.”

At this moment, Vivian suddenly smiled. “You make a lot of sense, but I’m not stupid. I don’t know why an important matter like retaining the deputy chairman should fall on a woman like me. Are you not going to do anything besides push me forward?”

“If he likes men, I’ll take off my pants at once.” Claus looked at her quietly. “You should understand what I mean.”

Vivian shook her head, and stood up. “I do like the deputy chairman a lot, but my love is very fragile. It can’t withstand the weight of your ideals. I hope that the deputy chairman and I can have a clean relationship that isn’t tainted by such matters.”

After speaking, Vivian left.

Claus watched as she returned to her room and closed the door. Then he slammed the table and cursed, “Dogsh*t.”

Roland did not know what was going on downstairs. Once the door to the magic lab closed, the sealed barrier made it difficult to hear the noise outside.

Although it was a Level 3 spell, due to his Spatial Specialization, if he truly derived it, it would be much easier than a Level 2 spell like Language Proficiency.

He experimented more than ten times before succeeding.

Magic surged. Half a second later, he appeared six meters in front of where he was before.

After a brief moment of joy, Roland’s face turned pale. He bent down and retched loudly, vomiting all the contents in his stomach.

The spell was successful, but after the teleportation, his body felt like it had been sitting on a boat that ebbed up and down with the waves for several hours. The entire world was spinning.

That nausea was exactly the same as carsickness.

After spitting out his bile, Roland finally felt much better.

He sat back on the chair weakly.

He had guessed the start. With Spatial Specialization, the Teleportation Spell was indeed very easy to learn, but he had not guessed that there would be such a tremendous side effect.

His magic could succeed 100% of the time.

Then there was only one possibility… The side effects were a part of his physical reaction.

It was just like how people would feel carsick on their first ride in a car.

It’s so disgusting… Roland felt the sourness churn in his gut again.

No, he couldn’t be the only one suffering this disgust.

Without another word, Roland directly uploaded the Teleportation Spell model onto the discussion forum. At the same time, he uploaded a video. He only showed the successful casting of the spell, editing away the scenes of him vomiting.

Looking at the thread, Roland laughed happily before a wave of stomach acid surged to his throat, making him extremely disgusted.

At that moment, the system sent him a notification that Brazil and Li Lin had both @ him at the same time. They also gave him a live stream room number on the “Zwitch.”

Roland did not know what it was, but he clicked it out of his trust for his friends.

Then, he saw Fan Six Hundred Million belly-dancing in a tavern. The surrounding drunkards cheered and wolf-whistled. The scene was extremely hot.

“What does this have to do with me?” Roland asked in the chat.

Li Lin: “She’s in Delpon City now. She seems to be in a tavern called Gray Sand.”

Brazil: “Quick, go and take a look. It’s rare to see a famous celebrity. Perhaps we can get some connections and autographs.”

Fan Six Hundred Million has come to Delpon City?

What is she doing here? As soon as this thought came to mind, Roland felt that he was asking too much. This was a game world; she could go anywhere she liked. It was none of his business.

“Not interested! It’s not like you guys aren’t aware that I’m not interested in celebrities.”

Li Lin: “Tsk!”

Brazil: “It’s a good opportunity to become a member of the riders. Why don’t you give it a try?”

Roland: “Heh!”

At this moment, Betta sent a message. “Brother Roland, let’s go take a look. I’ll be leaving Delpon City after taking a look. Let’s treat it as a farewell celebration.”

Roland: “???”

Betta: “Let’s talk in detail at the Gray Sand.”

Okay! Roland got up helplessly. Although he still felt a little nauseous and his legs were a little weak, he had to understand why Betta was suddenly leaving Delpon City.

Ten minutes later, he arrived at the Gray Sand Tavern. Before he even entered, he heard a loud commotion coming from inside.

It was deafening.

Roland went in. In the large hall, the tables and chairs in the middle had all been cleared. There was only a beautiful, blonde, green-eyed dancer dancing in the middle.

Beside her, there was a player who looked like a bard. He was playing the brisk song, “Little Apple,” with a lute.

In the middle of the hall, Fan Six Hundred Million’s waist was twisting like a snake.

The surrounding guests were flushed red with excitement.

A drunkard could not stand it any longer. He grabbed a man beside him and knocked his forehead heavily against his.

The man fainted with a loud thud. The victim fainted while the perpetrator’s face was covered in blood as he continued to scream wildly. He waved his hands like a gorilla.

There were at least a hundred patrons in the entire tavern. The sounds they made could almost blow off the roof.

Roland covered his ears and looked around. Soon, he found Betta.

He occupied a table by himself.

After all, he was a “noble.” Typical customers did not dare to approach Betta.

Roland walked over and sat down opposite Betta.

Betta watched Fan Six Hundred Million. He nodded along to her dancing, gyrating to the music.

It had to be said that the bard had some skills. Even with such deafening noise, the music he played could still be heard clearly by everyone.

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