Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again

Chapter 1667 - 1667 Is the Sky Blue? You're Mine!

1667 Is the Sky Blue? You’re Mine!

Tian Chen Headquarters.

Jian Jin opened Lu Zhi’s office door with gum in her mouth and gave him an invitation.

“The Independent Continent’s invitation this year has been sent over.”

Halfway through her sentence, her bright eyes saw that the man sitting behind the spacious desk was holding his phone and looking at it. He didn’t even look in her direction.

Jian Jin walked over speechlessly and placed the gilded invitation letter on his desk. She emphasized again, “Boss, the Independent Continent’s invitation letter has been sent over this year! I checked it. The Ji family is holding a banquet this year.”

The handsome and beautiful man finally raised his head. His eyes were bright, and he seemed to be in a good mood.

He placed the phone on the table and smiled happily. “Huh? The Ji family is holding a banquet this year?”

Jian Jin looked at him strangely. After a long time, she asked curiously, “Boss, do you have a fever?”

Lu Zhi was speechless.

“If you don’t have a fever… The Ji family is holding a banquet this year. Why are you so happy?” Jian Jin could tell what he was thinking and complained.

However, complaining was one thing.

She never slacked off when it came to proper business. She immediately said seriously, “In the past, the small families on the Independent Continent would rope in foreign forces and hold one or two banquets. A family like the Jis would never lower their status to participate in such a small matter.

“But they are holding a banquet this year…”

Jian Jin’s brows were tightly knitted together. She felt that the Ji Family’s behavior this time was too abnormal.

She handed the invitation to him. “The Ji Family also invited you. They sent it in advance. This is their invitation.”

The Ji family’s invitation letter was placed together with the Independent Continent pass.

Lu Zhi picked it up nonchalantly and skimmed through it. His eyelashes covered the emotions in his pupils, making him look unpredictable.

Jian Jin was waiting for him to read the invitation when she glanced at his phone on the table from the corner of her eye.

Coincidentally, the phone screen hadn’t dimmed yet.

She saw what Lu Zhi was looking at.

WeChat Moments?

Jian Jin stopped chewing gum. A little surprised, she looked again.

Good lord, she almost vomited!

[L: The sky is blue, the sea is blue, and you are mine.]


Luckily, she didn’t spit out the gum.

What kind of circle of friends did he have? These words were too corny. She probably wouldn’t be able to find such romantic words online.

Where did Boss find such… romantic words? He even dared to post them on his WeChat Moments!

Jian Jin noticed that an hour ago, there was a Like on his WeChat Moments.

It was from Qiao Nian.

She gave a thumbs up.

There was nothing else.

It was quite cool.

Jian Jin instantly understood why Lu Zhi was in such a good mood today. The corners of her mouth twitched, and she forced herself to hold back her laughter. She looked at the man looking at the invitation letter. She really wanted to say, “Big boss, you’ve misunderstood. I think Qiao Nian’s ‘Like’ doesn’t mean that she really liked it, but that… you’re so awesome that you hurt her eyes!”

However, she held back her words.

It was especially hard to endure, like resisting the urge to scratch the ears and cheeks.

“Boss, you…”


Lu Zhi happened to finish reading the invitation letter at this moment. He glanced at the time on the letter and casually placed it on the desk. Then, he tugged at his collar and said nonchalantly, “I definitely have to go to the Ji Family’s banquet. As for other activities in the Independent Continent, I won’t participate.”

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