Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again

Chapter 1666 - 1666 Sister Nian Is Heading to the Independent Continent

1666 Sister Nian Is Heading to the Independent Continent

He didn’t buy perfume.

His intuition told him that Qiao Nian didn’t like perfume.

However, this time, he had guessed that Qiao Nian wouldn’t bring face wipes with her. He quietly asked his colleague to tell him the brand that girls liked to use. Then, he ran to the mall to buy a set for Qiao Nian and put it in his suitcase.

He even took out some documents to make space.

Qiao Nian glanced at him. She didn’t say anything, but her eyes darkened. “Okay.”

Nie Mi, Master Cheng, Liang Conglin, and the others arrived as they spoke.

Qiao Nian estimated that about thirteen people were going to the Independent Continent this time. It was a small team, but more people than the last time they went to the illegal zone.

Moreover, they seemed to have a higher status than the people who went to the illegal zone last time.

At least she had never seen these faces on the news.

She had heard that many big researchers hid their identities. She wouldn’t see these people unless it was an important occasion.

The person who came with Master Cheng and the others looked like these kinds of people.

Everyone knew each other.

They greeted each other warmly.

The people who came this time were all dressed plainly. Like Jiang Zongjin, they did not look like they were wearing branded clothes.

They seemed to know her father.

A few people came over to greet Jiang Zongjin. Then, they noticed Qiao Nian and would look back and forth in surprise. They smiled at her when they heard Jiang Zongjin’s introduction.

Qiao Nian was more solitary and cold.

However, she was not a rude person. Basically, when the elders who came to greet Jiang Zongjin smiled and spoke to her, she would answer politely.

Everyone had a good first impression of her.

Someone even asked Nie Mi if Qiao Nian was the young person in the quota for the Independent Continent visit this time.

Nie Mi didn’t reveal too much information about Qiao Nian. He only answered a portion of the questions, addressing them superficially.

He didn’t go into detail.

After everyone was gathered, they were about to set off.

They were taking a private plane this time, so they did not need to go through security checks. Special staff members also helped everyone carry their luggage and lead the way.

Qiao Nian boarded the plane and found a seat in a corner.

Master Cheng had something to say to Jiang Zongjin, so he didn’t come over.

Qiao Nian sat alone in the row. She stretched her legs comfortably and took out her phone from her pocket.

She turned it on and saw there was a signal on the plane. A WeChat message from a certain someone was waiting for her.

[I’m here.]

Qiao Nian glanced at the message and typed a reply.

[QN: I’m preparing to set off too.]

Then, she opened her WeChat Moments and scrolled through them.

Only two of her friends were active.

One was Qin Si.

The moment she clicked on it, the first thing she saw was a screenshot of the game team that Qin Si had sent five minutes ago. He cried on his WeChat Moments again.

The other was Lu Zhi.

His profile picture was quite simple.



Qiao Nian scrolled down and clicked her tongue.

Lu Zhi’s WeChat Moments were filled with corny love words. He maintained the frequency of one post every day and sent different corny love words every day.

Moreover, it was corny to the extent that it hurt one’s eyes.

He was as old-fashioned as an old man next door.

Qiao Nian’s eyes hurt every time she saw it.

She Liked Lu Zhi’s latest post. Then, she turned off her phone and put it aside. Next, she took out an eye mask from her bag and put on her earphones.

She planned to sleep on the plane.

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