Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again

Chapter 144 - The Only Person She’s Not Allergic to Is Ye Wangchuan

Chapter 144: The Only Person She’s Not Allergic to Is Ye Wangchuan

Qiao Nian looked at the diamond stud on his left ear. It was the latest design from Seven and was from the catalog that she just gave to Yuan Yongqin.

It was a limited edition.

But he managed to get it.

Qiao Nian pushed his face away from her and scoffed. “Leave me alone, I’m allergic to you.”


Heartbroken, Wei Lou snapped. “Can’t you be more gentle? If you continue to treat me like this I’ll move on soon!”

No guy could stand being disliked by the girl he liked.

Wei Lou could feel his anger rising up. He washed it down using the water.

He looked up and saw a red patch on Qiao Nian’s neck.

As she had fair skin, it was obvious when it turned red.

Qiao Nian noticed it as well. When she touched her neck, she could feel that the area was getting warm.

It must be her allergy acting up.

She had thought that since she was fine when Ye Wangchuan got so close to her, she was getting better. But apparently, there were no improvements in her allergy.

“I’m sorry, it’s a real allergy.”

“It’s fine.”

Wei Lou’s anger evaporated upon seeing how she was really allergic to him. He then waved it off like it was nothing.

“Just my luck to fall in love with you!”

He had fallen in love with someone he could never touch. It would be tremendously hard for him to pursue her.

His coffee arrived just in time.

Wei Lou took a sip of the coffee, calmed down, and said, “I’ve asked a doctor when I was back in Beijing this time. He told me that your condition is rare and is likely because of psychological reasons.”

He wanted to ask Qiao Nian why did she subconsciously didn’t want the opposite sex to get close to her.

But he thought about it and didn’t ask.

He changed the topic. “I’ve seen the news. What are you doing to do about the information that ‘revealed’ who you are?”

Qiao Nian looked down and asked nonchalantly, “You’ve seen it too?”

If he saw that nonsense from Beijing, that would mean that it had a wide reach.

“Else, why would I rush back?”

Wei Lou frowned and proposed. “It’s easy to settle this issue, actually. There are two ways. The first would be asking someone even more powerful to cover this up. The second way would be silencing the netizens.

“You offended the Tang family, and they’re really powerful in Rao City. It’d be quite a bit of a hassle.”

He couldn’t figure out how she offended the Tang family. But there was nothing he could do now except to solve the problem for her.

Wei Lou frowned and said, “We should use the second way. I know someone from the Red Alliance. You could create an assignment for them to accept. It’d be a piece of cake for them to block certain keywords. The Tang family just wants to steer the public’s discussion away. If we continue with the procedure of locking her up, the girl would be a criminal and it would be hard for them to release her…”

How could the Tang family give up on this after spending so much effort?

If she wanted to look for the Red Alliance, there was no need for her to do it through the dark web.

She could just tell [Slim Waist Control].

Qiao Nian leaned against her chair and placed her hand on the table. She then said proudly, “I know someone who can solve it.”

She knew someone?


Qiao Nian answered nonchalantly, “Someone I met in the past.”

Wei Lou didn’t know much about her past. But since she looked unaffected by the entire issue, he wasn’t so worried anymore. He then suggested, “Tell me if you need help, I know someone as well. Even though the Tang family is powerful in Rao city, they aren’t invulnerable.”

Qiao Nian’s eyes lit up. She nodded and said, “Alright.”

She appreciated his gesture.

But she wanted to meet him today for other matters.

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