Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again

Chapter 143 - It Was as Though She Got Another Father

Chapter 143: It Was as Though She Got Another Father

To prevent herself from being harassed, she found Shen Qiongzhi’s contact from her phone and blocked it as well.

After that, she took a sip of the ice water and checked the time.

Wei Lou’s plane was about to arrive.

At this moment, her phone rang as well.

She looked at it.

It was a text message.

Ye Qichen: [Sister, are you coming over to the hospital in the afternoon?]

Qiao Nian was playing around with a gun-shaped lighter. Her eyes lit up when she saw his message and she replied to him immediately.

QN: [I’m not heading over today. Eat your meals and listen to your uncle.]

Ye Qichen: [How about tonight?]

He replied quickly. She could tell that he was holding his phone and eagerly waiting for her messages.

Qiao Nian thought about it. She was meeting someone tonight and might not make it back in time. She then replied to the message.

QN: [I’m meeting someone tonight. You can have dinner with your uncle. I’ll come to visit tomorrow.]

The kid seemed to be getting more clingy.

He would ask about her whereabouts every day.

He would also want to have every meal with her.

Qiao Nian didn’t like this feeling of reporting to someone. It felt like she had another father.

Before she could put her phone away, Ye Qichen sent another message.

Ye Qichen: [Sister, it’s dangerous at night. Where are you eating later, can we pick you up? (crying face)]

It felt as though he was afraid that she would reject him. He even sent a cute crying emoji.

Qiao Nian smiled.

She looked at the crowd at the airport. She didn’t want Ye Wangchuan to pick her up.


Her fingers weren’t under her control as she agreed to the kid’s request.

QN: [I’ve sent you a location.]

She sent where she would be having dinner tonight. She then locked her phone.

When she put the phone away, she noticed a flamboyant figure entering the coffee shop.

Even though Wei Lou was handsome as well, he would often boast that he was just as attractive as Ye Wangchuan. However, they had very different tastes!

Ye Wangchuan’s manner of dress was simple. He would only wear black, white, or grey. His clothes were mostly business or business casual.

But Wei Lou…

Qiao Nian looked at the man walking towards her with her arms crossed. His hair was dyed with the colors of the rainbow, with numerous studs on his ears. He was wearing a gold chain, with a biker-gang outfit. His pants were so long that they dragged on the ground.

Everyone would look horrible in his outfit.

But he was handsome.

He was tall as well, with a body that could go into modeling. The horrible outfit became his style.

Proud and flamboyant!

He even attracted some girls’ attention.

Qiao Nian saw his flamboyant entrance. When he sat down, she frowned and asked, “Could you change your style?”

Did he not find it wasteful to wear the ugliest clothes with the most handsome face?

“I want a coffee, without sugar.”

Wei Lou ordered from the waitress smilingly. His dazzling smile caused her to flush and run off.

He then leaned against the seat and said seductively, “How is it wasteful? I wore this just for you.

“I wouldn’t be able to attract young girls if I don’t change my style to something younger, right?!”

He then put his handsome face close to her and turned his head to show off his ear studs. “Qiao Nian, look at my new ear studs. Are they nice?”

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