Lust Knight

Chapter 285 - Merciful King?

Chapter 285 - Merciful King?

With his super hearing and state always alert, Lucien is aware of the messenger of the guard's captain going to warn Emmanuel's wife about his arrival.

Then Lucien starts walking towards the castle, followed by his group while asking the spy for information. "What do you know about Emmanuel's wife?"

The spy quickly responds. "Her name is Raquel. She is the daughter of the former lord of Raco, and her family has always been influential on this island."

"Do you think she knows about Emmanuel's black market?" Lucien asks.

Before the spy responds, Cassidy, next to Lucien, speaks. "I think it's improbable. I met Raquel a long time ago, and she seemed like a good woman to me. I also liked her father, and when he died, Raquel said that she would marry Emmanuel because he was a good man. I think she didn't really know her husband."

The spy makes an apologetic expression while speaking respectfully to Cassidy. "Forgive me, my Queen, but I have several pieces of evidence that prove that Raquel knew about Emmanuel's dark business before he even took over Raco's government."

Cassidy also makes a sorry expression. "Gee, I really thought I knew how to judge people..."

Lucien hugs Cassidy and kisses her forehead while continuing to ask the spy questions. "Tell me more about her."

The spy keeps reporting. "My group investigated her story thoroughly. I personally interrogated members of her family, and despite not having a verbal confirmation, I am almost sure that Emmanuel killed the former Lord, Raquel's father, and coerced her into marrying him so that he takes control of Raco."

While Lucien and Cassidy make surprised expressions, the spy continues. "It is quite obvious that Raquel and her family fear Emmanuel very much, and you can see that reflected on the city guard. The group you saw at the dock is the royal guard that follows Raquel's direct orders while Emmanuel used mercenaries as his personal forces."

"Although most people knew about Emmanuel's black market, anyone who approached them would be killed immediately by the mercenaries, so Raquel always gave orders for the guards to keep the people away from them and not create problems."

Cassidy makes an upset expression as she regrets not participating in Emmanuel's torture session. "But how did he keep doing these things, and nobody denounced him to me?"

The spy looks at the people around them. Most people are boat builders, humble traders, and fishermen. "The people here are simple and have always had a good life thanks to Raquel's family. They knew that she was being coerced by Emmanuel, so anyone who created problems for him, would be putting Raquel and her daughter's life in danger."

"This island is far away from Portgreen city, and Emmanuel controlled everything here, so it wasn't that simple for a poor trader or fisherman to go to the Queen to accuse a powerful and influential governor like Emmanuel, especially because Raquel would defend him to keep her family safe."

While Cassidy understands the delicate situation of the people of Raco, Lucien cannot help shaking his head as he comments. "Men bullying women... that is more usual than it looks."

The girls are saddened by the reality of the s.e.xist world, but they can't help but be happy to have Lucien as their husband, a man who treats them so nicely even though they don't always deserve it.

Angela remembers how her life was hell with her former husband, and now, she feels in heaven with Lucien.

"What are you going to do to Raquel?" Cassidy asks Lucien.

Lucien makes a thoughtful expression. Before, he thought that just cutting off her head would be enough. Still, now he can't help but put himself in her shoes.

Wouldn't he put others at risk to keep his family safe?

As he asks himself that question, the answer comes naturally to his mind. [No one is more important than my family.]

Although Lucien wants to leave Raquel alone, she was the main person responsible for Emmanuel coming to power and end up enslaving many people, which does not matter to Lucien. However, he hurt Neola and Kylee, which is a mistake that cannot be forgiven.

"I'm still not sure," Lucien responds as his group keeps walking towards the castle.

After a few minutes, Lucien hears the messenger of the guard's captain arrive at the castle, still three hundred meters away from them, and report Raquel about his arrival.

Lucien listens to Raquel giving orders to some people to hide the woman named Estela, who the spy quickly reports being her daughter. Then Raquel goes to the front stairs of the castle to receive Lucien's group.

When Lucien's group arrives in front of the castle, Raquel greets them respectfully. Lucien takes a good look at the mature woman who certainly is his favorite type of woman: A genuine milf.

She is about 1.68 meters tall, with fair but tanned skin, long brown hair the same color as her eyes, big b.r.e.a.s.ts, and a hot ass. Also, her face, although not as beautiful as that of his wives, is certainly in the pretty category.

Raquel bends in a very low arc while speaking in an almost servile tone. "My King, my Queen. I welcome your majesties in my humble home."

"Raquel..." Cassidy smiles at Raquel but tries not to sound too friendly, not to influence Lucien's decision. However, he knows that she sympathized with Raquel's situation about protecting her family, especially her daughter.

Raquel smiles at Cassidy while speaking honestly. "I was very happy to know that your majesty was alive."

Then she looks at Lucien. Raquel can't help but feel different emotions as she sees the famous Handsome Devil. The first thing, of course, is to agree with all the rumors. [He really is frighteningly handsome... how is that possible? And why are his horns so impressive? Damn, can I ask for a kiss before he kills me?]

She tries to contain her feminine desires and speaks respectfully. "Your majesty is impressive as the rumors say."

Lucien laughs before speaking solemnly. "How do you feel about flattering over the person who is going to kill you?"

A shiver runs through Raquel's body as she feels that Lucien is even more like what the rumors say: Relentless and merciless.

She tries to contain her desire to cry and speaks honestly. "It is weird."

While Raquel responds with a dejected expression, the guards near her get sad. The captain of the guard, who approaches the group, also hears their words, and he does not know what to do to defend Raquel.

Lucien quickly realizes that Raquel is an honest person, then he smiles again. "So, don't flatter me."

Raquel nods. "Alright. But my comment was sincere."

"Of course." Lucien laughs, making Raquel and the guards confused about his peculiar personality.

Raquel tries to ignore the fact that Lucien just said he was going to kill her and makes an inviting gesture to him and his group. "Please, let talk inside."

Lucien enters the castle with his group, also the captain of the guard and the young spy. Inside the castle, the servants quickly prepare snacks and wine for everyone while accommodating them in the main living room.

While the girls sit at a large table, Lucien sits in an armchair in front of Raquel and next to Cassidy. L.u.s.t, Amelia, Envy, and Angela also sit next to him while Little Ko stays on his lap.

Oya does not miss the opportunity to eat the good meat that the servants bring, especially for her, Astrid, and Scarlett, while the other girls prefer the cookies and candies.

The young spy and the guard's captain stand in the corner of the room, waiting for orders.

While Lucien looks into Raquel's eyes, trying to understand more about her character, she gets anxious and speaks first. "Emmanuel will not return, right?"

"Yes, he is dead," Lucien speaks in a neutral tone.

Lucien notices Raquel's lips twitching as if she tries to control a smile, so he continues. "His death was not fast because my girls had old matters to deal with him."

"..." Raquel is silent. She really wants to laugh because her nightmare is over, but she also knows that as Emmanuel's wife, she was an accomplice with his awful acts and will likely lose her head too.

Lucien looks around while talking to Raquel. "Before we decide your future, call your daughter."

Raquel again feels terrible fear as she tries to appear honest. "I'm afraid that is impossible now because my daughter is traveling to a village north of Portgreen."

Lucien ignores Raquel's answer and talks to Maggie. "Please, my dear, get the girl. She is hiding in tunnels in the west wing."

"No! Please !! It has nothing to do with it." Raquel gets up and quickly kneels in front of Lucien.

Cassidy contains her urge to help Raquel because she already knows that Lucien has no intention of hurting both of them.

Lucien is again impressed by Raque's willingness to protect her daughter. That certainly makes him get a good impression of her.

He quickly responds. "I'm not going to hurt her; you have my word."

Raquel really has nothing to do but beg as she has no strength to go against Lucien's group, so she remains on her knees while Maggie seeks her daughter.

"Estela doesn't really know anything. I always kept her busy with various tasks so she wouldn't find out about Emmanuel's dark activities. She is not to blame for her parents' transgressions."

Lucien makes a thoughtful expression. "So it's true? Did you always know everything he did on the black market?"

Raquel doesn't even think about lying. "Yes, I knew. But Estela has nothing to do with that."

Lucien smiles. "Get up, Raquel. I understand your situation because I would do anything to protect my family too."

Raquel is shocked by Lucien's change in attitude. He now really looks friendly. But she continues to plead as she gets up. "I made that choice... even though I could report Emmanuel, my family suffered his anger before anything else, so I chose to help him hurt so many other families... that was wrong, and it cannot be forgiven, but my daughter has nothing to do us."

Lucien continues to caress little Ko on his lap while talking to Raquel. "It's really alright; I'm not going to punish you or your daughter."

"Really?" Rachel cannot help but suspect.

Before Lucien answers, Cassidy speaks first. "Lucien has no reason to lie."

Raquel smiles at Cassidy because it is evident that she influenced Lucien's decision even without speaking in her defense.

Maggie quickly returns to the living room, holding the hand of a 13-year-old girl, much like Raquel.

When Estela sees her mother, she quickly runs up to her and hugs her. Then she looks at Lucien over Raquel's shoulder and begs. "Please don't hurt my mom."

Lucien smiles kindly, making the young lady's heart tremble. "Don't worry; no one will hurt your family."

Estela smiles while Raquel is unable to contain her tears because her nightmare is over, and her family will not suffer for Emmanuel's crimes.

While the group is thrilled to see the loving scene of mother and daughter hugging, Lucien concludes. "However, you will lose your noble titles, and a new ruler chosen by me will soon arrive to take over Raco."

Raquel quickly nods to Lucien. "Yes, yes, my family will not create any problems in that regard. We just want to live in peace after all the shit that has happened."

Lucien nods as he gets up. "So, we are agreed."

But before he moves, Raquel speaks. "Wait, my King. It's almost night, so accept to spend the night with us while this castle is still my house."

Lucien looks at his wives, and they all seem to agree. While Cassidy and Angela really want to talk to Raquel, the other girls seem to be having a great time eating the banquet that Raquel's servants are bringing to them.

Then he sits in the armchair again while patting little Ko's head. "Okay, we can spend the night here and resume our journey tomorrow."


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