Lust Knight

Chapter 284 - Good Spies

Chapter 284 - Good Spies

For a week, Lucien, his troops, and his wives didn't have many things to do other than fill their storage treasures with life crystals.

But of course, as Lucien's demonic energy is the 'cure' for the side effects of the crystals' unstable raw mana, everyone had a lot of fun.

Lucien, L.u.s.t, Amelia, and Envy tried to explore the depths of the mine from the outside, but the two great demons still can't get too far from their hosts, so they haven't been able to get very deep.

Also, other sea creatures had access to crystal mana somewhere deep in the sea, which created good challenges for the girls.

Lucien did not fight the creatures by allowing his girls to train their skills on powerful enemies who need teamwork and that they use all their power.

And so, the week was enjoyable. All the girls, be they wives or troops, had good shots of special milk in their love holes, except for Dawn, Amelia, and little Ko.

Dawn is really enjoying interacting with the girls and not having to worry about politics or war. But she is not yet ready to think of more complex things like how to stay with Lucien's family without ending up being one of his wives, so she just tries to keep her distance from him, especially when he is doing something lewd.

Amelia, on the other hand, wants to be close to Lucien all the time, but whenever he tries to do something more pleasurable besides kissing and light caresses, her embarrassment gets out of control, and she runs away for fear of doing something very bold like the last time.

Little Ko also wants to be around Lucien all the time, but she doesn't try to do anything 'weird,' which Lucien finds nice. Still, he knows that she is restraining her desires because she knows that he is not comfortable with her infant body, and so they continued acting like a loving pair of father and daughter, which they both find very pleasant.

And on the seventh day, the group sailed out to the open sea again, leaving the small island. Although Envy tinds it irresponsible to leave the mine unprotected, the life crystals are not resources that Lucien's group can really use now.

Only Lucien, Ghilanna, and some of the troops who have low nature affinity can benefit from the energy of life crystals with the help of Lucien's demonic energy.

Still, his increasingly incredible demonic energy plus the energy of Amelia and Envy is still the best way to strengthen the girls.

And of course, when they find Rose's mother, they can really use the crystals and the mine.

The mage girls made an enchantment using the location magic stone to make it even easier to find the island again, as well as defensive enchants like some golems and traps to prevent people from approaching the island and getting sick like the adventurers' group.

Having so many crystals to take to Rose's mother and strengthen Ghilanna, Lucien is now focused again on solving his wives' problems, and the first place to visit is the island where Cassidy's former husband is supposedly hiding.

The island of Raco is in the sea to the east of the border between the Great Forest and the Alliance, and it only belongs to Portgreen because it was a gift from the former leader of the Alliance to Cassidy because of her father's death in the battle against the Light Empire.

And although the group has maps that indicate where Raco is, navigating the great sea is a very difficult task. But of course, Madelyn and the other wind mages have become more and more powerful, which makes all navigation of Lucien's fleet much faster, so it's also easier for them to find Raco even if they have to navigate in a circle for a while.

And well, while sailing to Raco, the group had another incredibly pleasant week; after all, the way they get stronger is through the pleasure that Lucien makes the girls feel, so all the peaceful time they have will be pleasurable.

The girls kept getting stronger and stronger, making advances, and some even made it to the third layer of Mortal Realm while Lucien approaches the fifth layer because he is always the center of pleasure that girls feel.

In the middle of the eighth day after leaving the small island of the mine, Lucien sees the big island of Raco, several miles away, while flying with Ella and Aria, an activity they love to do together.

Lucien returns to his ship and notifies the group so that they head to Raco.

Although Raco is a large island and has many sh.i.p.s arriving and leaving its docks almost all the time, the arrival of a fleet of ten giant sh.i.p.s caught everyone's attention.

The city guard quickly gathered at the dock where Lucien's ship docked; everyone prepared for combat as there is still no news about Emmanuel, Raco's former ruler after he left for Portgreen.

Lucien's ship stopped at the wharf, and Lucien walked towards the dock arm in arm with Cassidy while little Ko sits on his shoulders, and the other girls follow them.

When Lucien's group arrives at the dock, the guard group welcomes them without hostility, and the captain of the guard prepares to introduce himself to Lucien in a polite manner.

But as soon as the man sees Lucien up close, in addition to being surprised by his dragonic wings and onyx horns, which are peculiar among the demi-humans, the man quickly realizes that Lucien is how people describe Portgreen's new King, The Handsome Devil.

Also, the captain of the guard can see the coats of arms on the flag of Lucien's fleet sh.i.p.s, which are the coats of arms of the old monarchy and not of adventurers or mercenaries, so he quickly concluded that the rumors are true.

"Sir... would you be the new king?" The captain asks respectfully.

Before Lucien answers, a young man comes out of the crowd watching the scene and slaps the guard captain's head. "Damn fisherman! Kneel before your King and Queen."

The captain of the guard makes a sorry expression and quickly kneels. "Forgive this humble servant, my King. I have always lived on this island and do not know much about the capital's matters."

The other guards quickly kneel too, followed by the common people, and greet Lucien and Cassidy respectfully.

The young man also kneels and, after greeting Cassidy, quickly reports to Lucien. "My King, you must not remember me, but I was in the group of messengers sent to notify Emmanuel."

Lucien nods. "I see. Has the new ruler arrived yet?"

The young man quickly responds. "No, sir. We haven't heard from the capital since Emmanuel left the island. Information only gets here by sh.i.p.s and usually takes some weeks."

A ship trip from Portgreen to Raco takes about two weeks when the wind is always favorable and not happens unforeseen like sea beasts attack or storms, so it usually takes a little longer.

However, with the help of Madelyn and the other wind mage, constantly boosted by Lucien, his group arrived in Raco less than three weeks after leaving Portgreen and also before Lucien's new ruler arrives there.

So, Lucien concludes that the supposedly loyal people to Emmanuel in Raco are still unaware of his death. He can't help but suspect the captain of the guard and other people being corrupt like Emmanuel, but he can trust the messenger that was chosen by Ron.

"Let's talk," Lucien speaks to the young man as he walks through the streets of the dock towards the center of the island.

He and the girls spent several days at sea, so it is good to walk a little. Well, the girls had access to the purple world, but Lucien couldn't go there with the ship moving as he can only open the portal in the same place for now.

The young man walks beside Lucien while the captain of the guard keeps kneeling a little more. Now knowing that Lucien's group is King's group, he sends his subordinates to assist Lucien's troops as he follows behind the group.

Also, he sends someone to warn Emmanuel's wife about Lucien's arrival, but he doesn't comment on the new ruler Lucien mentioned.

As Lucien and his girls walk the streets of Raco, they look around. The building architecture is very simple, and almost all of them are stores and warehouses while the houses are on the island center. It is evident that the entire economy of Raco is about commerce and fishing, in addition to Emmanuel's black market.

Also, it is possible to see beautiful beaches adorning that part of the island while there is a huge castle on a cliff to the east, probably Emmanuel's home.

"Emmanuel is dead, and soon a new ruler will arrive," Lucien tells the young spy as they walk.

The young man quickly comments. "We imagined it would happen. I mean, my group and I found out about Bowen and Theodore, so some of us would report it to your majesty when they returned while the rest of us stayed here to monitor their movements."

Lucien knows that the spy is telling the truth because a group reported about Bowen and Theodore to them. Still, Neola and the other girls had already obtained all information directly from Emmanuel before slowly killing him.

But of course, the fact that part of the group stayed on Raco to spy on them even without receiving such orders is something that deserves a reward.

"Good job. So, where are they?" Lucien asks without hiding his desire to find the men who have hurt his beautiful Queen.

The young man understands Lucien's desire to find Bowen and Theodore. In fact, all of Portgreen's men admire Lucien for always protecting his wives and washing any offense to them with blood.

Then he makes a sorry expression before he gives the bad news. "Bowen and Theodore left the island two weeks ago. Everyone heard the rumors about your majesty, and then they ran away in fear because they knew your fury would fall on them sooner or later."

"I see..." Lucien can't help but be a little disappointed.

The young spy quickly explains. "I'm really sorry. My group is small, and we didn't have the strength to go against Theodore's mercenary group. But..."

Lucien gets curious when the spy stops and looks around as if checking if someone suspicious may be listening to their conversation.

Then the spy smiles as he speaks in a lower tone. "But we managed to infiltrate one of us into their group, so she will find a way to send us information as soon as possible about their location."

Lucien again is impressed with the work of the young spy and his group. "What about if she gets discovered?"

The young spy quickly smiles proudly. "Don't worry, your majesty. Lana is a master of disguise and infiltration. She is never caught, especially by stupid mercenaries."

Lucien laugh. "Good, good. She already deserves a great reward just for taking that risk to take the information."

"We know very well what kind of reward you will give her," Envy comments sarcastically.

"Hehehe..." The girls laugh while Lucien doesn't know what to say.

He could give her extra gold as he will give the young spy, but how can gold be compared to a huge increase in power? Why would the girl named Lana prefer gold when she can have the heavenly rod and lots of special milk?

While Lucien reflects on that, he finds his arm being squeezed tightly. He looks at the side and sees Amelia pouting at him.

Although her uncontrollable jealousy seems like a problem, he finds it very cute.

He caresses Amelia's face, making her upset expression become an embarrassed smile. "You are so adorable, my beloved sister."


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