Love in the Midst of Mistaken Identities

Chapter 517 - She Wanted To See A Person’s Heart

Chapter 517 She Wanted To See A Person’s Heart

All along, she never had a person she could speak her heart out to… empty was her wealth. What was the point of having it? Whereas Song Wan, didn’t she say she adopted a child? What was she doing coming all the way here for tea instead of taking care of her granddaughter?

Song Wan laughed. “Yijun, up till now, you’re still not going to tell me?”

Shen Yijun smiled, a few wrinkles forming beside her eyes.

“Tell you what?” She picked up her cup and took a sip of the fruity tea. That sour-sweet taste. Yet, she could only taste the sourness in the tea. Sweetness? Not at all. Could it be because the fruit tea she bought this time was too sour, thus overwhelming the sweetness of the tea?

“Yijun, you knew that I had a granddaughter, right?” Song Wan suddenly clasped Shen Yijun’s hand. Shen Yijun’s hands unknowingly paused for a moment before she put her cup back down as if nothing happened.

She laughed, distancing herself from Song Wan.

“Isn’t your granddaughter at home?”

“You know that’s not what I’m referring to, Yijun.” Song Wan suddenly covered her face and started sobbing. She hadn’t cried so freely in a very long time. Their status, their family, wouldn’t allow such a thing to happen.

They prioritized profits and interests. Similarly, they placed great emphasis on their status. This kind of unrestrained display of emotion… this kind of wailing was not allowed.

Shen Yijun suddenly started to have questions. At that time before she married into the Xia household, it was just her and Xinxin against the world. When things were tough, she could cry; and when things were sweet, she could laugh. She could let her tears flow without any restraint, but after coming here, even her tears weren’t hers anymore.

She had to live every day with caution. Giving up the last half of her life and her daughter’s entire life like this in exchange for their situation now, was it worth it? For the past twenty years, she lived in constant fear. Her days were like walking on thin ice; was it really worth it?

She picked up her cup again, drinking mouth after mouth of fruit tea. Just then, Song Wan had finally cried enough. She hastily wiped off her tears.

“Sorry, I just couldn’t control it. That’s why I lost myself for a moment.” She choked with emotion. “You don’t understand that I only have Ah Lui as my only son. Although I know that he’s not good and that he has done a lot of wrong-when you consider the reasons, is it really his fault?”

Even if it’s not his fault, it’s still wrong. Shen Yijun said in her heart. She fixed her gaze on her cup. It didn’t matter who’s wrong and who’s right now that things had already ended up like this.

“Yijun, Ruoxin gave birth to a child; did you know about it?” Song Wan suddenly held Shen Yijun’s hand tightly. “The child’s a girl. She’s my granddaughter, but I’ve never even met her before. What should I do, Yijun? Ruoxin… she doesn’t want to let me meet my granddaughter. She even hid the child. Tell me, what should I do? What should I do…?” She covered her face again and started to cry. It was just that this scene, in Shen Yijun’s eyes, looked all too familiar. So familiar that she felt a little afraid. It seemed like not too long ago, she was just like her close friend Song Wan-selfish and blaming others.

She reached out her arm to pat Song Wan’s shoulders.

“I’m just like you. We both don’t have any right to meet her. Before the child was born, the Chu family didn’t want her; and I didn’t want her, too. When the child was sick, the Chu family didn’t save her; and neither did I. That’s why we both don’t have any right to call her our granddaughter. Similarly, we should be too ashamed to even meet her.”

Song Wan’s hands fell. Then, she weakly lowered her head, feeling a little bitter.

Regarding certain things, Song Wan didn’t know them. That’s why she could still have some heart, still have some hope. Once the other things were ripped out of the past, then she had no face-no excuse-to have the child call her Granny. That bloody word ‘granny’… would she dare to accept it?

Once again, Xia Ruoxin sat down with Du Jingtang. The two of them both ordered the same variation of oolong tea. They let the enshrouding mist of aroma coming from the tea blow into their eyes.

“Sister Ruoxin, can I ask you for a favor?”

Du Jingtang thought and hesitated for a very long time. In the end, he still thickened his skin and asked for the favor.

“They want to see the child?” Xia Ruoxin gently held the cup of tea in her hand and smelled the light aroma of the tea. As she did so, she felt her thoughts getting straightened out; and her body calmed down.

“Sigh…” Du Jingtang let out a sigh. “I know that this situation is also tough on you, but Sister Ruoxin, could you please empathize with my aunt and uncle for once. They’re getting old, and they only have one son. You might already know this, but my cousin was fed antidepressants for four years. He received a fair share of retribution. Is that not enough?”

That sentence stating that he was fed antidepressants sounded extremely ironic to Xia Ruoxin.

He treated the woman like a treasure while the woman fed him poison.

Yes. Du Jingtang said that that was his retribution; it sure was retribution.

“Sister Ruoxin…” Du Jingtang actually wanted to continue persuading her, but just then, Xia Ruoxin gently placed down the cup in her hands. The soft ‘ting’ sound that followed made Du Jingtang’s heart shiver.

Was she going to refuse?

“You really decided to do this?” Shen Wei lay on top of a rocking chair. No matter when she met with Xia Ruoxin, she always looked so lazy and careless. Within her laziness was a weird mixture of grace and seductiveness. She was not slutty, but she also did not feel like a lady of noble birth. There were too many unaccountable factors. Actually, she was just like a poppy flower, sweet-smelling but poisonous.

“Yup, I decided.” Xia Ruoxin rubbed her daughter’s head. The child in her arms had a look of semi-confusion. “Gao Yi said this before, She’s still a child of the Chu family; their blood runs through her. However, I will never give her to the Chu family.”

“Oh…” Shen Wei closed her eyes, actually really wanting to ask ‘what if the Chu family doesn’t return the child to her?’ That year, the Chu family forced her into a corner; and now, it seemed like the same thing was happening again. However, she didn’t say or ask anything

This thing called human nature… she wanted to see how good of a thing it was.

Actually, nobody managed to persuade Xia Ruoxin with their words. What persuaded her was that moment when Song Wan knelt down on the floor. In her memories, Song Wan was a lady of high status; it didn’t matter what kind of gathering she was at, she was always able to calmly adapt to her environment. As of now, she was just a normal lady, kneeling to beg someone younger than her. The moment she knelt down, really… Xia Ruoxin felt that she was not worthy to receive it.

What made her change her mind was actually her motherly love.

She loved Rainy just like how Song Wan loved Chu Lui.

She could not refuse a mother’s love because she was a mother herself.

“Alright, I agree.” It was only when she said that sentence that she felt truly at ease. Rainy actually really wanted grandparents. Wasn’t it better this way?

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