Love in the Midst of Mistaken Identities

Chapter 419 - She Only Liked That

Chapter 419: She Only Liked That

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Yes, it was all because of Xia Ruoxin. If it wasn’t for her appearing, if Xia Ruoxin didn’t have that girl, if it wasn’t for her bumping into Chu Lui, if Chu Lui didn’t run into her… he would have stayed with her forever and wouldn’t have known what she had done in the past. She would still have been well-contented and blissful. It was because of her, it was all because of her.

Hate… and hate; it was all she felt.

She placed her hands on the lower abdomen. Yes, she was pregnant, but that woman and a bastard, that bastard and her bastardly mother—why aren’t they all dead yet?

“No.” Mrs. Li felt that things couldn’t continue on. “That woman cannot stay. Otherwise, there will be a day where she ruins our plans.” If Chu Lui were treating them like this now, then if he were to get together with that woman again—with that woman gaining some influence, wouldn’t that be blocking their pathway?

“Then, Mom, what should we do?”

Li Manni gripped Mrs. Li’s elbow tightly as if she was clutching at straws. Mrs. Li felt physical pain, and her heart heartened as well—the connection to the Chu family cannot be broken. If it really broke, what should they do?

“Don’t worry,” Mrs. Li patted her daughter’s arm, “Mom will definitely make that slutty bitch disappear.”

“Mom, thank you,” Li Manni rested on Mrs. Li’s elbow, finger softly caressing her lower abdomen. That moment, her light in her eyes darkened—instead, adapting a look of sadness, slowly fading away. The final look in her eyes was a combination of hate, blame, and indescribable coldness.

“Mommy…” Rainy lifted her face, using strength to tip-toe, and tugged at Xia Ruoxin’s sleeves.

“What’s wrong?” Xia Ruoxin lowered her body to match her daughter’s line of vision. The kid’s face had become chubbier, returning to the past when she resembled a small apple. The soft and round face really tempted people to take a bite, to see if it was the same as a red apple, fresh and juicy.

“Mommy, Dolly is dirty,” Rainy presented her doll. It turned out that the doll’s dress had a patch that was dirtied.

“It’s okay, we can remove the dress and wash it. When Rainy’s dress was dirty, Mommy also cleaned it by washing, right? Let the doll wear it after washing, and it’ll be fine,” Xia Ruoxin patted her daughter’s soft hair. While the hair grew out a little, it was still short and not difficult to handle. On the contrary, it felt like patting a Persian cat. Adding on Rainy’s bright eyes that sometimes turned into slits when smiling, she really did seem like a cat.

“Thank you, Mommy!” Rainy’s eyes turned into slits, hugging her mother’s neck, happily using her own face to rub against her mother’s face. Such a cute child, it was indeed hard for people to resist, especially such a pretty little girl.

Xia Ruoxin was really thankful for having such a girl that was obedient and sensible. Since young, there was literally nothing that she had to be worried about. It was hard for her to imagine if another child was swapped with Rainy, if both she and the child would be able to survive.

When other children were crying for sweets or toys, her Rainy was able to help her to do things.

When other children were whining for something to be bought, her Rainy was already sensible enough to eat by herself.

When other children were crying continuously because they couldn’t get what they want, her Rainy knew that Mommy was tired and didn’t let Mommy carry her.

Rainy was the biggest redemption in her life. If it wasn’t for Rainy, maybe she wouldn’t have been here already.

She pulled on her daughter’s hands, taking off the doll’s clothes with her. After all, Rainy was still a child and would be concerned that the doll might be cold. After covering the doll with a blanket, she washed the doll’s clothes with Xia Ruoxin before drying them on the balcony.

“Mommy, it’s done washing,” Rainy reached out her little fingers pointing to the doll’s clothes. The doll would be pretty again soon.

“Yes.” Xia Ruoxin lifted her daughter up, “The doll will be pretty soon, just like Rainy.”

As a vain kid, Rainy loved it when other people complimented her on being pretty. Despite being young, she already understood the concept of beauty. Upon her mother’s compliment, she was slightly embarrassed; and her face turned red.

Knock, knock. A knocking sound came from outside.

“Mommy, Rainy will go and open the door.”

Rainy jumped down from Xia Ruoxin’s embrace and walked over to open the door herself. However, her small statue required a need for her tip-toe, in order to reach the doorknob. After using much energy, she finally opened the door.

“Aunty Wei.” Once Rainy saw who was outside, she happily pounced over.

The lady outside was indeed Shen Wei. She took off the sunglasses she was wearing, squatted down, and pinched Rainy’s pretty cheeks. Indeed, she didn’t adore the girl for nothing. Look, Rainy had already remembered her face.

She then used her own hands to compare against Rainy’s little face, pleased with the cheeks that she was able to pinch out just now—finally, some cheeks could be pinched. From the looks of it, she must have eaten more recently, resulting in her chubbier cheeks.

She then carried the child in front of her. Comparing this lift to the last time, her weight did increase.

That’s good, it seemed that her health was in better condition, that she was able to gain some weight.

“You’re here.” Xia Ruoxin smiled at Shen Wei and then opened the door for her to enter.

“Yup, want to visit you and have a bowl of noodles on the way.” Shen Wei took off her high heels and threw them one side. Her actions were a little rough, but her charms changed the roughness to easygoing and let males fall in love with her even more. Xia Ruoxin sometimes wondered: a girl like Shen Wei would have been called demonic in ancient times, and in the current times, given the title of queen.

However, she felt a wave of helplessness wash over her when she saw the pair of shoes Shen Wei kicked aside.

“Not wearing shoes again?” She took out a pair of slippers from the cabinet for Shen Wei to change into. Indeed, Shen Wei was prepared to go barefoot like how she always did.

“Thank you.” Shen Wei was still holding onto Rainy, playing with her. Rainy was babbling on about her doll being dirty and washing the doll’s clothes with her mother. She even pointed to the balcony. Indeed, on the balcony, there was a piece of toy dress drying.

“You could have just bought a new one,” Shen Wei was indeed rich and had a strong vibe. She reached out her fingers to caress Rainy’s soft hair that had just grown out. On her fingers was an extremely huge ruby ring.

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