Losing Money to Be a Tycoon

Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Expected Salary?

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Indeed, the twins had achieved their intended effect such that Huang Sibo was stunned the moment he entered.

Would a company that could hire such receptionists be lacking in money?

No way!

It was just a pity that this company had high requirements such that he wouldn’t be able to enter.

Otherwise, if he were to tell others that he was working at Shenhua View and that the front desk had a pair of beautiful twin receptionists, they would definitely envy him!

Huang Sibo then checked out the work desks.

Once again, he was shocked!

All of those desks were huge!

Why were all the desks separated so far from one another – was the rental for this place free or what?

They could almost play badminton between the desks!

Each desk was equipped with two high-end and large monitors – a single look was enough to tell that these were expensive stuff.

At the windowsill, there were rows of plants. Each of them looked costly and there was even a gardener taking care of them tenderly.

Huang Sibo felt as though he had transmigrated into those teenage idol dramas.

This was how companies were depicted within them.

However, reality was often a far cry from it.

Still, he lamented over what a pity it was that he wouldn’t be able to join this company given its high requirements.

He walked towards the front desk and reported his name – since he was here, he might as well go through with it.

“Give me a moment. I’ll inform the interviewer.”

The receptionist on the left replied with a huge smile. Not only was her service 10/10, her smile was equally therapeutic.

“Please follow me.”

Carrying a radiant beam, the receptionist stood up and led Huang Sibo in.

To his surprise, he found the company somewhat empty.

His first reaction was that of worry, wondering if he had been scammed.

However, when he saw the interiors of the company, he knew that that wasn’t the case.

Which scammer would go through such expense?

Even for scammers, wouldn’t they consider the profit margins? Given the set up, how many people must they scam in order to recoup their investment?!

As such, this company was definitely not feigning their wealth.

This was a new company that was opened by a rich person, most likely as an avenue to welcome cloud games.

Huang Sibo was confident that he had unraveled the truth behind everything.

Arriving at the guest room, he found a young man seated on the sofa.

He had delicate features and donned a suit.

Instantly, Huang Sibo felt a sense of inferiority.

That outfit looked even more expensive compared to those young men from the investment firm he had bumped into outside earlier on!

In fact, Huang Sibo could not even give an estimate to the cost of the suit. In any case, he was certain that it must be beyond his imagination.

Huang Sibo had tried his luck interviewing at a couple of other gaming companies but they were all rather casual.

Even the interviewers wore merely underpants and vests. They were still at their work desks moments earlier before heading to the conference room for the interview.

However, that was not the case here – this interviewer definitely looked like no normal person.

That had Huang Sibo feeling nervous.

“Huang Sibo, right? Please have a seat. I’m the president of Tengda Network Technology Co., Ltd., Pei Qian.”

The young man on the other end stood up and shook his hands.

Stunned by the other party’s friendliness, Huang Sibo’s voice was quivering. “H-Hi, Boss Pei.”

“Don’t feel pressured. We’re just having a casual chat. Here, have some tea,” Pei Qian pushed a pure silver teacup before Huang Sibo.

Huang Sibo checked out the pure silver tea set laid out and could not even guess at its worth.

Even though he had not seen Pei Qian before, that did not affect his imagination.

‘A young talent!’

‘Someone who has managed to make two games a huge success!’

‘Look at that casual attitude while drinking tea and handling the tea set! That’s not something that can be feigned!’

‘This is truly someone who does not care for money!’

Huang Sibo felt that in the eyes of Boss Pei, the silver teacup was no different from a paper cup.

That had Huang Sibo feeling an innate nervousness.

“Describe to me your working experience in simple terms,” Pei Qian said with a smile.

Huang Sibo felt his heart pounding furiously and his mouth going dry.

However, he tried his best to repress his anxiousness and related his work experience briefly.

While doing so, he stuttered and said a couple of things wrongly and that added on to his uneasiness.

Pei Qian was sipping tea as he listened on, carrying a faint grin on his face such that one could not guess at his thoughts.

Huang Sibo felt his heart sink.

I’m doomed. He must definitely think that my experience is too negligible! Boss Pei must be mocking me internally!

Is he mocking how I don’t know my place such that I would dare take on this interview given my capabilities?

With his face blushed faintly, Huang Sibo struggled to finish his self introduction, wanting nothing more than to bolt out the door.


After hearing Huang Sibo’s self introduction, Pei Qian nodded while smiling.


Huang Sibo thought that he was hearing things.

Was that reverse psychology?

He had worked at his previous company for six months and he was practically just Old Liu’s underlings who did the most basic of odd jobs.

That was a work experience that was as good as nothing.

Yet, Boss Pei said that it was ‘excellent’?

What did he mean by that? Is he laughing at me?’

For a moment, Huang Sibo did not know how he should respond.

When he saw Huang Sibo’s expression, Pei Qian knew that this guy must have misunderstood as he hurried to explain.

“What I mean is that your capabilities suits the requirements of our company. Could I check with you on when you can start work?”

“Huh? I… the day after tomorrow…?”

Huang Sibo gave a casual date.

In any case, a nobody such as himself could resign at anytime he wanted without having to worry about handing over any work.

“Very well. Report for work the day after tomorrow then. Settle your resignation before we officially sign a contract on our end.”

“So, what about salary and benefits? What do you have in mind?” Pei Qian asked.

Salary and benefits…

In his previous company, Huang Sibo was taking the lowest salary of 1,500 per month without any insurance coverage or rental allowance.

That was enough money for him to get by without having any spare to save.

If he were to be able to work here, he would be earning with just the working environment alone!

Regarding salary, he would be fine if he could just maintain the status quo.

However, on second thought, Huang Sibo felt that he had to ask for a rise in salary since he was jumping ship.

Now that he already had 6 months of working experience, he supposed that it wouldn’t be too much for him to ask for an additional 400 yuan.

If so… what if he rounded it up to 2,000?

The mere thought of that figure had Huang Sibo feeling as though he was asking for too much.

However, since they were on the topic, Huang Sibo asked in a testing manner.

“2,000 a month…? Do you think that’ll work? Don’t worry, Boss Pei. I’ll definitely be responsible and I won’t complain about overtime at all!”

Pei Qian sighed slowly and shook his head.

Huang Sibo felt his heart sink.

What’s wrong? Have I asked for too much?

Sigh, it’s indeed too much…

Huang Sibo could only wait for Pei Qian to lower his demand. To him, as long as it wasn’t an excessive lowball, he would be able to accept the terms.

Shaking his finger, Pei Qian replied, “Here, let me calculate for you.”

Huang Sibo gulped and nodded to listen – he knew that this was a common tactic used to lower offers.

Pei Qian organized his thoughts.

“Renting a place in Jingzhou would amount to around 1,000 per month. That’s not too much, right?”

“Food expenses. A typical month would cost you 800 including treating others to a meal. That’s not too much, right? Even university students spend more than this for their living allowances!”

“You should buy a couple of new outfits every month as well. That’s another 300. That’s not too much, right?”

“What about utility bills? Daily necessities? That’s another 200. That’s not too much, right?”

“Traffic expenses? 100 per month? That’s considered cheap.”

“What if you were to have a girlfriend? You’ve got to buy her some make up every now and then. That’s another 300 to account for every month.”

“Young people must not spend all of their salary. How about an additional 500 as savings?”

“Take a look, that’s already more than 3,000 and that’s after taxes.”

“Our company’s in line with the national hiring guidelines and we account for taxes, insurance coverage and rental allowance. In order to cover your expenses, you’ve got to earn 3,500 before taxes!”

“Besides, our company also promised that we would provide salary and benefits better than other companies in the industry. Let’s add another 500 to that figure. That’s definitely reasonable.”

“So, a monthly salary of 4,000! How’s that sound?”

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