Losing Money to Be a Tycoon

Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Interview

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Tuesday afternoon.

Huang Sibo arrived at the entrance of Shenhua View and found himself dazed.

This gaming company, Tengda Network Technology Co., Ltd., was truly based at Shenhua View!

He knew that Shenhua View was a high-end office building and companies that operated here had no lack of money.

Before he even bolstered the courage to enter, he was met with a couple of talented youths.

All of them were tall and suited up. The men were handsome and the women were gorgeous with poise.

These were the young employees working at an investment firm in Shenhua View.

From a distance, one could already tell that these were people bound to be successful in the future.

Huang Sibo found his confidence shattered slightly right away.

He was stunned!

During the weekends, he had come across a hiring notice by Tengda Network Technology Co., Ltd. by accident online.

He felt that he fit the requirements rather decently and hence he sent his resume in.

Before long, he got a reply as a sweet sounding female assistant informed him to reach at 10am on Tuesday for an interview on Shenhua View’s 17th floor.

The female assistant even sent him an email swiftly that detailed the exact location.

The moment Huang Sibo heard Shenhua View, he was stunned – wasn’t that the most high-end office building?

However, despite spending a long time searching online, he could not even find the official website of Tengda Network Technology Co., Ltd.

It was only after he researched online that he realized this was the company that had created The Lonely Desert Road and Ghost General!

That had Huang Sibo feeling a little ashamed. He had tried both games before and yet he did not know that the company which created them was based in Jingzhou City…

He did not know much about the company but he garnered that the terms offered by them wouldn’t be bad since they had a couple of successful games and had set base at Shenhua View.

Even though that assumption may not hold true, he was sure that as long as it wasn’t overly bad, it would definitely be better than his current company’s.

However, he was worried as to whether he would be employed.

Huang Sibo was someone who had made a switch of career midway and he had just joined the industry for a mere six months so far. He was holding onto the lowest position – an administrative planner who was paid 1,500 monthly.

Because of daily overtime, he was already showing early signs of balding.

That was the reason why he decided to give this company a shot after chancing upon their hiring notice.

Even if he were to jump ship maintaining his current salary, Huang Sibo would be thankful if he had to do less overtime.

However, he knew that his resume wasn’t impressive and there was a high chance that he would be skipped through.

Even within the small gaming circle of Jingzhou City, he was considered as part of the bottom dwellers and wasn’t even as welcome compared to fresh graduates.

After bumping into those investment elites wearing their suits earlier on, he felt even more inferior as he was wearing nothing but a t-shirt and shorts.

He checked the time – he was slightly early.

Huang Sibo had left home earlier and took a public bus, afraid that he might be late. However, because there were no traffic jams, he ended up arriving earlier.

Deciding that waiting outside wasn’t exactly an option, Huang Sibo bolstered his courage and entered the majestic lobby.

After explaining his purpose of arrival at the front desk, the staff registered his name and made a temporary access card for him.

As he waited for the lift, Huang Sibo felt his heart pound furiously.

He was even more nervous than he had been for his high school exams.

Probably due to the extremely high ceiling and majestic design of the place, Huang Sibo felt insignificant and out of place, suddenly losing his courage.


The door to the lift opened.

As he prepared to enter, Huang Sibo caught sight of a familiar face and was stunned.

It was his head at his current company – chief planner, Old Liu!

The previous afternoon, Huang Sibo had just given Old Liu a call asking to take an emergency leave and the latter agreed to it.

Yet, both of them bumped into one another at a place as such.

It was a rather awkward situation.

Both of them were speechless.

However, since they had bumped into one another, it wouldn’t be appropriate for them to pretend as though they had not seen the other as well.

Besides, both parties were clear as to why they were at this place.

They were both interviewing for Tengda Network Technology Co., Ltd.!

The way Old Liu looked, Huang Sibo was certain that he was just done with his interview.

Both of them were just going to take part in the same process.

Huang Sibo had no choice but to start the conversation, “Brother Liu.”

Old Liu’s expression was rather terrible – it was clear he wasn’t in a good mood.

He was extremely pleased with the working environment at Tengda. However, the young punk that was conducting the interview had asked him to return and wait for their call!

Furthermore, during their casual conversation, the young punk interviewer didn’t seem particularly interested; it was as though he was daydreaming.

There was a high chance that he had failed this interview.

Because of that, Old Liu was displeased.

‘It’s rare to find someone with my experience and capabilities in Jingzhou City’s gaming circle. Yet, that young punk interviewer dares to look down on me?’

‘He’s most likely a bloody rich second-generation heir that’s just looking for fun! A company like this is bound to fail sooner or later!’

Of course, there was a tinge of bitterness to his emotions.

Bumping into Huang Sibo had Old Liu feeling even more pissed off.

For the past six months that Huang Sibo had entered the industry, he was Old Liu’s underling the entire time.

And he was bad at everything.

Because of that, Old Liu was always fuming and did not allow Huang Sibo to knock off until the latter finished all his work. When he was unhappy, Old Liu even increased Huang Sibo’s workload.

Yet, this fool was thinking of jumping ship?!

At the same place as himself?!

Did this guy even know about his place in the scene?!

Old Liu could not help but sulk. “This place has high demands. It’s not for you.”

“Since you have the time to come for an interview, it must mean that your current workload is too little. Recompile the data set when you return.”

Pouting, Old Liu left.


Huang Sibo felt that he was in deep shit.

This place had such high demands that they would not even want an experienced planner such as Old Liu?

If that’s the case, there was no way they would want a newbie to the industry such as himself!

Furthermore, Old Liu was bound to increase his workload after he returned.

Yet, Huang Sibo could not even complain to his boss about the situation.

If he were to complain… “Boss, Old Liu went to interview at another company stealthily!”

If the boss were to ask… “How did you know?”

Wouldn’t he have to reply… “Because I bumped into him while heading there for an interview too!”

That wouldn’t do.

Otherwise, his only option was to quit.

He could just quit and look for another job slowly while scrimping with his savings.

If he had no other choice, he would have to do that.

All of those thoughts flashed through Huang Sibo’s mind.

As he pondered, the lift arrived at the 17th floor.

The moment he got out of the lift, Huang Sibo caught sight of Tengda Network Technology Co., Ltd.’s signboard.

Looking inside, he was rattled.

‘This place is too classy!’

Two beautiful receptionists waited behind the gigantic front desk.

And they were twins to boot!

While Jinzhou wasn’t a city that was extremely huge, it wasn’t small either. For the company to have a pair of twins managing the front desk was no small feat.

That was a clear indication of the company’s power!

Huang Sibo was the classic example of someone who overthought things.

When Pei Qian was hiring, he had not thought much into it and merely wanted a couple of beautiful receptionists to hold the front desk.

However, Xin Hailu had managed to dig out a pair of twins from out of nowhere claiming that it would help raise the company’s image.

Pei Qian was naturally elated as he offered the highest available price for an administrative position in the market right away – 5,000 monthly salary each!

Even though it did not sound like much, back in 2009, the average salary for front desk receptionists in Jingzhou was around 2,000. Even if someone was extremely good looking, 3,000 would be the upper limit.

The fact that Pei Qian had raised it up to 5,000 was considered a liberal offer.

But of course, he wouldn’t have minded raising the salary even higher to 10,000 such that he could spend his money even faster.

However, that would be overly exaggerated. Even if these were beautiful twins, it would not have made sense for receptionists to receive a 10,000 monthly salary.

Most importantly, the system would not have agreed to it.

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