Losing Money to Be a Tycoon

Chapter 1662 - Regret Creating Tengda  

Chapter 1662: Regret Creating Tengda

The people in charge thought that Boss Pei was being humble and comforting them. However, Pei Qian knew very well that he was speaking the truth.

What’s more, it was the helpless truth.

Was Tengda Corporation able to develop to its current scale because of the joint efforts of all employees, or was Boss Pei really destined to be successful with every reverse guidance?

This was a muddled account. It was impossible to calculate!

However, Pei Qian felt that from his perspective, he obviously believed that the company could still operate smoothly without him.

After all, no one knew better than him that he, the President, did not have any work at all. Apart from being a help, he could only be a mascot.

If he had to say it, he felt that his existence was similar to Little Tang’s.

Seeing that the people in charge still had doubts on their faces and were about to raise their hands to ask questions, Pei Qian quickly said, “Alright, this matter is settled. Everyone, focus your energy on the negative profits for the next two months.”

“I will not come to the company for the next two months, but I will continue to think about the future of the company. I will hold another meeting two months later and redo the arrangements.”

“Perhaps I’ll change my mind then.”

The people in charge looked at each other and stopped talking.

They could tell that Boss Pei had made up his mind. Under such circumstances, no one could dissuade him.

What’s more, Boss Pei did not put it bluntly. Since Boss Pei would be seriously thinking about Tengda Corporation’s future development in these two months, he might make some new realization during the process of thinking and change his mind.

He would wait two months.

If Boss Pei still insisted on his decision then, it might mean that this decision was indeed a better choice for Tengda Corporation!

At that time, all the people in charge could only obey and analyze the deeper meaning behind Boss Pei’s actions.

Pei Qian raised his glass. “Everyone has worked hard during this period. However, I hope that everyone can continue to work hard and achieve outstanding results in the next negative profit activities!”

After the gathering ended, Pei Qian slipped to the nearby “E-Sports Holy Land” with Zhang Yuan.

The reason why this place was called the ‘sacred ruins of E-Sports’ was because most teams in the entire GPL league had gathered in this area. Many domestic E-Sports Clubs had developed from here.

However, as the domestic e-sports industry developed rapidly, just moving villas were not enough to support the daily training of these large teams. Therefore, the various teams gradually moved their bases to other places in Jingzhou, and the building of the e-sports base became higher and higher.

As for the old bases here, they had been saved as sightseeing areas for E-Sports enthusiasts from all over the country to visit regularly.

After arriving in Jingzhou, they would go to the stadium to watch a competition and then walk around the old site of this base. To many E-Sports viewers, this was a rather attractive route.

Pei Qian came to the old location of DGE E-Sports Club and sat on the sofa. He recalled the past when he founded this E-Sports Club and felt a little sad.

“How’s the preparation for the new league going?” Pei Qian asked.

Zhang Yuan answered, “Everything is going smoothly from the looks of the current situation. There are different aspects of E-Sports players on both sides suffering losses and taking advantage of each other, but overall, everyone is still on the same starting line. This merging will definitely cause a group of new people to appear and a group of old people to retire. There is no helping it.”

“We have tried our best to expand the E-Sports industry and find the most suitable job for these eliminated athletes.”

“I think this is a very difficult but final thing to do. We cannot rush it. It might take two to three years or even longer to completely integrate the players of the two games with the audience.”

Pei Qian nodded slightly. After some thought, he instructed, “Of course, it’s a good thing that E-Sports is becoming more and more popular. However, you have to pay attention at all times and guide its popularity.”

“Fans on both sides are too invested in such intense competitions, causing them to attack each other and curse at each other. However, we still have to work hard to avoid it and maintain a relatively healthy environment.”

“Many things have to be done the more difficult it is.”

Zhang Yuan quickly nodded. “Alright, Boss Pei. I understand.”

Pei Qian stood up and prepared to leave. Zhang Yuan quickly asked, “Boss Pei, are you really leaving Tengda Corporation? I’m not sure what’s necessary.”

After a moment of silence, Pei Qian said, “I can’t give you a very strong explanation now, but I believe that this choice is right.”

Pei Qian leaned on the sofa when he returned home. He suddenly felt relieved.

Pei Qian had not been to the office for more than half a month ever since the game and movie of ‘The Future You Choose’ succeeded. Instead, he had been staying at home.

At first, he was a little helpless and doubtful of life.

That was because he could not figure out how such a bound to lose situation could turn around.

The anti-Tengda Alliance had clearly dealt a fatal blow, but Tengda Corporation had still managed to turn the situation around for no reason!

From then on, Tengda Corporation’s development would be smooth. No company would be able to pose a real obstacle to Tengda.

Of course, Tengda Corporation only existed in China as a giant. It was not very influential in the world.

However, the problem was how far a company could go internationally did not depend on its true strength.

It depended on other factors.

Objectively speaking, Tengda Corporation’s current level and scale had temporarily reached its peak.

This peak did not mean that it occupied many markets in the world, nor did it mean that it had a large body. Instead, it was walking the most correct path. Its vigorous trend and the appeal and brand image that it had established in the hearts of domestic consumers had already formed a multidimensional blow to other companies.

It was like a large-scale battle.

The moment of true victory might be to attack the enemy’s base camp and bring the culprit of the entire war to justice. However, the outcome was already decided at the turning point of the key battle.

Pei Qian was standing at this turning point at that moment. He looked back at Tengda Corporation’s past development, and then looked at Tengda Corporation’s future. He saw a curve that was soaring into the sky.

At that moment, he was confused.

This confusion was no longer just his worry about losing money during this cycle. It was more from the irreconcilable gap between Tengda Corporation and Boss Pei in the eyes of the outside world and the real Tengda Corporation and Pei Qian.

No one else in the world could empathize with this gap.

Pei Qian had never agreed with any praise from the outside world. He had always felt that he was just an ordinary person with a little determination who could stick to his bottom line.

However, the outside world’s praise and admiration for him had reached an increasingly ridiculous level!

There was a saying: If a person’s virtue did not match his position, he would definitely be implicated.

Pei Qian felt that this sentence could not be more appropriate to describe himself.

Thus, Pei Qian’s future and Tengda Corporation’s future became more confused than ever with the final commercial war.

On one hand, Pei Qian was worried that he would one day fall and break into pieces if he was praised so highly. On the other hand, he was worried that Tengda Corporation had already developed into a behemoth and held such huge resources. Would something really happen one day?

Sometimes, controlling resources was a form of danger.

The scene described in ‘The Future You Choose’ was not just Pei Qian wanting to self-mock, but he also had such hidden worries in his heart.

Tengda Corporation was too powerful, so powerful that even he, the President, could not completely control it.

Perhaps others thought that Boss Pei would immediately take action once Tengda Corporation took the wrong path and bring Tengda Corporation back to the right track by force.

However, Pei Qian wanted to ask if he was worthy.

Netizens, including Qiao Liang, analyzed the game and movie ‘Future You Choose’ in depth. Pei Qian naturally saw many similar analyses. These people might have analyzed everything wrongly in terms of Boss Pei’s initial intentions and motives, but the content of these analyses was very meaningful.

Thus, Pei Qian was not only worried about how to complete the cycle settlement and how to earn a huge sum from the system. He was even more worried about where Tengda Corporation should go in the future.

He had been thinking for more than half a month, but he had only come up with a preliminary idea. Next, he would have to use two months, or even a year, or even longer to think deeper about this problem.

Pei Qian was beginning to regret creating Tengda.

His initial goal had been to take away a villa from the System. However, he had now inexplicably received many praises that should not have been his. Naturally, he had been shackled.

If something were to happen to Tengda Corporation in the future, he would be the first person-in-charge as the President.

At that thought, Pei Qian sighed softly, feeling melancholic.

“In short, things have already come to this. Don’t think about anything for the next two months. Leave the loss to the person-in-charge. Whether we can make a loss or not depends on fate. I’m helpless anyway.”

Pei Qian realized that the System’s restrictions on it seemed to be getting lesser and lesser.

If Pei Qian had given negative profits to the heads of the various departments a year or two ago, such an order would definitely have been warned by the system.

However, he could be direct now.

If they really wanted to delve deeper into the reason, it was very likely that the original people in charge would think that the negative profits event was deliberately losing money. However, that would not happen now. Even if Pei Qian said that the negative profits event was something, these people in charge would only think that Boss Pei had some special requirements for the company’s development.

It was hard to say if it was a good or bad thing for the system to be removed?

On the bright side, this resolution meant that Pei Qian could give increasingly clear instructions to complete his goal of incurring losses. However, on the pessimistic side, it might mean that everyone had already misunderstood Pei Qian. Even if he spoke the truth, everyone would think in other directions.

He had to admit that this scene seemed to be filled with dark humor and sarcasm.

Pei Qian leaned back on the sofa and looked up at the sky, feeling sorrowful.

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