Losing Money to Be a Tycoon

Chapter 1661 - Perhaps Tengda Would Be Better Without Me?  

Chapter 1661: Perhaps Tengda Would Be Better Without Me?

October 20th, Sunday.

At the nameless restaurant…

Today was the day that Tengda Corporation booked the entire place. The heads of the various departments gathered together. They ate snacks and drank tea while waiting for Boss Pei to arrive.

The 20th of every month was a fixed meal gathering but the gathering of the person-in-charge today still made everyone feel an unusual atmosphere.

Yu Fei was the least experienced among these people in charge, so he did not know the current situation very well. He turned to Huang Sibo, who was sitting beside him.

“Brother Huang, you all said that Boss Pei might have something important to announce this time. Why? Isn’t this a regular gathering?”

Yu Fei’s novel with the same name was also very popular ever since the success of the game and movie “The Future You Choose”.

For readers, Yu Fei went from a novel author to a game designer. It could be said to be a very successful transformation. Many people even persuaded him not to write novels. He should focus on making a few more good games!

Yu Fei was now in a very conflicted state. He felt that he could create such a game mainly because of Boss Pei’s guidance. He did not have much strength, but on the other hand, he felt that he slowly felt the joy of creating games. He felt that it did not seem to be a bad thing to be a game designer and write novels.

Especially the special atmosphere of working in Tengda Corporation, being able to grow quickly under Boss Pei’s guidance made him feel that his current state was quite good!

However, this seemingly regular gathering of the person-in-charge made him feel that something was amiss. That was why he wanted to find the answer from Huang Sibo.

As one of the veteran members of Tengda Corporation and the first batch of employees who had followed Boss Pei, Huang Sibo was obviously more sensitive to wind direction than Yu Fei.

He took a sip of tea and said, “Actually, Boss Pei has not been to the office for more than half a month since the game and movie you chose for the future succeeded.”

“Even when he reached the office, he would only stay in the President’s office quietly. He rarely called the person-in-charge over, explained work or raised problems.”

“This might look like a regular gathering but Boss Pei must have something very important to announce since he appeared.”

Yu Fei was enlightened. “Oh, is this the Boss Pei in Good Times that you always talk about?”

“In other words, Boss Pei is going to think of ways to develop new businesses in the future or deeply change the company?”

Huang Sibo shook his head slightly. “I don’t think it’s that simple.”

“Indeed, Boss Pei would always think of the next stage’s problems in advance when he was in a good situation. However, Boss Pei’s reaction this time is a little abnormal.”

“Previously, after every success, Boss Pei would often be able to quickly give a plan for the next stage. However, this time, Boss Pei thought for a long time and did not ask the person-in-charge for his opinion. This means that Boss Pei might not be thinking about business problems but some deeper and more complicated problems.”

“Boss Pei might announce the next stage of the plan for the gathering of the person-in-charge this time.”

“This plan might be very bizarre and unexpected. You have to be mentally prepared.”

Yu Fei nodded, having a clearer understanding of the current situation.

He carefully sorted out Tengda Games’ work for the past few months and guessed what new plan Boss Pei would give.

Boss Pei arrived as everyone spoke.

The people in charge stood up to greet him. Boss Pei waved his hand and gestured for them to sit down.

Yu Fei sized up Boss Pei seriously and realized that Boss Pei’s expression was a little serious. What’s more, Boss Pei seemed to have become more haggard after not seeing him for a while. He did not know if it was his illusion.

Perhaps Boss Pei was indeed thinking about very complicated problems which was why he spent so much effort?

Pei Qian looked around at everyone and said, “I’m treating everyone to a meal today. There are two small matters to talk about. It has nothing much to do with the company’s business. You just have to know.”

The people in charge listened intently. Boss Pei might say that it was a small matter, but everyone knew that it was definitely not a small matter! Otherwise, wouldn’t it be enough to send a notice? There was no need to make such a big scene.

Pei Qian said, “The first thing is that in the next two months, which is to the end of December, our various departments will organize a negative profit event.”

“In other words, we have to think of all ways to make our department’s profits negative by giving benefits to users, expanding the scale of production, laying out new industries, and so on.”

“As long as we don’t affect the company’s cash flow, we can minimize the profits and maximize the turnover!”

“Such an event will be held at the end of every year. Everyone must remember that Tengda does not need to have so much useless funds left in its account!”

“That’s because lying in the account means that we are causing a huge waste of resources. All departments have to remember this.”

“In the future, not only must every department earn money, but they must also spend money!”

“The second thing is that from today onwards, everyone must try to get used to smoothly pushing all sorts of work forward without me. Let Tengda Corporation continue along the previous route.”

“That’s because I won’t be coming to the office for the next two months.”

“I will leave Jingzhou next January.”

“I might go to any place in this world for a year, but I might not come back a year later.”

“Therefore, you have to get used to the fact that I am not in the company.”

The people in charge were shocked.

In fact, many people in charge had already been mentally prepared in advance. They felt that Boss Pei must have something important to announce this time. However, no matter how well they were mentally prepared, they would not have expected Boss Pei to say such a thing!

This negative profit activity was a little strange, but it was understandable given Tengda Corporation’s company culture and corporate values. The people in charge could think of many explanations.

For example, he had to pay attention to social responsibility, return wealth to society, always pay attention to the flow of funds, ensure the speed of company development, and so on.

To the people in charge, Boss Pei had been in charge of how much money the departments spent and how much money they earned. Now, the various departments were spending money on their own. It would be inconvenient to coordinate and efficiency but to the people in charge, this obviously gave them more rights. It also made them more proficient in handling their own department’s work.

The key was the second point.

Boss Pei was leaving Tengda Corporation!

First, he would not come to the office for two months. Then, he would leave Jingzhou for the next year. He might not even come back a year later.

How could that do?

Tengda Corporation might be a giant company that covered all fields, extended to the country, and even developed overseas, but the people in charge still felt that the company had grown under Boss Pei’s wings. Wouldn’t it lose its backbone without Boss Pei?

It looked like the building was about to collapse.

Tengda Corporation’s various jobs were being implemented by the various departments at the moment. He did not know if Boss Pei had read the work reports that everyone usually handed in. However, Boss Pei would always appear at critical moments, go against everyone’s wishes, turn the tide, and let Tengda Corporation walk the right path.

Boss Pei was doing the job of a decision maker. That was the most important job.

Everyone in the company could be replaced, except Boss Pei!

It was just like how the empire was prospering, but the rich and powerful emperor suddenly announced that he would ignore imperial affairs from now on and bury his head in cultivation. Even a loyal minister could not accept it.

Huang Sibo was especially confused. He raised his hand and asked blankly, “Boss Pei, do you mean you want to retire?”

He did not believe it himself.

It was not uncommon for the founders of companies in their twenties to decide to retire after realizing their wealth. However, such founders would usually choose to sell the company before retiring.

However, that was probably because these people felt that it was difficult for the company to improve under their own leader and could not obtain greater development. They might as well retire and realize wealth and freedom in advance to look for meaning in life in other directions.

If a company had already developed to the scale of a huge giant, it would be invincible in all fields, attack everything, and be deeply supported by all customers. Under such circumstances, which founder would retire?

The company was the life’s work of this founder! How could this founder leave the company to others to operate under the premise that there was still a wide future?

What’s more, retirement was obviously a cut off from work and life.

Only people who thought that work was to make money and to better enjoy life would think so.

On the other hand, those who regarded work as a lifelong goal, even the highest meaning of their existence, would work until they could not do it. They would even secretly maintain control of the company after retiring on the surface.

From any angle, it seemed unreasonable for Boss Pei to retire now!

Pei Qian shook his head. “It’s not retirement. It will not interfere with the specific business of the company unless necessary.”

To put it bluntly, it was to sit in the position of the President without doing anything.

The people in charge relaxed a little when they heard this.

Fortunately, everyone still had a backbone as long as Boss Pei was still the President of Tengda Corporation. They would always feel that someone was still there to back them up when they encountered key problems.

Yu Fei was the most confused. He slowly raised his hand and asked, “But Boss Pei, what should I do if you are not in Jingzhou and encounter problems in the company business in the future?”

Pei Qian smiled slightly. “You can ask Huang Sibo or the other person-in-charge. If you encounter any problems that are really difficult to solve, the person-in-charge can hold a meeting to discuss it. There will always be a relatively reliable conclusion.”

“There’s no need to pursue everything to the end. At Tengda’s current size, it’s important to be sharp. However, more importantly, we don’t forget our original intentions!”

“Perhaps you can make Tengda Corporation develop better without me blindly interfering?”

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