Lord Xue Ying

Chapter 314: Breakthrough: Stage Three Realm

Chapter 314: Breakthrough: Stage Three Realm

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Within the canyon.

Xue Ying was seated cross-legged in front of the precipice. The black-robed old man was standing by his side, frozen like a slab of wood.

Time passed slowly, second after second, until Xue Ying’s eyebrows unknowingly furrowed.


The pain was gradually intensifying.

Xue Ying had taken a dose of the poison suppressant just before entering the canyon, so as to view the Creation of Heaven and Earth uninterrupted, but the poison had already reached a stage where he had to normally drink another dose every hour! Meanwhile, inside Crimson Rock Mountain, he had to drink once every half an hour just to make sure the poison wouldn’t affect his battles. Comprehension, however, was very different from fighting.

To comprehend the True Meaning required complete immersion. The pain intensifying would obviously affect Xue Ying.

Still, he wasn’t willing to stop. The Creation of Heaven and Earth was truly too astonishing, causing countless ideas to surface, and he had to fully make use of this opportunity before his spirit dissipated to test out his various ideas.

Truly mystical. The Laws of Profound Mysteries are so boundless that even if I were to attempt comprehending them, I’ll at most understand the equivalent of a simple drop in the ocean. Xue Ying was incredibly excited. He never had a teacher before and had always cultivated completely by himself. Upon watching the Creation of Heaven and Earth—which showed a new world being formed along with the various Laws of Profound Mysteries turning prominent—Xue Ying could truly experience the many laws for the first time.

This is not how Extreme Piercing should be applied. It’s still quite a way from the true Extremity.

My True Meaning of Star is still too shallow.

The Mirage is, ultimately, just a Mirage. Only once it can form a real world can it truly be considered perfect.

Xue Ying had lost all his arrogance; he experienced the gap between the heaven and earth!

A single finger tap could split the heavens from the earth.

If he could obtain such combat power, he could annihilate a mortal world with just a flip of a hand. How could the Sorcerer God and Great Demonic God hope to block his path?

"Time is up!" the cold voice resounded.


A strong wave enveloped Xue Ying, throwing him out of this space as if he were a little chick.

The scene before of Xue Ying’s eyes turned illusory. His body suffered from the feeling of being forcibly transported away, and his head began to ache. While Senior Xi Wei’s means of transportation is so gentle, this black-robed old man’s method is so boorish.

"Dong Bo," Chen Jiu called out.

Xue Ying discovered that he had already returned to the bottom layer of the Sky-Reaching Vine. Chen Jiu, Uncle Fu, Wu Ma Hai, the Meishan Clan Master, Jian Huang, the black-robed male, and the white-robed young woman were all beside him.

"Brother Chen Jiu." Xue Ying smiled.

"Haha…being forcibly thrown out is quite unbearable right?" Chen Jiu teased. "I don’t feel comfortable either with being thrown out. Originally, I had so many ideas, but half of them I’ve forgotten just like that. Still, I’ve gained quite a lot. How do you feel?"

"Astonished," Xue Ying replied.

"Right, that was the Creation of Heaven and Earth! Only the most powerful of existences can do something like that." Chen Jiu nodded. "If we’d been able to watch it a few more times, that would have been all that much better."

"Seeing it once might have caused us such a huge shock, but if we were to watch it too many times, the effects would very likely be weakened," Xue Ying replied.

"We’ve decided to cultivate here for three days. We’ll then continue up the Sky-Reaching Vine." Chen Jiu laughed. "It seems that you’ll still have to move along with us."

"Naturally," Xue Ying commented.


Xue Ying and the other seven people remained below the Sky-Reaching Vine to begin their comprehension and cultivation. They were trying their best to digest what they had just viewed and were all hoping for a breakthrough. Before they began their practice, Senior Xi Wei gave them a talisman each.


Within the Mirage, at the foot of the Sky-Reaching Vine.

After Xue Ying drank the suppressant, he began training his spear techniques. He preferred his training to not be seen by the others. The others were sitting cross-legged, silently working on their comprehension, but to Xue Ying, that way of practice wasn’t very efficient. Instead, he had to test out his ideas with his spear techniques.

Hong, hong, hong.

Xue Ying’s spear moved so fast that it produced several afterimages. Every single attack of his produced a black dot at the spearhead. Clearly, the power of his spearmanship had increased by an entire level compared to when he had just entered Crimson Rock Mountain.

Delightful, delightful. Reaching the stage three realm really is something else. Xue Ying revealed a joyful look.

The Extreme Piercing had broken through to the stage three realm.

Weng! Hua la!

The spear was like a swimming dragon. Countless afterimages started showing up—sometimes like sprouting snow flowers, at other times like strikes from a divine dragon.


Three days had already passed.

It’s still not quite there. Xue Ying felt slightly regretful. Upon training for three days straight, he had merely broken through in his Extreme Piercing. Both the True Meanings of Star and Mirage were still lacking by a little bit.

The stage three realm isn’t any huge threshold. My Extreme Piercing has already broken through, whereas both the Star and Mirage are only slightly lacking. Xue Ying wasn’t particularly anxious.


"Let’s go."

Xue Ying and the other seven people rapidly flew along the thick main branch of the Sky-Reaching Vine.

This branch was so thick that one could no longer see its boundaries upon closing in on it. There were actually countless vines wrapping around its body. Xue Ying and the others were flying close to it. The further they were from the main branch…the stronger the undercurrent effects from the starry sky would be.

This time, they flew for a very long time—a total of nine days.

Knowing that there were still dangers along the way, Xue Ying had controlled himself by taking the antidote once every hour.

"The first vine leaf." Xue Ying and the others started to feel an unseen force pressing down on them. It was like a thin screen blocking them from proceeding.

To the sides…

One could see that the main branch of the Sky-Reaching Vine had grown a miraculously big vine leaf. Previously, there were only tiny leaves along the countless vines, which was quite normal, but this piece of vine leaf was incredibly large—its size was exaggerated! From the distance they had previously seen it, the vine leaf seemed to actually be bigger than that the Xia Clan world! This Sky-Reaching Vine was indeed a World Deity rank organism.

"Young Transcendents." The green-haired woman Xi Wei appeared on top of the main branch to the side.

"Senior Xi Wei." Xue Ying and the others respectfully greeted her.

"These five vine leaves represent the trials which the sacred master has prepared for you," Xi Wei began. "The previous two trials were too simple. Only from this point onwards do the real trials for the selection of disciples start. Passing them in their entirety will allow you to become an honorary disciple under our sacred master, which, in turn, provides you with various privileges."

The eight of them present on the scene–including Xue Ying–were looking forward to it.

Becoming an honorary disciple would allow them to attain many treasures, amongst which some were even attractive to World Deities! Chen Jiu, Wu Ma Hai and Lord You Lan had been sent down respectively for those treasures! As for the antidote? After becoming an honorary disciple, getting the antidote was a minor matter.

"You all should already be aware of how to pass the first trial." The green-haired woman Xi Wei pointed toward the center of the immense vine leaf. "At the center, there’s a long vine that connects directly to the main branch of the Sky-Reaching Vine above."

"Only upon reaching that long vine can it be considered that you’ve succeeded. Going along the long vine…will lead you to the second vine leaf! However, this first leaf also contains countless fortuitous encounters and dangers you might face. You have to be careful if you want to get to the long vine." The green-haired woman Xi Wei finished with a smile. "I wish you all the best, and I hope to see you arrive at the second vine leaf."

Xi Wei’s figure soon melded into the main branch of the Sky-Reaching Vine.

"We’ll be first to go," the Meishan Clan Master said.


The Meishan Clan Master, along with the white-robed young woman and the black-robed male, charged directly toward the enormous vine leaf.

Ai! The golden-robed teenager, Jian Huang, was preparing to speak up just as the Meishan Clan Master and the others left the scene. He then turned toward Chen Jiu’s team. "Brother Chen Jiu, how about moving together?"

Wu Ma Hai also turned to Chen Jiu and the others, trying his best to squeeze out a smile. "Chen Jiu, Dong Bo Xue Ying, let’s travel together!"

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