Lord Xue Ying

Chapter 313: Creation of Heaven and Earth

Chapter 313: Creation of Heaven and Earth

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Chen Jiu soon came back to his senses, asking in a soft voice, "Xue Ying, what about the hexing poison ailing you?"

Getting through the Floating Sky Island and the Meteor Bridge was considered the most basic of trials, and the reward was similarly meager; it was also limited to one item. Since Xue Ying had chosen to view the Creation of Heaven and Earth, what remained of the antidote?

"It couldn’t be cured." Xue Ying shook his head. "Senior Xi Wei told me that the Six Ghosts Resentment is a peak stage Deity-ranked hexing poison, and an antidote would simply be too expensive—far over the value of a single reward."

"But you weren’t inflicted with the original form of the hexing poison!" Chen Jiu continued questioning.

"It might be just a weakened version, but the value of an antidote is still more than that of a single reward." Xue Ying shook his head.

To the side, the Meishan Clan Master, Jian Huang, the white-robed young woman, and all the others were looking at Xue Ying. While they felt some empathy for him, they did not say much.

"These hexing poisons are truly terrifying." Chen Jiu sighed. His true love had once died because of a hexing poison; even his Flying Sword Mountain Manor had no way of saving her. "On top of that, the Six Ghosts Resentment is actually a peak stage Deity-ranked hexing poison. Even peak stage Deities would be tortured by an original version of it. If you want to get cured, you might have to pay a price beyond a single Deity-ranked weapon.."

Deity weapons were classified into several major ranks, like the Deity rank or the World Deity rank—some were ranked even higher than those!

The Sorcerer God’s saber or Ancestor Snow, for example, were considered top-grade Deity-ranked weapons! Ordinary top-grade Deity-ranked weapons could not be fully used by Demigods, who would usually only be able to unleash the prowess of lower-grade Deity-ranked weapons at best.

As for the Sorcerer God’s saber and Ancestor Snow…they shared a similarity—they were both blood-refined Deity warriors! That meant they could grow stronger alongside their master. Both had gradually improved from being low-grade Deity-rank to top-grade Deity rank. Due to the limitations imposed by the materials used for refining these weapons, they would only forever remain within the Deity rank. That was simply because they began as blood-refined Deity warriors, and Demigods had to be able to control them.

However, the demand on one’s spirit was quite high. They required someone who was closest in terms of the spirit to the original master of the blood-refined Deity warrior in order for their prowess to be unleashed.

"That’s why Deities who specialize in hexing poisons are truly terrifying in the Deity world," Chen Jiu commented. "I just would have never thought that this much weaker version contained by the Sorcerer God’s saber…could not be cured on Crimson Rock Mountain either."

"It’s still a peak stage Deity-grade hexing poison," Meishan Clan Master added from the side. "Fellow gentlemen, have you perhaps not noticed that the rewards given by this Crimson Rock Mountain aren’t of very high value? They aren’t even willing to hand over Deity treasures; all of these treasures are all Demigod level! Meanwhile, the higher value rewards like viewing the Creation of Heaven and Earth or entering the Cultivation Eden don’t leave them with any losses."

Everyone present on the scene nodded.

Right, the treasures presented were not worth that much. Creation of Heaven and Earth? They were merely watching it. Cultivation Eden? Cultivating inside did not leave any effect on the location itself.

"Indeed, they’ve merely relied on the Creation of Heaven and Earth and the Cultivation Eden to attract Transcendents." Chen Jiu shook his head but still smiled. They had to at least provide something with enough allure to Demigods; otherwise, nobody would have willingly risked their life to come over.

"Back in the Deity world, Crimson Rock Mountain attracted countless Demigods, and even Deities would sometimes adventure here. Naturally, only peak Deities would come over to take attempt the trials," Uncle Fu explained from the side. The Demigods were all at the peak stage, so the trials for Deities were naturally also meant for the peak stage.

"We can’t really blame Crimson Rock Mountain for being so stingy," Xue Ying began. "Countless Demigods and Deities have come over to take the risk over the years. If the rewards they handed out were too valuable, over time, Crimson Rock Mountain would simply not have been able to carry on functioning. Naturally, they have to control and lower the maximum value of the rewards they give. Meanwhile, the Creation of Heaven and Earth or the Cultivation Eden are types of rewards which do not leave them with any losses."

"Mn." The others nodded again.

Had they given out Deity treasures to every single Demigod, and considering how vast the Deity world was…over hundreds of millions of years, just how many hundreds of millions of Demigods would have come to take the trials—how many Deity treasures would they have had to hand out? That would be a terrifying number. That was precisely why they controlled the value of the rewards given.

"Dong Bo Xue Ying, you remain so optimistic despite not having received the antidote," the golden-robed Jian Huang praised. "Truly admirable."

Xue Ying laughed without giving any explanations.

Just a while ago, he had actually felt rather unreconciled and anxious, but after finding out the matter about Senior Chao Qing becoming a Deity, his mood had improved considerably and became significantly more carefree. He would naturally be much more optimistic now. After all, it was better to look forward to the future instead of just hoping fortune would find you.


Half an hour later, Wu Ma Hai was done viewing the Creation of Heaven and Earth within the canyon, and it was now the white-robed young woman’s turn to enter.

They all took turns to enter, none of them in any particular rush.

Everyone only got half an hour’s worth of time!

Since Xue Ying was the last to arrive, he would be last to view it as well.


An unseen force enveloped the canyon. Suddenly, Xue Ying’s strength was no longer affected by any external influences. He alone remained by the entrance to the canyon as he started walking in.

The canyon was dead-silent and relatively short in size.

Xue Ying could see a black-robed old man standing in the distance.

"Young Transcendent." The black-robed elder looked toward Xue Ying and explained in a cold tone of voice, "Those who watch the Creation of Heaven and Earth will normally fall into deep comprehension, but no matter what happens, I’ll still transport you back to Xi Wei in half an hour’s worth of time. You have to be aware of this condition."

"Yes, Senior," Xue Ying respectfully acknowledged.

"This is a record of the Creation of Heaven and Earth." The black-robed old man pointed to a precipice by the side of the canyon.

Xue Ying turned toward it.

An unseen force initially hovered over the precipice, covering it, but once it started dissipating away, it revealed an enormous gouge. Within this gouge were many finger veined patterns. From a single glance, Xue Ying could tell that this gouge was made from an enormous finger touching the precipice.

The black-robed old man explained, "You don’t have to think so much. Just use your mind to feel the scene."

"I understand."

Xue Ying sat down cross-legged. He then allowed his spiritual energy to start forming, casting it toward that gouge.

The moment the strand of spiritual energy reached the gouge…


Xue Ying became able to ‘see.’

There was a void region—vast, quiet, and dark. Within it stood a red-haired old man dressed in red robes, who in that moment was like a dazzling flame of unparalleled brightness. His hair and eyebrows were all fiery-red in color, and even his eyes shared that same color. As he stood there, an unseen suppression emitted from him and caused the dark void to start trembling. Watching the record, Xue Ying felt a wave of reverence and terror batter at his heart.

This red-haired, red-robed old man extended his right forefinger to point toward the dark void ahead of him, which then instantly magnified in size to fill Xue Ying’s entire field of view.

At the same time, it felt as if it had become very, very small, permeating through the most fundamental insides of the dark void.


Xue Ying could instantly tell that the finger which the old man had pointed out contained the profound meaning of Extremity. Its tip…was like the single most extreme point possible! It represented the end of all Myriad Existences, as well as their start!


With a tap of that finger, the dark void was torn apart to reveal countless primitive energies surging out. A world was rapidly forming around that single point of origin.

Time and space were starting to appear within this world.

A mystical undulation appeared to cover the entire world.

Naturally, there was also a most dazzling ray of fire which enveloped it…

The world was starting to form.

This was a huge blazing world. Plants started growing; weird insects and beasts also began emerging. While completely different from the Xia Clan world and blazing hot in nature, this new world contained the same Myriad Existences within.


It had ended.

An unseen force started covering the precipice once again, blocking Xue Ying from watching any longer.

He sat cross-legged within the canyon, completely engrossed in his senses. Previously, as the world appeared, countless primitive Laws of Profound Mysteries formed around it. Some were especially close in form to his Extreme Piercing, such as the single finger which had created the heaven and earth! Countless ideas started sprouting out within Xue Ying’s mind, and he unknowingly started moving his finger. At times, he sent it piercing out like a spear, and at times, he used his palm to release a slap…

The black-robed old man looked expressionlessly watched this happen. He had long since become accustomed to such a thing happening. Back in the Deity world, countless Transcendents and even some Deities had turned devil-like in their practice upon watching the scene.

But regardless of how engrossed the viewer was, it was his duty to awaken them after half an hour and immediately send them away.

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